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Sword of Avalon (Avalon #7)
The latest in the Marion Zimmer Bradley/Diana Paxson Avalon books. Chronologically, this comes after Ancestors of Avalon and before Ravens of Avalon; ...more
Dec 18, 2009
Dec 14, 2009
Gloria: The Merlin and The Saint: From the Joan of Arc Tapestries
Gloria: The Merlin and the Saint is the third novel in Chamberlin's Joan of Arc Tapestries series. The premise of the series is that Joan actually was ...more
May 28, 2010
May 24, 2010
Having recently read The Navigator of New York, I was interested in reading more about polar explorer Dr. Frederick Cook, who plays a prominent role i ...more
Sep 13, 2009
Sep 12, 2009
Sea of Dangers: Captain Cook and His Rivals in the South Pacific
Great book about Captain Cook's 1768-71 voyage to the South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia. There was actually a French expedition that covered m ...more
Sep 22, 2009
Sep 20, 2009
This Errant Lady: Jane Franklin's Overland Journey to Port Phillip and Sydney, 1839
Lady Jane Franklin is known primarily for being the wife of Sir John Franklin, the polar explorer whose third and final expedition to find the Northwe ...more
Jun 18, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
In recent years, there have been a plethora of books about polar exploration. The North Pole, the South Pole, the Northwest Passage, the Northeast Pas ...more
Jun 17, 2010
Jun 16, 2010
Unspoken Truth
Not bad; one of the better Star Trek novels I've read in a while. Bonanno has some good ideas and I think she can tell a good story, but the timeline ...more
Mar 31, 2010
Mar 30, 2010
Killigrew and the North-west Passage (Christopher Killigrew, #4)
In this novel, Killigrew participates in the search for Sir John Franklin, whose ships Erebus and Terror had been out of contact for seven years. The ...more
Nov 07, 2009
Nov 06, 2009
The Nelson Almanac: A Book of Days Recording Nelson's Life and the Events That Shaped His Era
The Nelson Almanac is an enjoyable book that will be appreciated by Nelson admirers or Age of Sail enthusiasts. As the description says, the book can ...more
Dec 02, 2010
Nov 29, 2010
Synthesis (Star Trek: Titan, #6)
"It was okay" just about sums it up. I liked it better than Nightfall, one of Swallow's Stargate novels, but I just don't care for his writing that mu ...more
Dec 06, 2009
Dec 04, 2009
The Mammoth Stone
Good grief, what a terrible book. At first I had hopes that it would be like The Clan of the Cave Bear: plucky heroine, outcast by her society, makes ...more
Mar 23, 2010
Mar 19, 2010
The Tale of Genji: Legends and Paintings
The Tale of Genji, the world’s first novel, has inspired artists for nearly 1,000 years. The subject of this book is a particular series of 17th centu ...more
Jun 06, 2010
Jun 05, 2010
The Travelling Naturalists
Good book about Victorian science and exploration. There are lots of books about specific naturalists, especially the famous ones like Darwin or Huxle ...more
Apr 03, 2010
Mar 29, 2010
Illustrating Camelot (Arthurian Studies)
There are no doubt many volumes about Arthurian art in general, but the Lupacks are probably the first to focus solely on book illustration. This book ...more
Apr 18, 2010
Apr 15, 2010
Solar System Moons: Discovery and Mythology
Great book: informative without being overly technical. Blunck describes how each moon was discovered and the process that went into assigning it a na ...more
Apr 24, 2010
Apr 23, 2010
Sacred Luxuries: Fragrance, Aromatherapy And Cosmetics In Ancient Egypt
Interesting look at ancient Egyptian perfumes and cosmetics, including several recipes. The book also includes many beautiful photographs of artifacts ...more
Aug 22, 2009
Aug 21, 2009
Vintage Soul (The DeChance Chronicles, #2)
Dresden Files-esque urban fantasy mystery. The world and magical system developed in Vintage Soul are intriguing, but I had a hard time getting into t ...more
Feb 26, 2010
Feb 22, 2010
Favorites: 辻砂織写真集
Saori Tsuji is a good photographer, and there are certainly many great photos in this book. A lot of them are from various issues of Fool's Mate magaz ...more
Mar 28, 2010
Mar 28, 2010
Love Me
If you're a Buck-Tick fan and you can read Japanese, this book is definitely something you want to have. It's arguably the best source for information ...more
Dec 04, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
Killigrew and the Golden Dragon (Christopher Killigrew, #2)
Killigrew is billed as "The Victorian Hornblower," but he's actually more like James Bond. In this book he's up against opium smugglers and Chinese pi ...more
Aug 20, 2009
Aug 17, 2009
Great Ballet Prints of the Romantic Era
Migel selected some very beautiful prints to include in this book, though I might wish for more in color. She provides a brief introduction to Romanti ...more
Apr 24, 2010
Apr 24, 2010
White Horizon: The Arctic in the Nineteenth-Century British Imagination (Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century)
Literary criticism is not my area of study, so I shall not dwell upon that aspect of this book. I've never had much interest in analyzing a text line ...more
May 22, 2010
May 21, 2010
One of the great things about Buck-Tick is that they've released score books for most of their albums. Many Japanese rock music fans are also musician ...more
Jul 25, 2010
Jul 25, 2010
In Search of New Horizons: Epic Tales of Travel and Exploration
Similar in scope to Fergus Fleming's Off the Map. Also covers many of the same explorers (Marco Polo, Cook, Humboldt, Peary, etc.), but Downs has a wi ...more
Oct 26, 2009
Oct 24, 2009
To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey: The Journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M.S. Blossom, 1825-1828
This is the journal of George Peard, who was Frederick Beechey's first lieutenant on his 1825-28 Blossom expedition. Beechey was assigned to survey se ...more
Sep 29, 2009
Sep 27, 2009
Killigrew and the Incorrigibles (Christopher Killigrew, #3)
Another fun, action-packed novel. Lunn clearly puts a great deal of research into writing this series, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. Ther ...more
Sep 20, 2009
Sep 19, 2009
The North West Passage in the Nineteenth Century: Perils and Pastimes of a Winter in the Ice
This is a short lecture given by Ann Savours at a 2002 meeting of the Hakluyt Society, describing some of the ways with which the 19th century British ...more
Dec 12, 2009
Dec 12, 2009
Fire in the Stone: Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to Jean M. Auel
Ordinarily I don't care much for literary analysis, but I enjoyed this book. Ruddick clearly did his homework when researching it. Most of the books a ...more
Sep 08, 2009
Sep 04, 2009
French Opera Posters, 1868-1930
Lovely book. The prints are of excellent quality, and Broido provides commentary on the opera, composer, and artist, as well as an introduction to ope ...more
Apr 08, 2010
Apr 08, 2010
To the Arctic by Canoe 1819-1821: The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin
This is the journal of Robert Hood, one of the midshipmen who participated in Sir John Franklin's 1819-1922 expedition to the Coppermine River in Arct ...more
Aug 14, 2009
Aug 12, 2009
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