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All The Young Warriors
I was completely blown away by this book. Seriously.
First of all the writing is top notch. Anthony Neil Smith really is one of the best in the busines...more
May 28, 2012
May 29, 2012
The Wind Through the Fence
What did I think? I thought it was absolutely spectacular.

Seriously mang, if you are looking for the best zombie short story out there then you NEED...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011
The Guards (Jack Taylor, #1)
Well, it is a quick read. Like lightning fast. I did like it. Jack Taylor was great and so were the side characters of Cathy, Sean, Ann, and Padrig.

Jan 18, 2012
Jan 16, 2012
One Buck Horror: Volume One
I really like what these folks are doing. For $1.00 you get five short horror stories. FIVE STORIES FOR A BUCK! Now honesty says I must reveal 2 thing...more
Jul 2011
Jul 04, 2011
Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick - Double D Double Cross
Hell yes. Faust does it again, delivering with the snappy patter and the shim sham that slips between your ribcage like a sharpened icepick. This one...more
Mar 24, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
The Accidental Hero
Okay. This was short. Now I LOVED the concept, Hitman gets saved. I am in. I will give it to Graham, he didn't shy from the rough crime tone or from t...more
Mar 24, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
Tripwire  (Jack Reacher, #3)
I thought it was good...Lee Child has a way with language that I admire...and who doesn't love Reacher? He kicks ass.

That said, this one wasn't as str...more
Oct 31, 2011
Nov 16, 2011
The Road
This book is EXCELLENT.

If you love the english language then you owe it to yourself to read this book. McCarthy is a master of beautiful words put tog...more
Mar 04, 2011
Mar 07, 2011
Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #20)
Ya know, this was a return to form for Laurell. It was a good read, fast paced, worth the money. I am a little tired of the tigers, I am a little tire...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jun 14, 2011
The Book Of A Thousand Sins
I enjoyed the hell out of this. It's sick, it's depraved, it is not for the weak of faith or the faint of heart but it is good.
Some of the writing was...more
Aug 03, 2012
Aug 06, 2012
The God Project

Seriously, back then this was the coolest book I had ever read.

I refuse to revisit the inside of the pages becaus...more
Aug 09, 1983
Mar 28, 2011
The Garbage Collector(No. 1)
It was extremely short. I liked the character, but he wasn't overly developed because of the short length. The plot also wasn't off the hook because o...more
not set
Mar 27, 2012
Angel Town (Jill Kismet, #6)
This is a phenomenal book. God I LOVE this series. Really, this is the best Urban Fantasy series ever and Lilith Saintcrow brings it to a wonderful an...more
Nov 19, 2011
Nov 16, 2011
Sex, Thugs, and Rock & Roll
Good. I love both the Thuglit books. I love crime fiction. This had some stories that didn't resonate with me, but that is the nature of anthologies....more
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012
Hush Money (Spenser, #26)
We really lost something when we lost Robert B. Parker. The dialogue in this book is razor sharp, especially between the characters of Spenser and Haw...more
Apr 06, 2011
Apr 04, 2011
Every Shallow Cut
Excellent. Go buy it. Right now. This is hardboiled at its bleakest. This story sings because it has been slashed to the bone.

A tour de force. Go. Buy...more
Jul 2011
Jul 03, 2011
Die Trying (Jack Reacher, #2)
It was pretty good.....kind of long winded compared to the first one and I liked the first person point of view better, but overall....just fine.
May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011
The Fan Club
Read this WAYYYY to young.

It's pretty graphic. I would steer clear....the plot is mediocre and the characterization is pretty dull.
Jul 16, 1982
Mar 30, 2011
Northlanders Vol. 1: Sven the Returned
Holy crap this was a great story. Brian Woods kicked a lot of ass on this series all viking style.

Excellent and highly recommended.
not set
Oct 10, 2012
Dead Six
It was good. Really good. If you want an international thriller that is different from the norm, then pick this up. Good stuff.
not set
Dec 26, 2011
Secrets (Darwin's Theory, #2)
Dude, Adrienne is a helluva an author. I love these characters and I can't wait to get into this world! Bring on the Dragons!
not set
May 24, 2011
The Blade Itself
I really liked it. I read one of Marcus Sakey's short stories and it was the best thing I have read in a long time. So I picked this up and it was a g...more
Jan 12, 2012
Jan 07, 2012
I liked it.

I was a bit lost on what kind of gun it air pistol or a real gun. but beyond that...stellar.
Mar 20, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
Excellent. Very, very excellent. This is a narrative pared down to the bone. The conservation of language here gives the story the impact of a slug fr...more
Mar 10, 2011
Mar 07, 2011
Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, #1)
Good book. I was into it. The bad guy was telegraped a bit early for me, which is what kept this from getting the last star, but I will be reading mor...more
Jun 05, 2011
May 31, 2011
Money Shot (Hard Case Crime #40)
This book was EXCELLENT, from beginning to end. I am sold. I will read about Angel Dare. I will read Christa Faust.
Apr 02, 2011
Apr 01, 2011
Little Black Dress (Peter Macklin, #5)
It was pretty good. Very deftly told, never heavy handed, just a light breeze of a book. Nice and refreshing.
Mar 16, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
Burden Kansas
Really good. I highly recommend this book. The vampires are vicious and so is the "hero". Nicely done.
Jun 28, 2011
Jun 28, 2011
Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, #1)
Good book. I like Reacher. The plot was solid, with just a few coincedences to move it along. Action was well described. The ending was superb.
Mar 17, 2011
Mar 11, 2011
Six Bad Things (Hank Thompson, #2)
I thought it was freaking excellent.

Very believable. Nice set up at the end.

Hella good book.
Nov 26, 2011
Nov 28, 2011
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