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This book was a pleasant read - perhaps because it tells a story about Patras, my hometown. The plot takes us through several rich families of the 19t...more
Sep 2000
Sep 16, 2009
Ιστορίες της τσέπης
"Ιστορίες της τσέπης" is a selection of short articles, which I believe were originally written for publication in magazines and newspapers. The artic...more
Nov 17, 2010
Nov 17, 2010
Orphans of Eldorado
The Orphans of Eldorado is a short story written in the form of a soliloquy, taking place in the Amazonian regions of Brazil, mainly around the time o...more
Feb 21, 2010
Feb 10, 2010
Life of Pi
**spoiler alert** Very good book, with an excellent spin in the end. I have sometimes discussed with friends whether the characters in the story shoul...more
not set
Sep 02, 2009
It's one of these rare books that once you have started it, would just can't put it down.
I found it a bit disappointing towards the end of the story t...more
Jan 2007
Sep 17, 2009
Άκου ανθρωπάκο
A long rant directed towards the "average Joe" - the plain member of the social mass who is happy to follow the common sense rather than create and fo...more
Jun 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
Το κοιμητήριο της Πράγας
Brilliant! It would be best enjoyed in one big gulp (if one could afford the time - how many times did I wish that I could just stay home and keep on...more
Nov 10, 2012
Oct 07, 2012
How to Be Good
A book about a 'white middle-class' woman going through her mid-life crisis (and she's only got the same age as I do!.......).I have not managed to re...more
Jun 18, 2011
Jun 12, 2011
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Unfortunately this classic was not for me... I found it long-winding and irritating at places, although the plot picked up from the middle of the book...more
Oct 07, 2012
Sep 23, 2012
The Kite Runner
I think the best word to describe this book is what is written somewhere on the blurb on the cover: Devastating. Written in first person, this is the...more
May 2010
Sep 02, 2009
An Utterly Impartial History of Britain or 2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots In Charge
A leftist account of the history of Britain, outlining the main events over a massive 2000 years of history (from ~50BC to ~1945) - quite a feat for a...more
Feb 14, 2010
Dec 05, 2009
Η αυτοβιογραφία του φωτός
Popular science book on the physics of light. The author has attempted to mix the scientific approach with mentions to works of art and the importance...more
Jan 2008
Sep 28, 2009
Catch-22 is a black comedy full of paranoid situations. It is really a satire of the whole society with carefully chosen characters to represent those...more
Jan 29, 2011
Dec 07, 2009
Ελληνική μυθολογία
As most of the books (that I know of) on this subject, this book can be thematically divided into two parts, the first on gods, the second on heroes....more
Feb 16, 2011
Dec 05, 2009
The Redbreast (Harry Hole, #3)
A book of a genre that I had not thought that I would ever bother reading a few years ago. Still, this was my 3rd detective thriller (following two St...more
not set
Mar 10, 2013
Ballad of the Salt Sea: A Corto Maltese adventure
Great Corto Maltese adventure, Pratt's story and drawings take us to far-away lands and serious conversations around politics, emotions, warfare and e...more
Jul 22, 2010
Jul 22, 2010
Κάτοικος Πατρών: Τα χειρόγραφα του κατοίκου Πατρών κυρ Δημητρού Γιαννόπουλου 1864
An amazing book telling the story of a poor person trying to find his place in a forming society. It had appealed to me so much, not only because it t...more
Jan 1998
Sep 16, 2009
The Underground Man
For me this book represents the saying "Never judge a book from its cover". This was a book with no plot, which however drew an interesting (at times)...more
Jul 2009
Sep 02, 2009
Flaggermusmannen (Harry Hole, #1)
The latest addition to my thriller summer reads (or is it Jo Nesbo summer reads?). An enjoyable introduction to the Harry Hole series, even though per...more
not set
Aug 23, 2014
A Week in December
It's a book with a remarkable lack of plot. Even at its end, when all the parallel stories are to find some kind of conclusion, the book fails to reac...more
Dec 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012
The Death of Bunny Munro
I've enjoyed reading Nick Cave's novel, which was amusing in the beginning, then repulsive, and in the end totally sad. Some scenes were reminiscent o...more
not set
Jul 02, 2014
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
**spoiler alert** An excellent book, made me an instant fan of Llosa! The fluency in the writing style of the author is to be admired. I believe this...more
Jan 2007
Sep 02, 2009
Ιστορία (κωμικοτραγική) του νεοελληνικού κράτους 1830-1974
I remember having found it very biased... At points, it had felt as if I was reading the history of the KKE. Nevertheless, it was very interesting to...more
not set
Nov 06, 2012
Le Dossier: How To Survive The English!
Don't be fooled by the titled - this is really a book about the French. The author, a wealthy Parisian, who has moved to London because of her husband...more
Jul 22, 2010
Mar 22, 2010
Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West
Vivid description of the Persian and Greek worlds. An interesting approach to the Persian Empire (which I have not encountered previously), and focus...more
Jan 2007
Sep 09, 2009
Jane's Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World
I've never managed to finish this book, which is a shame, because it is actually quite a good book. Rather than just a biography of Austen, the book i...more
not set
Mar 22, 2010
Sophie's World
I found it very boring - never managed to finish it, even though in principle I am interested in the history of philosophy. The book would maybe appea...more
Jan 1998
Sep 04, 2009
The Plague
Brilliant study of a disaster viewed from the setting of a plague but which could be applied to the case of any crisis...

I was reminded once again of...more
Dec 28, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
My Name is Red
Interesting account of the contrast in styles between eastern and western concepts in painting during the Middle Ages. A book with an interesting stru...more
Jan 2007
Sep 09, 2009
Σκίουρος ζητεί βερβερίτσα
Thoroughly enjoyable! Fast-paced social satire with dark humour. Would it be a step too far to say "a modern Aesop"?

Explicit language - not suitable f...more
Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
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