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The Lightkeeper's Daughter (Mercy Falls, #1)
I don't know if I'll be able to convey just how badly written/edited/constructed this book is but boy will I make a valiant effort.

If I could give th
Jun 17, 2011
Jun 11, 2011
No Wind of Blame (Inspector Hemingway Mystery #1)
Having only read one of her mysteries before, I must say I was pleased with this one too (though it is certainly a slower boil than Behold, Here's Poi ...more
Dec 2010
Dec 01, 2010
Evans Above
While the Her Royal Spyness have a sort of sweeping tongue-in-cheek and yes, ridiculous but still cutely charming in its own right story lines (who ca ...more
Aug 05, 2011
Aug 04, 2011
The Anatomist's Apprentice
Towards the end I couldn't stop thinking how this must be the equivalent of the penny-dreadfuls of yore. There were simply far too many small details ...more
Aug 27, 2012
Aug 25, 2012
The Treatment
Boy, this was a tough read in terms of subject matter. This author takes a crime scenario (this time pedophilia which is terrible in and of itself) an ...more
Feb 13, 2014
Feb 13, 2014
The Haunting of Hill House
**spoiler alert** Well, that awful movie of the same (well, similar as it knocks off the latter part of the title) name led me astray. My expectations ...more
Mar 22, 2013
Mar 22, 2013
Hotel Iris
**spoiler alert** Argh, another review written that was lost. Apparently it's Goodreads little way of telling me that they don't approve of my attempt ...more
Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013
Revenge: Stories
**spoiler alert** What to say about this one? Intertwined stories with an underlying sense of something sinister? Perhaps leaving one with the expecta ...more
Apr 05, 2013
Apr 03, 2013
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter, #1)
Dear Dexter, you sure spend a lot of time addressing yourself. Maybe it's a sociopath thing. Hopefully alliteration isn't a sociopath thing too becaus ...more
Dec 18, 2012
Dec 16, 2012
The Gates of Twilight
I'm so happy I was able to read this (though I do think there may have been a few spoilers for the Wolf in Winter which I'm waiting for my local libra ...more
Jul 29, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
Drowning Ruth
Butterfly Effect and emotionally dysfunctional family is all I could think, where someone has a Big Secret and it eats at the character throughout the ...more
Jul 18, 2011
Jul 15, 2011
Instead of the Thorn
**spoiler alert** This book left me feeling torn as it rankled me for so many different reasons but at the same time I have to remember: this was writ ...more
Aug 10, 2011
Aug 05, 2011
Seeds of Yesterday (Dollanganger, #4)
**spoiler alert** For me, the ending was both expected and unexpected. Expected in that I expected the series (or at least that arc) couldn't have end ...more
Oct 05, 2014
Sep 28, 2014
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or the Murder at Road Hill House
**spoiler alert** Beware! If, like me, you have been meaning to get around to those Victorian mysteries but haven't had the chance, DO NOT READ THIS B ...more
Sep 23, 2012
Sep 18, 2012
The Woman In Black
I finished reading this a while ago, just kept forgetting to update this over here. I actually saw this as a movie first when I was about seven years ...more
Jun 06, 2011
May 31, 2011
Sea of Ghosts (The Gravedigger Chronicles, #1)
**spoiler alert** Surprising how much I found myself enjoying this book as I neared the end when it had such a rocky start (for me at least) as I wasn ...more
Oct 13, 2012
Oct 07, 2012
Silas Marner
**spoiler alert** I felt as though this ended abruptly, that the resolution may have been drawn out a bit longer (as the beginning was) Not that it ne ...more
Oct 03, 2012
Oct 02, 2012
The Seance
The subtitle "a Victorian Novel"--along with the lovely cover--were enough to ensnare me. I lugged this darling home from England in my suitcase and t ...more
Jul 25, 2009
Jul 29, 2009
Petals on the Wind (Dollanganger, #2)
This book is a trainwreck that one can't look away from. Having seen the recent TV movie that came out first I had expectations for certain events... ...more
Jul 18, 2014
Jul 07, 2014
The Return: Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries, # 5)
**spoiler alert** What did I just read?

Why did my curiosity override my common sense?

If I had read this as a thirteen year old I still wouldn't have
Aug 25, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
Side Jobs
**spoiler alert** What fun! It was nice to see days in the life of Dresden without the 3-front-attack that he seems to face in the Dresden Files. But ...more
Nov 23, 2010
Nov 18, 2010
**spoiler alert** My rating for this book hovered somewhere between a 3 and a 4 star. On the one hand it comes to the predictable and, in many ways, i ...more
Aug 02, 2011
Jul 20, 2011
Cursor's Fury (Codex Alera, #3)
Okay, I feel as though I ought to actually write something here so... here I go.

What can I say that isn't spoilery?

Tavi is too much fun, I love watch
Oct 18, 2010
Oct 13, 2010
Changes (The Dresden Files, #12)
**spoiler alert** Originally was going to give it a lower star rating due to the annoying return of the one character I cannot stand in this series bu ...more
Nov 11, 2010
Oct 29, 2010
Beautiful Lies
**spoiler alert** At first I was content to simply hate the protagonist of the story from start to finish.

Then I read the Author's Note at the end and
Jan 16, 2013
Dec 29, 2012
The Yard (The Murder Squad #1)
The term "historical novel" should be used extremely loosely in the case of this book.

I should also note it was no small miracle of will (compulsion)
Aug 29, 2013
Aug 11, 2013
**spoiler alert** I want to start off by saying there are spoilers everywhere in this review. If you've somehow managed to get through life thus far w ...more
Dec 27, 2013
Dec 08, 2013
Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11)
... I'm not entirely sure what I can say without spoiling the plot. Honestly.

The hilarious lines are there as are the oh-so-redundant descriptions of
Oct 26, 2010
Oct 20, 2010
Captain's Fury (Codex Alera, #4)
**spoiler alert** This would've been a full five if it hadn't been for Amara's sections. But first, what I did like.

I loved that we got a better look
Nov 09, 2010
Oct 20, 2010
Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story
I was a little underwhelmed by this one. I've read his tweets before and usually find them amusing with a dash of horror (as in, "did they actually sa ...more
Aug 18, 2013
Aug 17, 2013
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