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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
did not like it
Okay, I feel like I'm committing a crime by giving this story a one star. So, before I get to reviewing this book, I'd like to point out that I'm fami ...more
Jun 12, 2012
Jun 17, 2012
A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)
it was amazing
Wait how is it that I have finished this already?! Damn it!

QQ: By the way was this a Snow White retelling? I picked up on a few parelells from Snow W
May 13, 2017
Apr 18, 2017
Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)
it was ok I had a hard time getting into this book, let alone this series and usually I fly through books, but this? It was just as disappointing as t ...more
Jan 12, 2010
Nov 01, 2009
Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)
it was amazing
I loved this book!!! It may have been a little uneventful and boring in the start but still, I loved it!! I felt every single emotion that Rose did ev ...more
not set
Aug 18, 2009
Royally Screwed (Royally, #1)
it was amazing
Charming. Addicting and Funny.

About a Royal Prince Nicolas who is used to getting his way, until he doesn't...when Olivia, a New Yorker shoves pie in
Oct 28, 2016
Oct 10, 2016
Everneath (Everneath, #1)
liked it
I loved the mythology in this. I have little to know knowledge of the Persephone/Orpheus/Eurydice myth but this modern retelling was quite interesting ...more
Mar 11, 2016
Dec 06, 2013
it was amazing
I haven't read something like this since Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. And I'm not talking about the content or that both books are s ...more
Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014
Two Tears in a Bucket (The Kennards, #1)
it was amazing
First time reader of Traci Bee, I found that I couldn't put this book down. The haunting reality of it is what kept me reading, and the mixed feelings ...more
Oct 12, 2011
Oct 11, 2011
Evermore (The Immortals, #1)
it was ok
I was kind of reluctant to read this, but i pulled my head out of the place I had it and bought it. I wouldn't say its a favorite but its not as bad e ...more
Dec 25, 2009
Nov 01, 2009
Too Late
really liked it
Trigger Warning: This may not be a story for everyone. If you like dark twisted WTF romance stories, then you're not normal. I am not normal so I get ...more
Sep 06, 2016
Sep 13, 2016
Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)
it was amazing
Chilling, disturbing and mindfully compelling.

Make no mistake, this is no romance...This book is not for everyone. Certain themes in this book will n
Feb 12, 2014
Feb 09, 2014
Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)
it was amazing
My first thoughts before reading this was Do I really need to read this book? Is it necessary for me to read Travis POV? Can it surpass my love of the ...more
Mar 09, 2017
Jun 09, 2016
Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)
it was amazing
I will try not to give too much away...this series is totally awesome, and told from first person narrative...I instantly fell in love with the charac ...more
Aug 12, 2009
Aug 18, 2009
Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)
really liked it
My rating is a lie. I didn't even finish it before I rated it LOL I had one more chapter to go before I had finished it, which I just finished today. ...more
Jan 30, 2014
Jan 24, 2014
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)
it was amazing
Is this book supposed to be funny? or is it just me? I found myself laughing out loud at the absurd stuff that Travis done to make a point sometimes w ...more
Mar 2017
Feb 05, 2014
The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)
liked it
Light. Easy. Breezy.

The typical summer reading. This book will have you craving for a day at the beach. The characters were likable, the setting just
Sep 26, 2014
Sep 25, 2014
Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)
it was amazing
"Ask me what I want?" may just be the damn mantra of my life right now. That line always gave me the ovaries exploded moments. HA

I may have developed
Apr 2017
Apr 12, 2017
Stepbrother Dearest
it was amazing
I was a little sceptic about this one because the first half of the book had me second guessing myself whether or not I wanted to invest my time into ...more
Feb 15, 2017
Feb 13, 2017
Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel (Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel, #1)
it was amazing
I was sitting at the library one sunny morning, waiting for a ride home, when I spotted this book! I was like, 'oh what the heck, let's read a graphic ...more
Mar 14, 2012
Apr 07, 2012
it was amazing
This book was filled with angst. Lots of humour and whole lot-a yes please.

Chase is such a romantic. He just knew what to say and how to say it. He w
Mar 2017
Feb 28, 2017
it was amazing
Oh man...I have no words for this. I need to take a minute to process this book first, but WOW. This was intense.

I'm completely on a Penelope Ward bi
Feb 16, 2017
Feb 13, 2017
Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)
it was amazing
My heart is filled with so much joy after reading this book. It's impossible to contain my delight and giddiness and decipher this book without swooni ...more
Feb 02, 2017
Feb 01, 2017
Kisses from Hell
liked it
This book has been sitting on my shelf for years. I remember I only bought this book for the sake of Richelle Mead. I decided to pick it up on a whim, ...more
Jun 18, 2016
Jun 20, 2016
Always You
liked it
This book had every promise of a great read. The delivery, however, fell a little short to be honest, but it was still an enjoyable read. The pros and ...more
Jan 25, 2017
Jan 25, 2017
Jaded and Tyed
really liked it
This story of Jade and Tyler was short and sweet. I think in order to really care about these characters, you'd probably have to read RoomHate and Nei ...more
Apr 15, 2017
Apr 11, 2017
Milk and Honey
really liked it
Poetry has always been a secret love of mine since I knew how to string a sentence together. What drew me to this was not only the hype that surrounde ...more
Mar 17, 2017
Mar 03, 2017
liked it
I give this a three and a half. I liked it but it was semi-boring if you know what I mean...It was slow and confusing, maybe it was just me, or maybe ...more
Jan 26, 2010
Jan 13, 2010
Stuck-Up Suit
it was amazing
Because I've recently hopped on the Penelope ward train and the Vi Keeland bandwagon it wasn't much of a surprise that I loved this one. Both authors ...more
Mar 03, 2017
Feb 15, 2017
Tijan *
it was amazing
First off, I just want to mention this cover. *fans self* Thanks Tijan for the eye candy. Much MUCH appreciated. I shall add him to my shelf soon when ...more
Mar 22, 2017
Mar 02, 2017
really liked it
This book surprised me in the best way possible.

The writing is what made me like it more that the actual content. The lyrical prose seemed fluid and
Feb 21, 2017
Jan 30, 2017
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