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The Fifth Mountain
Another crappy book by Coelho... I don't know which bugs me more: his boring, overly simplistic writing style or his problematic, platitude-laden phil ...more
Feb 17, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Non-Fiction
On Writing Well may primarily focus on non-fiction, but parts of it should be required reading for novelists, as well. Though, at first, Zinsser’s ad ...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 22, 2012
The Way Things Ought to Be
People talk so much vile crap about Rush that I almost feel like I should be wearing a HAZMAT suit when I read one of his books. Personally, I see him ...more
Oct 20, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
I can't say Imajica was a book I particularly enjoyed reading, but I nonetheless admire and respect the hell out of it. The breadth of Barker's imagin ...more
Aug 16, 2010
Aug 07, 2010
Good enough that I was able to finish it, but bad enough that I had to get myself half drunk in order to do so. SWIMSUIT is a typical Patterson novel. ...more
May 28, 2013
May 24, 2013
There are two kinds of epic novels: the kind (such as Stephen King's The Stand) where the characters start to feel like close, personal friends, and w ...more
Feb 04, 2011
Jan 29, 2011
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
Surprisingly, this is Poe's most compulsively readable work, and I would have given it five stars, except for the lack of an ending, moments of sheer ...more
Mar 02, 2011
Feb 27, 2011
A pointless, lame story that "sets the stage" for Koontz's new novel, INNOCENCE--a book that I will now be giving a wide berth.
Nov 21, 2013
Nov 20, 2013
One Night at the Call Center
I can understand why a lot of people really hate this novel: It's not that well written, it's unrelentingly insulting in its attitude toward Americans ...more
Feb 18, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
The Suicide Club
This was surprisingly lame, coming from no less a literary giant than Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote these stories as if they were intended for a s ...more
May 04, 2011
May 01, 2011
Absolutely brilliant. MANALIVE manages to be touching, heartfelt, and incredibly life-affirming without resorting--not even for an instant--to sacchar ...more
Nov 28, 2014
Nov 24, 2014
Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
This book wasn't what I was expecting. At first, I had expected it to be the story of how Lewis met his wife, Joy, as was portrayed in the movie SHADO ...more
May 08, 2013
Apr 24, 2013
Lunar Park
LUNAR PARK is a bit of a departure for Bret Easton Ellis in that it's more of a traditional page-turner than anything else he has previously written. ...more
Jun 27, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
"Miracle" has become a dirty word in modern society. People generally view miracles as being, by their very definition, things that cannot possibly oc ...more
Apr 22, 2013
Apr 04, 2013
The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
The Missionary Position does a great service in alleviating much of the hype surrounding Mother Teresa. Personally, I think she was probably a very go ...more
Mar 02, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
The Untold History of The United States
Can't do it... I just can't finish reading THE UNTOLD (not really) HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.
Look, Oliver Stone is arguably my favorite film direct
Mar 13, 2014
Mar 18, 2014
The Elephant Vanishes
Maybe Murakami was trying to make a point with the stories in this book, but, whatever that point (or points) might have been, I was certainly never a ...more
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 23, 2012
Usually I don't like novels where the plot is so incidental to the story, but Rose manages to be a happy exception. Superficially, it's a mystery nove ...more
not set
Jan 01, 2011
The Bone Collector
Well, it was certainly better than the movie...but not by nearly as comfortable a margin as I would have expected. What's surprising is just how far-f ...more
Jun 12, 2012
Jun 06, 2012
Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist
In Michael J. Fox's movies, I loved how he was always able to play unassuming, normal characters and then inject them with a certain heroic quality th ...more
Mar 06, 2011
Feb 27, 2011
The People That Time Forgot
THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT is an absurd (and unintentionally funny) sequel to Burrough's marginal classic, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT. People hoping f ...more
May 22, 2014
May 20, 2014
The Case for Christ
As is always the case with Lee Strobel books, the big problem with THE CASE FOR CHRIST is that it's written by Lee Strobel. Lee Strobel used to work ...more
Jul 2012
Jun 26, 2012
The Eyes of Darkness
Better than good but less than great, THE EYES OF DARKNESS is an updated version of a book previously published under a Koontz pseudonym during his ea ...more
Feb 14, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
Bushido: The Classic Portrait of Samurai Martial Culture
I wish all philosophy books were more like this! Engaging and beautifully written, BUSHIDO is an insider's look into the foundational beliefs and cust ...more
Apr 17, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Pop Goes the Weasel (Alex Cross, #5)
I'm embarrassed to give this book three stars. The writing is just so awful... But yet, I will grudgingly admit that I enjoyed POP GOES THE WEASEL, de ...more
Aug 07, 2013
Aug 01, 2013
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
A nice idea, but one that the movie version with Brad Pitt capitalizes on a whole lot better. In the movie version, we are asked merely to believe tha ...more
Jun 04, 2013
Jun 02, 2013
On Dangerous Ground  (Sean Dillon #3)
I'm not a big Higgins fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Probably that's because it's a whole lot like reading a James Bond novel (of whom I am a ...more
Apr 24, 2010
Apr 22, 2010
The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers
Despite Gardner's claim that this is "the best book of its kind," I didn't find it helpful at all. Most of Gardner's ideas are surprisingly shallow co ...more
Jun 28, 2012
Jun 26, 2012
Cakes and Ale
CAKES AND ALE is quite stuffy--even for a British novel written in the 1930's--and one would quickly grow tired of reading it were it not so brilliant ...more
Apr 18, 2013
Mar 29, 2013
Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right
A VERY informative book. Well documented and thoroughly researched. All the other Goodreads reviews I read for this book (and I didn't read them all) ...more
Feb 07, 2010
Feb 06, 2010
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