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Light in August
In college, I tried reading Ulysses and just didn't "get" Joyce's writing-- that experience led to an avoidance of other authors who relied on stream- ...more
May 31, 2010
May 23, 2010
The Passage (The Passage, #1)
The last movie I saw was Iron Man 2--and it may be the last movie I ever see in the theater again. I paid $10 to watch a man fly around in an iron sui ...more
Jul 04, 2010
Apr 16, 2010
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
The Hunger Games is one of the two most hyped books on GoodReads-- 19,000 reviews; 4.56 avg rating; #105 on the Best Novels of All Time List; #9 on th ...more
Aug 2010
Jul 24, 2010
A Wrinkle in Time (Time Series, Book 1)
In grade school, I spent most of my free time glued to my Marvel comics or playing video games on the family's Apple IIc. I was a nerd who loved scien ...more
Jun 04, 2010
Jun 02, 2010
Travels with Charley: In Search of America
Travels with Charley belongs on my Best Books Ever list-- it's that good.

I have a deep admiration of Steinbeck's work. His novels have brilliantly cap
Oct 11, 2010
Oct 08, 2010
The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1)
I just added 6 books to my 'To Read' list-- I'm officially hooked on The Dark Tower series.

With the exception of Tolkien's work, I've never been a big
Mar 17, 2010
Mar 13, 2010
The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2)
The Drawing of the Three picks up exactly where The Gunslinger finished, but it's a much different type of story.

Instead of focusing on the world int
Mar 31, 2010
Mar 17, 2010
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Strike One: The title. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter sounds like melodramatic chick-lit or a bad romance novel.

Strike Two: The "Oprah's Book Club" seal
Jul 10, 2010
Jun 21, 2010
American Subversive
American Subversive is Goodwillie's debut novel-- so I'll start with the positives. The novel is a well-written page-turner. Goodwillie is very effici ...more
May 07, 2010
Apr 26, 2010
The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Edith Hamilton's Mythology whetted my appetite for mythology, and Campbell's Hero was the mythological feast I was anticipating.

Campbell brilliantly i
Apr 29, 2010
Apr 23, 2010
Glasshouse reminds me of one of my two year-old daughter's paintings. We put the canvas on the easel, and there's so much potential---she makes a coup ...more
Jun 11, 2010
Jun 04, 2010
Animal Farm
I wouldn't consider Animal Farm a great work of literary fiction-- but it is a brilliant critique of human nature that should be cataloged in the hist ...more
Jun 2010
Jul 28, 2009
Winesburg, Ohio
Winesburg, Ohio is said to have influenced Steinbeck, Wolfe, Hemingway, Miller and others-- and I can certainly see why. Winesburg was one of the earl ...more
Feb 19, 2010
Dec 30, 2009
Snow Crash
Snow Crash can be summed up as: 25% Sumerian mythology; 25% futurism; 50% high-octane adrenaline; and an extra bonus of a nuclear powered dog. This is ...more
Apr 11, 2010
Jul 28, 2009
The Handmaid's Tale
Preface: I haven't had much luck with feminist lit before-- I remember struggling through "To the Lighthouse" in college. Feminist lit really challeng ...more
Jan 15, 2010
Sep 16, 2009
Point Omega
Dear Don: WTF???

I *think* I understand the purpose of the novel: Society is moving too fast and approaching the omega point of total consciousness--an
Mar 02, 2010
Nov 17, 2009
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
I started this novel with high expectations. I had read that this was one of Time's Top 100 novels of the 20th Century and the ultimate spy novel.

Mar 21, 2010
Aug 19, 2009
In Cold Blood
Capote's In Cold Blood marked the introduction of the "non-fiction novel" genre. In a nutshell, a "non-fiction novelist" has the license to take a tru ...more
May 20, 2010
Nov 06, 2009
The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt
An epic book about an epic life. First Tycoon is a DENSE history of Vanderbilt and the birth of American business. This isn't casual reading. If you d ...more
Feb 18, 2010
Oct 16, 2009
Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is the most brilliant book of the past million years—if everyone on the planet read it, world peace would be achieved. Then again, not eve
Jul 24, 2010
Apr 26, 2010
The Black Echo (Harry Bosch, #1)
I've read rave reviews of Connelly's mysteries, so I thought I'd give him a try and start with his first novel, The Black Echo. This was one of the be ...more
Mar 12, 2010
Oct 22, 2009
The Good Soldiers
The Good Soldiers is an amazing piece of journalism. Finkel follows the 15-month deployment of the 2-16 Battalion during "The Surge" in Iraq.

This book
Jan 03, 2010
Dec 03, 2009
Red Harvest
I'm a little mixed about Red Harvest.
Red Harvest was the basis for the "hard boiled" pulp fiction genre. It's a very gritty and violent novel, especi
Jan 26, 2010
Dec 30, 2009
Await Your Reply
One of the most entertaining books I've read in years-- Await Your Reply is a page-turner disguised as literature. I was mesmerized until the final pa ...more
Jan 18, 2010
Oct 12, 2009
The Moviegoer
Oct 03, 2010
Sep 29, 2010
Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Apr 23, 2010
Apr 13, 2010
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium, #2)
Sep 29, 2010
Aug 14, 2009
The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, #3)
Aug 14, 2010
Aug 01, 2010
Tortilla Flat
Sep 02, 2010
Aug 23, 2010
The Pearl
Sep 16, 2010
Sep 16, 2010
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