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Highway Robbery
I really wanted to like this because there is so little variety for 3rd-4th grade readers besides the ubiquitous series. It's the story of a guttersni ...more
Jun 29, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
Aliens on Vacation
This fun fish-out-of-water (or aliens-out-of-water) tale begins when Scrub is sent to spend the summer with his grandma in her kooky bed and breakfast ...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
The Sixty-Eight Rooms (Sixty-Eight Rooms #1)
I really wanted to love this book - the premise is right up my alley - kids shrink and get to spend time in a dollhouse in a museum. What about that p ...more
Mar 16, 2010
Mar 15, 2010
Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring
I really like the way this book emphasizes collaboration in the artist process. This is a concept rarely spelled out for kids, who are usually taught ...more
Nov 24, 2010
Nov 24, 2010
This fast-paced, gritty, and shocking mystery is set in the garbage dump of an unnamed city somewhere in Latin/South America. Told from a variety of p ...more
Apr 24, 2011
Apr 13, 2011
Tricking the Tallyman
This is the perfect book to read during a census year - it tells the story of the first U.S. census and how people misunderstood what was being counte ...more
Jun 15, 2009
Jun 15, 2009
Cold Cereal
Adam Rex writes weird books. But also super-lovable books. This is the story of Emy and Erno, twins living with a foster dad in a town ruled by a myst ...more
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 20, 2012
The Seventh Level
This is the story of a kid who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. His enthusiasm constantly gets him in trouble. But maybe, just maybe, t ...more
Jul 23, 2010
Jul 19, 2010
Just a Second
Wow! This fascinating, scary, amazing book will enthrall readers with all kinds of facts about what happens in a and give ...more
Nov 09, 2011
Nov 09, 2011
Flesh & Blood So Cheap: The Triangle Fire and Its Legacy
This well-organized, well-written, and well-researched piece of non-fiction was really a fascinating read. Filled with interesting facts about immigra ...more
Nov 2011
Oct 24, 2011
This is another delightful and slightly high-brow mystery from Elise Broach, author of Shakespeare's Secret. A young beetle and a young boy become fri ...more
Oct 28, 2008
Oct 22, 2008
Footwork: The Story of Fred and Adele Astaire
In picturebook format, this is the story of Fred Astaire and his sister Adele and how they grew up in Vaudeville and developed their dancing talent. I ...more
Mar 03, 2009
Mar 03, 2009
Bramble and Maggie: Horse Meets Girl
Perfect for children just getting ready for chapters, this story is practical, humorous, and has great illustrations. Bramble the horse is tired of ju ...more
May 31, 2012
May 31, 2012
Rescuing Seneca Crane (Kari + Lucas Mysteries, #2)
Kari and Lucas are at it again - while traveling in Scotland, they become friends with a teenage classical pianist, Seneca Crane. After a major perfor ...more
Oct 06, 2009
Oct 06, 2009
Word Builder
This book has a great concept and could be useful for teachers of middle grades - it shows letters being built into words; words into paragraphs; para ...more
Mar 21, 2009
Mar 21, 2009
The Grimm Legacy (The Grimm Legacy, #1)
With a fascinating premise - a girl goes to work at a fantastic lending library that also lends out magical items from Grimm's fairy tales - it was ea ...more
Sep 27, 2010
Sep 27, 2010
My Chocolate Year: A Novel with 12 Recipes to Make Your World a Little Sweeter
This is a very sweet story of a Jewish family living in Chicago just after WWII. The adults in the family are very worried because they haven't had wo ...more
Apr 2008
Mar 07, 2008
Not quite as good as Hoot, but a lot better than Flush, this is a perfectly well-rounded and satsifying kids' novel. Great characters, great (silly) p ...more
Apr 04, 2009
Apr 08, 2009
The Billionaire's Curse (Billionaire, #1)
This was a fast-paced, action-filled adventure and was really everything I wished the 39 Clues had been. In spite of that, it wasn't the best book eve ...more
Jul 31, 2010
Aug 03, 2010
The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (Enola Holmes 4)
In the Enola Holmes series, each book is better than the last. This fourth installment is easily the best yet as Enola bumps in to her brother Sherloc ...more
Jan 09, 2009
Jan 08, 2009
A Nation's Hope: The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis
This gorgeous picturebook biography is a great introduction for kids to both Joe Louis the boxer and the history of segregation in the U.S. Matt de la ...more
Nov 09, 2011
Nov 09, 2011
Archvillain (Archvillain, #1)
I see that other people on Goodreads did like this book, so it has to be some kind of tonal problem I'm having. It reminded me very much of I Am a Gen ...more
Oct 17, 2010
Oct 18, 2010
Food For Thought: The Stories Behind the Things We Eat
Here is an excellent investigation of the history and mythology of food. From apples to pomegranates to mushrooms, the author humorously relates both ...more
Jun 11, 2009
Jun 11, 2009
Turtle in Paradise
I really enjoyed this family story set in Key West during the Great Depression. Holm included tons of true elements from archives and her own family h ...more
Oct 16, 2010
Oct 18, 2010
Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything
Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything by Kathleen Krull tells the very interesting true story of the Asian ruler who built Beijing, threw parties for ...more
Oct 21, 2010
Feb 25, 2011
Magic Below Stairs
While not spectacular, I really enjoyed this story of an orphan boy with an aptitude for magic. If you've read Stevermer & Patricia Wrede's excell ...more
Aug 12, 2010
Aug 10, 2010
Mama Miti: Wangari Maathai and the Trees of Kenya
While this is the third picture book biography of Wangari Maathi, this is my favorite. The story focuses on Maathai helping the women of Kenya plant t ...more
Mar 30, 2010
Nov 19, 2010
The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie: A Doll's History and Her Impact on Us
This is a fascinating and fun look at one of the most influential "people" in American history - a polarizing icon. I really enjoyed learning the hist ...more
Dec 06, 2010
Dec 03, 2010
The Trouble With Chickens (J.J. Tully Mystery #1)
This is a pretty cute mystery if you're looking for early chapter books. J.J. Tully is a retired search and rescue dog, so when something fishy is goi ...more
Sep 27, 2011
Sep 28, 2011
You Are the First Kid on Mars
This is the coolest space book! It imagines what it would be like for a kid to travel to Mars, with great facts about space travel and then both fact ...more
Jun 16, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
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