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The parallels between developing super powers, having a secret identity and coming out are beautifully explored in this fun and surprisingly moving YA ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 12, 2007
Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever
I generally have a problem with people doing things specifically so they can write a book about them. It's contrived and reeks of opportunism, and it ...more
Jul 04, 2009
Jul 01, 2009
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1)
If any book encapsulates the Youtube generation, it's P&P&Z. This literary mash-up is such an odd combination of two seemingly disparate eleme ...more
Jul 2009
Jun 14, 2009
The Mind Thieves (Mind Readers, #2)
I really enjoyed The Mind Readers, the first in the series, but I absolutely loved this sequel. It's The Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy: the stake ...more
not set
May 16, 2012
The Final Solution
Even famous authors like to write fanfic. I read Michael Chabon's take on the elderly Sherlock Holmes in one sitting, eager to solve the mystery of th ...more
Jul 05, 2009
Jul 04, 2009
Cocktails for Three
Wow, I really didn't like this book. Of the three main characters, two were absolutely insufferable. Only the adulterous, alcoholic bitch was even rem ...more
Jun 17, 2011
Jun 16, 2011
Jeremy Thrane
p. 267: "But, said a louder and more compelling voice, maybe my book wasn't good at all; maybe it was just the kind of pretentious, overwritten thing ...more
Jul 13, 2009
Jul 05, 2009
Girls' Night In
Fun pool-side read, which is literally how I read it. Like any short story collection, it's uneven. Some pretty bad stories toward the end, but defini ...more
not set
Jul 19, 2009
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
It was initially hard to judge this book, having read a lot of the stories previously in The New Yorker and heard even more of them read on his tours. ...more
Jun 29, 2008
Jun 09, 2008
Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals: Adventures in Love and Danger
This book grates. It basically boils down to, "Most people do this, but I do this other thing! My life is so crazy and interesting!" Yeah, not so much ...more
Feb 07, 2010
Feb 05, 2010
Nanny Returns (Nanny, #2)
Clever way to return to the characters, but there's no room for shades of gray in this world. The Xes are evil and Nanny is a saint!
not set
Nov 03, 2010
Pride and Prejudice
I tried reading this book about 10 years ago when all my college female friends were having all-out Austen-gasms, and I just couldn't get into it. Gla ...more
Mar 2008
Feb 19, 2008
In the Drink
I know I read this, but I can't at all remember if I liked it.
not set
Jul 05, 2009
This book is overly complicated and elaborate nonsense that goes absolutely nowhere.
Oct 22, 2009
Oct 18, 2009
Prom and Prejudice
Weak update of P&P that managed to make Elizabeth Bennett quite unlikeable.
not set
Apr 05, 2011
Wonder Boys
Not my favorite Chabon novel in terms of plot, but I did love the characters.
Mar 20, 2010
Mar 12, 2010
The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy
Sure, it reads like fanfic, but it's enjoyable fanfic nonetheless. It's interesting to read Pride & Prejudice from Darcy's point of view, as his m ...more
Apr 13, 2008
Mar 31, 2008
Suite Française
One of those books that really makes you deplore humanity. Written about the Nazi occupation of France during the Nazi occupation of France by a Jewis ...more
Feb 2008
Sep 10, 2007
The Areas of My Expertise
I wanted to like this much more than I actually did. Hodgman is funny, and I laughed out loud a few times, but I think he works better in small doses; ...more
Apr 21, 2008
Mar 20, 2008
The Post-Birthday World
Like the movie Sliding Doors, except one door leads to heartbreak and the other door leads to ... heartbreak. The parallel structure works well and al ...more
May 29, 2008
Sep 18, 2007
Et si c'était vrai...
I read online that this was THE hot French bestseller whenever it was first out, so I picked it up. It was terrible: bad chick lit written by a straig ...more
not set
Sep 10, 2007
En l'absence des hommes
My friend Noy went to a bookstore in Paris and asked for a good gay French novel. She brought back one of the most beautifully written books I've ever ...more
Jun 2006
Sep 10, 2007
La Princesse De Cleves
I took a lit course in France where we read only this book for the entire semester. Then, when I got back to the states, I had to read it again for my ...more
not set
Sep 12, 2007
The Wordy Shipmates
I'm usually impressed with Sarah Vowell's ability to make history entertaining, but even she can't make the Puritans fun. It took me nearly two months ...more
Feb 24, 2009
Oct 13, 2008
Hyper-Chondriac: One Man's Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down
This was not at all what I expected. The author is so damn unlikable that I could barely finish the book. I don't care if he's hypertense and neurotic ...more
not set
Sep 10, 2007
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
This much-maligned follow-up to the Bridget Jones series isn't nearly as bad as the critics said. I actually thought it was pretty funny in a ridiculo ...more
not set
Sep 12, 2007
Obnoxious protagonist made it hard to enjoy.
Nov 03, 2010
Sep 27, 2010
To Have and to Hold
I think I read this book. Honestly, most of Jane Green's books are so similar that I can't be sure. But if I did, I'm sure it was OK, just like all th ...more
not set
Jul 09, 2008
This is probably my favorite chick lit book ever. Unfortunately, the rest of Jane Green's books have completely disappointed.
not set
Sep 12, 2007
I found the protagonist at times frustratingly, agonizingly self-defeating, but it also rang very true.
not set
Sep 10, 2007
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