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Stumbling on Happiness
Is it just me, or is the author of this book unusually cocky in his writing style? Gilbert reiterates a bunch of basic ideas that any normal, reasonab ...more
Jul 2007
Aug 03, 2007
Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life
After an amusing, promising start, this devolves into disorganized rambling about a variety of disconnected and increasingly ridiculous DIY projects, ...more
May 19, 2010
May 19, 2010
A Life at Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born to Do
You know, I have never made it through an entire book by Thomas Moore, despite feeling that his books are the sort of thing I should be interested in. ...more
Apr 2008
Feb 29, 2008
Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle
Okay, I don't think I can make it through this one. I love the idea of the book, but the tone!! Arrgh! Insufferably superior! I get it, David Wann, yo ...more
Feb 2008
Feb 07, 2008
Find More Time: How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great about It
I'm about halfway done this book, and although I've liked many parts of it, my focus is starting to flag. The problem with many of Ms. Stack's suggest ...more
Apr 2008
Mar 13, 2008
This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down
This is such an amazing idea - the accounts of four women who have been to hell and back, and lived to tell the tale. But somehow, they took real subs ...more
Jul 2007
Aug 04, 2007
The Restless Heart: Finding Our Spiritual Home in Times of Loneliness
I didn't actually read this book. I'm trying to come to terms with books I can not finish. This is one of them. I barely made it through the first two ...more
Sep 2007
Aug 04, 2007
Jesus' Son
Dear Ammon,

Sorry, but no can do. I don't care how great the writing is, I avoid the entire genre of drug-addiction-books like the plague. This kind of
Sep 29, 2010
Sep 28, 2010
The Tightwad Gazette II: Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle
Yikes. If I spent the amount of time this woman spends trying to save PENNIES just working at my job, I would be rich!

I mean, I am impressed by this
May 19, 2010
May 19, 2010
The Philosopher's Dog: Friendships with Animals
I admit, I couldn't make it all the way through this book. The personal anecdotes are great, but sections on the "philosophy" of our relationships wit ...more
Sep 2007
Aug 03, 2007
Late-Talking Children
This is not necessarily a bad book, but it was not what I was looking for. This is a book about very high IQ children who talk late but exhibit other ...more
not set
Jan 05, 2011
Update - I still haven't finished this book, and I might not, ever. But I did read another couple chapters, including the one on surviving hard times ...more
not set
Feb 20, 2008
Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog
Read the first several chapters on one of those comfy chairs at the bookstore during a long lunch break.

I have news. Marley was not an "irrepressible
Jul 16, 2008
Jul 16, 2008
Let the Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood
Ugh. Overwrought, strangely humorless, sentimental schlock. I'm baffled at the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Being an attachment-parenting mother t ...more
Oct 11, 2009
Sep 15, 2009
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby
Eh. This just doesn't suit my parenting philosophy (all two weeks of it), plus it's just kind of boring. I like the author's flexible-schedule approac ...more
May 20, 2009
May 16, 2009
Oliver Twist
I'm sorry. I give up. Dickens, this is not you at your best. The character development in this book just sucks! You tried to convince me that Oliver c ...more
Feb 2008
Feb 20, 2008
Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: Finding and Losing Myself in Books
From this book, I got the great idea of "extreme adventure" women's novels - she argues that finding a mate was an "extreme adventure" for the 19th Ce ...more
May 2007
Aug 05, 2007
The Complete Fables (Penguin Classics)
You know, I never met a work of classic ancient Greek literature I didn't like. Until I met Aesop. These are pointless little tales, many incomprehens ...more
Nov 21, 2008
Jul 04, 2008
Grown-Up Marriage: What We Know, Wish We Had Known, and Still Need to Know About Being Married
I wanted to like this book (I admit, because I like the title of this book), but Judith Viorst writes in the strangest way, I found it difficult. She ...more
Mar 2007
Aug 05, 2007
Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool
Abandon ship! Abandon ship! I just don't care!
Feb 04, 2011
Jan 19, 2011
The Bible Jesus Read
This is not Yancey's best (Yancey's best, by far, is "Where is God When it Hurts?" although I really enjoyed a couple others as well). I read it becau ...more
May 2007
Aug 04, 2007
The Secret Lives of Lawfully Wedded Wives: 27 Women Writers on Love, Infidelity, Sex Roles, Race, Kids, and More
For now, this is going into my "couldn't finish" pile. I was really turned off by the first half-dozen essays. With compilations of essays, I always i ...more
Oct 2007
Sep 04, 2007
Living Simply with Children: A Voluntary Simplicity Guide for Moms, Dads, and Kids Who Want to Reclaim the Bliss of Childhood and the Joy of Parenting
The first couple of chapters were boring and insufferably superior - didn't make it much further.
not set
Aug 26, 2009
Howl: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit
Sorry - not that funny! Unless there's a real gem hidden at the end of the book (haven't made it to the end). But how often is that the case?
Feb 2008
Feb 20, 2008
Vietnam: A History
I almost finished this, but started to lose attention towards the end. But I'm still thinking that I might want to know about those last couple years ...more
not set
Oct 09, 2007
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