No Time for Goodbye
I thoroughly enjoyed this book - it was written from the point of view of the woman's husband, and he takes you through the past, what little they kno ...more
not set
Sep 06, 2007
"Psychotic" isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.

Seriously, this book is WEIRD. But, having said that, it's what made it s
May 29, 2008
Aug 13, 2007
Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope
The story itself is fascinating - I remember it from the news when it happened, and as soon as I saw there was a book about it, I knew I had to read a ...more
Aug 27, 2008
May 27, 2008
Something Borrowed (Darcy & Rachel, #1)
Unlike a lot of "chick-lit", this one was semi-believable and I actually liked the main character (Rachel). She was a smart girl, not all obsessed wit ...more
Jul 15, 2008
Sep 09, 2007
Someone Like You
I am SO glad to be done with this book. It was an alright book, I guess...I sorta liked the characters and truly wanted them to figure out the problem ...more
May 09, 2008
Mar 04, 2008
Watch How We Walk
I went into reading this with a little bit of worry – you see, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, so I was worried that this would be one of those b ...more
Sep 27, 2013
Aug 12, 2013
The Juliet Stories
I should know better...if I see it in a magazine, it's won awards or is promoted by Oprah...I won't like it. But I fell for the hype...again. Admitted ...more
Aug 03, 2012
May 22, 2012
In Too Deep (In Too Deep, #1)
The story of Gracie broke my heart. Because I've seen this in real life, and I know for a fact that it works exactly as it's portrayed in the book.

Dec 2013
Jun 25, 2013
The Book Thief
Simply put - this book was amazing. I found myself caring for the little girl at the very beginning of the book, when she stole the first book (though ...more
Aug 20, 2008
Dec 01, 2007
Fault Lines
At first I wasn't really too sure about this one...I started reading it, and after just having put down "Forever Lily" because of the whole "I'm in tu ...more
Jun 11, 2008
May 12, 2008
Between Shades of Gray
This is one of those books that tells a story that I had NO idea actually happened (similar to Sarah's Key). I'm admittedly ignorant when it comes to ...more
Sep 23, 2012
Jan 29, 2011
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
I really, really enjoyed this one. I was looking for something along the lines of The Hunger Games and this one is similar but I thought it was really ...more
Jul 17, 2011
Apr 27, 2011
Beautiful Ruins
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. I grabbed the audio version, and I’m so glad that I did, even though it was a pretty long listen at nearl ...more
Jan 13, 2013
Jul 15, 2012
In the Shadow of the Banyan
It's so hard to put what I think into words on this one. I have friends (Canadian friends) who moved to Cambodia a few years back, and when they came ...more
Nov 19, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
Gone Girl
Wow. I have no idea what to even say other than just that... "Wow"

Gillian Flynn proves once again to be a mastermind...a sick, twisted mastermind. I h
Aug 20, 2012
Jan 30, 2011
Sarah's Key
Wow. I don't even know what to say. This book was REALLY good...I had no idea about Vel D'Hiv, you really just don't hear about it at all.

Sarah's stor
Oct 09, 2008
Jul 29, 2008
The Other Boleyn Girl
This one was quite a bit sexier and explicit than the first book in the series (although this book was written first), but it was still REALLY good. I ...more
Apr 25, 2008
Sep 11, 2007
The Night Circus
I completely loved this book! The imagery was so vivid, I actually wish that this circus existed so I could visit it! There were a LOT of characters a ...more
Mar 16, 2012
Dec 11, 2011
Never Let Me Go
Oh, man...I struggled to get through this one. The main character made me CRAZY with how she "told" the story...she rambled and went on tangents so th ...more
Jul 13, 2008
Jan 05, 2008
A really, really good book about what the birth mother goes through in the process of adoption and waiting until her baby is 18 and able to contact he ...more
Feb 18, 2008
Dec 18, 2007
Birthmarked (Birthmarked, #1)
I thought this one was quite good...I liked Gaia and wanted to know what the deal was with the "baby quota" from those outside the wall. The action st ...more
Aug 16, 2011
Jun 05, 2011
On Solid Ground (In Too Deep, #2)
While In Too Deep broke my heart, this sequel patched it right back up. Mind you, the end of In Too Deep was already starting to get there, but this w ...more
Dec 12, 2013
Nov 15, 2013
Let Me Go
I'm not really sure exactly how to describe my thoughts now that I'm finished reading it. So I guess I will start from the beginning...

I thought it st
Dec 04, 2013
Oct 18, 2013
From the first time I set eyes on this book I knew I'd love it. And I definitely did. At first it was weird reading the story from Jack's point of vie ...more
Apr 24, 2011
Dec 30, 2010
The Constant Princess (The Tudor Court, #1)
I really, really enjoyed this book. I know absolutely nothing about the Tudor era, but this series of books was recommended to me (because I mentioned ...more
Feb 25, 2008
Sep 11, 2007
Break It Up (Someone Else's Fairytale, #3)
**review originally posted on Coffee Bean Bookshelf**

I will say that I was happily right about how much I would like this book! This was just what I w
Nov 10, 2013
Sep 06, 2013
Defy (Defy, #1)
**This review was originally posted on Coffee Bean Bookshelf**

Defy was one of those books that looked interesting, but got shelved as a “maybe”. Until
Dec 30, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)
This book is showing up on all sorts of "if you loved Fifty Shades of Grey..." lists. Let me just say this: if you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, you'll ...more
Sep 19, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
Blindness (Blindness, #1)
The idea behind this book was a good one - a man goes blind and it moves on to everyone else in the city, in the world, except for one woman. In fact, ...more
Sep 23, 2007
Aug 31, 2007
The Madman's Daughter (The Madman's Daughter, #1)
Wow. Just wow. OK, let me start with the cover, which is just gorgeous, and what attracted me to the book in the first place. It just screamed at me t ...more
Feb 08, 2013
Jun 27, 2012
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