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The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One
Full post about this and Quiet by Susan Cain:

About half of the book was excellent, full of extremely helpful...more
Apr 07, 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Sugar Snaps and Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden
The most useful part of this book was the A to Z list of edible plants in the back, with short tips about growing them in containers and which specifi...more
May 12, 2012
May 12, 2012
The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: Protect Yourself and Your Family from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies � and More
I must confess that I did not read all of the first section of the book, in which the author explains anti-inflammation diets and health concerns, but...more
Dec 16, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
The Edible Balcony: Growing Fresh Produce in the Heart of the City
I think the strength of this book is on helping you figure out which plants to choose when you're starting a container garden. It is definitely focuse...more
Sep 29, 2012
Sep 30, 2012
The Shambling Guide to New York City
Every supernatural or mythological character you can think of is probably either featured or at least mentioned in this book. This was a fun book, wit...more
Aug 16, 2013
Aug 17, 2013
Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles, #1)
This was a puzzling, interesting book. It's a fairy tale set in Portland, either in an alternate universe or a couple hundred years from now. But it's...more
Apr 25, 2012
Apr 21, 2012
The Lover's Dictionary
Heard about this book in a few different places, found it on the New Books shelf at public library

After reading so much magic realism, I think the onl...more
Nov 05, 2011
Nov 04, 2011
The Magician King (The Magicians, #2)
In the first book, The Magicians, we saw the world entirely from Quentin's perspective. In this book, we have a mix of Quentin and Julia. The Julia pa...more
Nov 26, 2011
Nov 18, 2011
15-Minute Vegetarian Recipes: 200 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes the Whole Family Will Love
This cookbook actually made me mad. Supposedly "15 minute" recipes and yet the commentary and instructions sound like the author thought these were el...more
Aug 2009
Feb 06, 2011
The setting for this story is my favorite part of the whole book. It's 1999 at a newspaper -- computers are still a suspicious scary thing in manageme...more
May 31, 2013
May 30, 2013
Among Others
p. 59 "Interlibrary loans are a wonder of the world and a glory of civilization."

p. 60 "I saved the world, or I think I did, and look, the world is s...more
Nov 12, 2011
Nov 02, 2011
Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives
This is a book of 40 musings on what the afterlife might be like - each one is about 2 to 3 pages long, often dealing with some form of god, science,...more
May 06, 2012
Apr 24, 2012
Children of God (The Sparrow, #2)
I think I liked this one even better than the first book - The Sparrow. Supposedly there was going to be a third book for this story, but it's been 12...more
Jan 29, 2011
Jan 23, 2011
If you have an extroverted friend who simply cannot relate to or understand how the brain of an introvert works, this could be an excellent book for h...more
Sep 27, 2013
Sep 28, 2013
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
Longer review at

Off-the-cuff initial reactions:

The book could be summed up as "No! That's not what I said!"...more
Oct 03, 2010
Sep 06, 2010
A Visit from the Goon Squad
A beautiful, gorgeously written series of vignettes. I was expecting a continuous story, but the whole book is more like a series of short stories tha...more
Feb 18, 2012
Feb 09, 2012
Seen it mentioned lots of places, but reminded of it again from this NPR post:

While reading Embassytown, I r...more
Jul 19, 2011
Jun 24, 2011
The Sparrow (The Sparrow, #1)
One of the English instructors at my university recommended this book to me because, as he said, it's the one his students always remember. From almos...more
Jan 10, 2011
Dec 14, 2010
Making Waves
Picked this up as a "Blind Date" book from the public library. The description on the gift wrap said "Local Author Romance" and indeed - the author is...more
Feb 22, 2013
Mar 01, 2013
Ella Minnow Pea
A fun read, very fast, finished it in one night. Very damning in its commentary on community apathy – the ostrich syndrome so many of us have, myself...more
Aug 11, 2006
Jan 16, 2011
An Object of Beauty
Recommended at this blog:
I enjoyed Steve Martin's Shopgirl, and the quote from the blog post about one of th...more
Feb 20, 2011
Jan 27, 2011
The Sorcerer's House
This is a 5-star / 1-star book for me. The 1-star reasons have stayed with me the most, so I'm giving it 2 stars. First the 5-star: it's a great story...more
Jun 06, 2012
May 03, 2012
Beyond Sagebrush: Secrets of Central Oregon's Natural World
As an introduction to Central Oregon, this is a nice fast read with a lot of pointers about the natural landscape of this beautiful place. It touches...more
Aug 18, 2012
Aug 18, 2012
The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)
I was enjoying the first third of the book - colorful characters, the set up for interweaving stories, the dialogue - all of it great fun. But when it...more
Dec 16, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)
I found this book while browsing through my public library's ebooks (way too many books from series with hardly any books from the *beginning* of said...more
Jul 06, 2011
Jul 05, 2011
The Odyssey
I wish I had come across this nice little edition much sooner - it can be read in an evening, hits the major points of the epic poem without the redun...more
May 13, 2012
May 14, 2012
Netting the Sun: A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert
A smattering of essays musing on Lake County in southeastern Oregon, a continuation of the high desert we know and love here in Deschutes County.

May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014
Goblin Secrets (Zombay, #1)
When you need a break from long sprawling epic fantasies, this is a wonderful compact story with strong distinct characters and vivid world-building....more
Dec 12, 2012
Nov 14, 2012
The Book of Lost Things
A recommendation from readers during @NPRbook's monday recommendation request for November 8, 2010 on the genre: modern magic realism

Update at page 17...more
Dec 04, 2011
Nov 12, 2010
Restoring Harmony
Pre Read: Post-apocalypse, we're-out-of-oil, escape-to-Canada story? How could I not want to read this?
Post Read: The characters and storyline were mo...more
Nov 06, 2010
Oct 10, 2010
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