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Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4)
Big fat disclaimer: I fell in love with this series with book 1. Perry and her self-esteem issues, Dex and his ... well, all his issues, the ghosties...more
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 21, 2012
On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)
I don't think it's a secret that I am crazy in love with this series. I was hooked from book 1 and I was DYING at the end of Lying Season. Absolutely...more
May 2012
Apr 30, 2012
Light My Fire
It's probably a little hard to tell but Jodi Redford and I have this thing going on. See, she writes these books and I read them and go all fangirl cr...more
Feb 16, 2012
Feb 10, 2012
Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, #5)
While I have admittedly enjoyed all the books in this series, I *really* liked this installment. Chess and Terrible are together, Chess is totally scr...more
May 27, 2012
Mar 12, 2012
Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, #1)
This book is everything I love in a Highlander book. A heroine who is extraordinary, a hero who rises above his prejudices, a dastardly plot, and a be...more
Jun 21, 2014
Jul 11, 2012
Ral's Woman (Zorn Warriors, #1)
I have to admit that my weakness for sexy sci-fi is something that I'll probably never outgrow. This book hit my sexy sci-fi spot (so to speak) and ma...more
Jun 20, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1)
Holy Mother of Pearl! You'd think I'd reach a point where the "earth woman must become the unwilling mate to a big brawny alien" storyline would cease...more
Jun 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2011
Taking Liberty
Jodi Redford scares me. Seriously. When I read her books I sometimes wonder if she doesn't sneak into my room in the middle of the night and attach a...more
Aug 18, 2013
Feb 10, 2012
Master of the Mountain (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven, #1)
I adore Cherise Sinclair's books. She consistently treats both her Doms and subs with respect and shows the loving, trust-filled side of a D/s relatio...more
Feb 09, 2014
Apr 01, 2012
Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2)
You know when you pick up a series and you think you'll like it (of course, otherwise you wouldn't have picked it up in the first place) but you don't...more
Sep 12, 2012
Sep 10, 2012
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1)
This is a series that had been on my radar for a while. I kept hearing about Curran’s awesomeness and it was recommended by several people whose opini...more
Mar 06, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6)
Holy Toledo! This book is HAWT with a capital H-A-W-T. I might need a cold shower after this. For serious. For the record, while I have read other boo...more
Apr 05, 2012
Apr 03, 2012
Moosed Up  (Wild Men of Alaska, #2)
I'm reading the books in this series all out of order but I kinda, sorta find myself loving them. This time around we get a spritely nurse who's tryin...more
Dec 30, 2012
Dec 29, 2012
If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)
I was warned that I'd need a box of tissues nearby while reading this one. Those who warned me weren't lying. I cried. More than once. I thought I cou...more
Oct 05, 2012
Apr 19, 2012
Embracing Silence (Project Alpha, #1)
No lie but broken cities, dystopian settings, and badass Alpha males are like candy to me. I just eat them up. This book worked all three of those and...more
Dec 28, 2012
Dec 26, 2012
Blood, Smoke and Mirrors (Bad Witch #1)
I can't remember the last time I was so irritated by a main character. Seriously, if a Too Stupid To Live award was in the cards, Cat would get my nom...more
Nov 14, 2012
Nov 04, 2012
Cat Scratch Fever
Oh, Jodi Redford, you had me at redneck werewolves. I would have been perfectly content with that alone but you had to throw in cat toys and a tag lin...more
Jan 29, 2013
Jan 24, 2012
C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines, #1)
Sexy sci-fi is my crack. I am irrationally obsessed with finding more of it and when I come across the good stuff I end up craving it even worse than...more
Jan 14, 2014
May 03, 2012
Leashing the Tempest (Arcadia Bell, #2.5)
I think the biggest draw for me with this series is the relationships between the various main characters. Cady and Lon are... I don't know how to put...more
Nov 08, 2012
Nov 04, 2012
Hungry For You
I liked the different takes on Zombie-ism we had going on here. Each story was a snippet but it gave you enough info to get a feel for the different t...more
Feb 28, 2012
Feb 21, 2012
Dead Man's Eye
I have this fear. No, this isn't the one about clowns. Or the one about bugs. Although those are both valid (and debilitating) fears when you're at th...more
Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012
Desire Unchained (Demonica, #2)
This is another series where I read and enjoyed the first book and then promptly set it aside as I attempted to tackle my TBR pile. Now that I've brok...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 03, 2012
31 Flavors
This was one of those books that felt sweetly real to me. Neither Sidney or Nick are experienced in the BDSM lifestyle at the start of their story and...more
Jan 31, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
Devil's Gate (Elder Races, #4.6)
It shouldn't be a big shock that I'm stupid in love with this series. I adore everything about it - from the world building (OMG! FANTASTIC!) to the c...more
May 16, 2013
May 29, 2012
Outcast (Cat Star Chronicles, #4)
I think this is my favorite book in this series. Lynx is just so damaged by his past. He starts out so wary of everything Bonnie does for him. I just...more
Oct 02, 2012
Aug 27, 2010
Hunter's Prey (Bloodhounds, #2)
Oh.mi.gawd. Now, I'm not one to usually fawn over fictional characters... no, wait. That's my evil, non-obsessive twin. The one with the goatee and po...more
Jan 12, 2013
Nov 26, 2011
Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4)
Standard disclaimer: I love this series. Seriously, I'm stupidly in love with every little piece of this world. I plan on fangirling so hard that I'm...more
May 02, 2013
Mar 06, 2012
Undone (Will Trent, #3)
I can hardly get my thoughts in order after this book. It is probably one of the most compelling books I've read in a while. Between the brutal horror...more
Aug 08, 2012
Aug 04, 2012
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
This is one of those books that kind of sneaks up on you. It's beautiful and dark and incredibly imaginative. It took a few chapters for me to fall in...more
May 19, 2012
Apr 07, 2012
The Queen's Army (The Lunar Chronicles, #1.5)
Holy... smokes. This was a wonderfully disturbing story. Seriously, it's the type of story that gives me nightmares. To be taken from your family with...more
Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012
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