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The Personal Shopper (Annie Valentine, #1)
Dont' want to hide this, but there are some light spoilers in the review ;)

What I usually expect from a chick-lit is to have a quite unlikely story th
May 08, 2013
May 07, 2013
Bread Alone
Wyn loves her husband, but find out that he no more loves her and actually, he leaves for another girl. So 31 years old Wyn find herself alone, withou ...more
Jan 2007
Jan 26, 2010
Eat, Pray, Love
I have mixed feelings about this book. From one point of view is not that bad: the part about Italy is nice and not too stereotyped. The part about In ...more
Nov 02, 2010
Oct 03, 2010
The Lady and the Chocolate
A lady and the chocolate: a short chat between the two of them, and the revelation on why this is the greatest love story ever. Just wonderful :)
Feb 18, 2010
Feb 18, 2010
Tears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, #2)
The second chapter of the "No.1 ladies detective agency". It seems impossible not to love Mma Ramotswe and her detective works. She is so quiet but, a ...more
Jan 12, 2009
Jan 12, 2010
Pardonable Lies (Maisie Dobbs, #3)
I liked a lot this book where Masie becomes more "real" and not the too-stiff-girl of the past two books. The travel to France, and back in the past o ...more
Mar 20, 2013
Apr 19, 2013
Birds of a Feather (Maisie Dobbs, #2)
I love the fact that the "detective" part of these books are really easy and can be understood even by me being not a lover of the genre. I guess it's ...more
Apr 28, 2011
Apr 18, 2011
44 Scotland Street  (44 Scotland Street, #1)
First of all I must admit that I loved the fact that chapters were so short and with a title :) It was nice to read something that previously appeared ...more
Mar 17, 2010
Feb 27, 2010
Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)
How lovely was this book! Anne reaching Green Gables with so many hopes before discovering she was meant to be a... boy! The easiness with wich she to ...more
Oct 02, 2012
Aug 24, 2012
Mad Weekend
A very different Doyle from the one I know. This is a short story about friendship, with a strange style (very short phrases). It's about friendship, ...more
May 18, 2010
May 17, 2010
Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe
Not bad, just a bit of the usual cliché of the middle-aged woman with a 20ish daughter who hates her who finds out the husband is cheating on her. The ...more
Jun 25, 2011
Jun 22, 2011
Second-Grade Ape
I joined this bookcrossing ring started from a Second Grade Class in Tulsa. They decided to send it around the world. The book is really easy to read, ...more
Jan 23, 2010
Jan 23, 2010
The Alphabet Sisters
I started reading this book thinking it was some kind of chick-lit, but I had to change my mind, as it is much more! I found it really deep into senti ...more
Feb 17, 2012
Feb 25, 2012
The Kalahari Typing School for Men (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #4)
This book is as good as the others, and the plot -even being simple- involved me from the beginning to the end. Reading these books is always a relaxo ...more
Sep 22, 2011
Sep 29, 2011
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
A nice little book to hang around Harry Potter's world after finishing the saga :) I loved Dumbledore's notes at the end of every tale :P
Oct 09, 2013
Oct 09, 2013
Espresso Tales (44 Scotland Street #2)
Very pretty this second chapter of the "44 Scotland Street" series. Characters are well defined and you find yourself liking some or loathing to like ...more
Aug 16, 2010
Jul 27, 2010
Me And Mr Darcy
Ah, it's really nice to read something really easy-going and talking about something you like a lot :) So, I share with Emily, the 20 something New Yo ...more
Feb 26, 2010
Dec 27, 2009
Love Over Scotland (44 Scotland Street, #3)
I love Alexander McCall Smith books because I know I can find something really enjoyable in them, so I usually start one when I have been disappointed ...more
Apr 29, 2012
Apr 02, 2012
Morality for Beautiful Girls (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, #3)
An always very pretty McCall Smith who tells you no mysteries and thrilling stories, but just the way life goes and how to manage it. It is so relaxin ...more
Aug 23, 2011
Aug 08, 2011
The Magical Worlds Of Harry Potter: A Treasury Of Myths, Legends And Fascinating Facts
This is a book I would recommend only to those who read and liked the Harry Potter saga. It is nice to discover details about the "background" of the ...more
May 2011
Apr 18, 2011
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #8)
Another lovely and relaxing Chapter of the series, an Alexandr McCall Smith who never disappoints me and makes me laugh with their characters, so real ...more
Dec 2014
Oct 04, 2014
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