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Handle with Care
**spoiler alert** Picoult's books are incredibly formulaic, and their strength really lies in whether or not you care about the topic they address. I...more
Mar 16, 2009
Mar 16, 2009
Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities
I have a love/hate relationship with everything Alexandra Robbins writes. She is a total sensationalist and I feel a bit guilty every time I pick up o...more
not set
Oct 30, 2007
Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil
This book was... conceptually interesting, but poorly written.

-- Edited 08.08.08 --

I can't believe this was all I had to say about this book. First, j...more
not set
Jan 19, 2008
Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, #2)
I wasn't terribly impressed with the first book, but I was interested enough in the characters to want to read more. I am so glad I did!

This book seem...more
Feb 2008
Jan 19, 2008
I slogged through the first half of this book with little interest. There was so much exposition with so little action, and characters were piled on....more
Feb 18, 2011
Nov 29, 2007
I'm not a huge Tina Fey fan. Not because I dislike her, but because I stopped watching SNL long before she was there, and I watched a few episodes of...more
May 2011
Apr 30, 2011
Perfect Match
Nearly all of Picoult's books present a moral dillema without a clear way to work your way out of. This book deals with a young boy who is sexually mo...more
Aug 19, 2008
Nov 14, 2007
Songs of the Humpback Whale
I'd been avoiding this book because I had heard it was not very good. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised!

Picoult is clearly feeling out her wri...more
Jun 04, 2009
Jun 05, 2009
I haven't read anything by Anita Shreve before, so I didn't really know what to expect. Her writing style is pleasant enough, so it's a shame her book...more
Mar 07, 2013
Mar 06, 2013
Glitter Kiss
I am a HUGE fan of Monica Gallagher's work, and I can't WAIT to read her latest. If you're eagerly awaiting this book, definitely check out Gallagher'...more
Jan 2013
Nov 16, 2012
This was one of the very first indie comics I ever picked up, at my very first SPX. Little did I know that this introduction to autobio comics by a hi...more
Sep 2007
Feb 28, 2013
Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women
Good sweet Jesus this book is... strange. I have read this at least once before and really enjoyed it. Since then I have read more by Wurtzel - specif...more
Nov 23, 2008
Nov 13, 2007
I read this book awhile ago during the downward slope of its book club popularity. I don't think I would normally have picked it up, nor is the subjec...more
Aug 25, 2008
Aug 22, 2007
Reading Lolita in Tehran
It has been awhile since I read this book, but I remember I was frustrated as I read it. I believe I was irritated because I felt the book was rather...more
not set
Jun 05, 2008
Betrayed (House of Night, #2)
These are generally just trashy YA paranormal romance, but are GREAT for some brain candy. The main character, Zoey, is often rather obnoxious, but I...more
Jul 2012
Jul 31, 2012
Whip It
Full disclosure: I'm a derby girl who saw Whip It twice before it was officially released. I'm also a devout fan of Drew Barrymore, and Ellen Page. Th...more
Oct 27, 2009
Oct 26, 2009
Going in Circles
Wait, seriously? Did I not review this? Oops.

I was, of course, obligated to read this chick lit about a derby girl, especially once the author came to...more
Jan 2010
Aug 24, 2011
Chosen (House of Night, #3)
(Same review as for Betrayed since they're basically all the same.)

These are generally just trashy YA paranormal romance, but are GREAT for some brain...more
not set
Jul 31, 2012
The Luxe (Luxe, #1)
Super quick YA read, not much substance to it, but enjoyable. I liked the era it is set in, and the chapters with little gossip column lead-ins and qu...more
not set
Nov 06, 2007
Sing You Home
Finally a Jodi Picoult book with a reasonably happy ending. And in fact a slightly less cheesy formula. The usual court drama occurred with the last m...more
Mar 29, 2011
Mar 28, 2011
Hmm. This isn't quite trashy enough to be 'romance', but is definitely poorly written chicklit. But! It is about a culture I'm not familiar with, and...more
Sep 18, 2012
Sep 17, 2012
Envy (Luxe, #3)
These books are utterly trashy and terrible, and I think I buy them now because their covers are pretty. But I devour them and enjoy them anyway.

I sho...more
May 16, 2009
May 15, 2009
Girl Comics
I'm glad I got this for cheap, and for the $7 for a hardcover, I'll consider it a good deal. But I would have been pretty annoyed if I'd paid the usua...more
Sep 17, 2012
Sep 13, 2012
Neon Angel
Any time you read one band members account of the band's history you know that you're missing all kinds of perspective. I'm sure that's even worse whe...more
Jan 2012
Jan 19, 2012
Cinderella Ate My Daughter
I think this would have gotten a 5th star if I had a young daughter. But even as a casual Target shopper that walks through the toy section I can see...more
Feb 11, 2011
Feb 05, 2011
Belle de Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl (Belle De Jour #1)
This was pretty much complete trash. Apparently they made it into a TV show!? WTF... Dear everyone, please stop making blogs into books. The only one...more
Feb 20, 2009
Feb 15, 2009
The Other Side Of The Story
This is some vaguely terrible (but very long!) chicklit. It's actually 3 stories piled into 600 pages as each narrator has their own plot, relationshi...more
Sep 22, 2013
Sep 23, 2013
Splendor (Luxe, #4)
I'm glad this series is over. I was sucked in by a pretty cover, and proceeded to buy all 4 books despite the fact that they're kind of terrible.

Nov 09, 2009
Nov 10, 2009
The Book of Eleanor: A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine
It had been awhile since I'd read a girly historical fiction biography of a queen, and Eleanor is an ancestor of mine who I am woefully uneducated abo...more
Feb 2009
Feb 04, 2009
The Bonesetter's Daughter
Another of Amy Tan's multigenerational 'old world/new world' books. If I think of these as ways to learn more about Chinese culture and history, I enj...more
Jan 2013
Feb 11, 2013
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