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Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women
it was amazing
Love, InshAllah, at first, brought me face-to-face with a glaring prejudice I have unconsciously created about what for me is fair game for love stori ...more
Jan 20, 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Love in a Headscarf
liked it
(This review is also published on my blog:

So here, in my own words, is the underlying premise of Love in a He
May 23, 2012
May 08, 2012
Reading Lolita in Tehran
liked it
Disclaimer: I did not finish this book. Reading it started to feel like a chore, so I stopped. This review is based on what I did read.

I think "Readi
not set
Aug 30, 2016
The Vision Of Islam
it was amazing
Given the majestic breadth of this book and how deep it delves into Islamic spiritual philosophy, I can't presume to 'review' it as I'm nowhere near q ...more
Oct 2012
Mar 12, 2012
Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim
really liked it
To me a painfully tragic journey, but a fulfilling one nevertheless: Sardar expressed issues with contemporary streams of Islam in ways that I always ...more
Jun 2008
Jan 04, 2010
Tamarind Mem
it was ok
I picked up this book because I wanted a rich way of exploring parent-child relationships in a South Asian context. It’s well-written, I guess, and no ...more
Jun 17, 2013
Jun 09, 2013
Where Is the Mango Princess?: A Journey Back from Brain Injury
it was amazing
It is crass to call a personal account like this and call it a "page-turner" but it was truly that: a page turner. The author's retelling of her husba ...more
Jan 30, 2017
Jan 30, 2017
Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour
really liked it
This was a fun read. It's like French Women Don't Get Fat, but more holistic about personal care and grooming. Even the writing seems so elegant and g ...more
Feb 05, 2016
Feb 09, 2016
Scrappy Little Nobody
really liked it
The self deprecation got a bit much at times, but overall a very inspirational and funny read. Lots of respect for this lady and how hard she has work ...more
not set
Jan 30, 2017
Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids
liked it
As someone who wants children, this book helped me reflect on my disposition towards this matter. It didn't change my mind (I don't anything can--I'm ...more
Sep 28, 2015
Oct 01, 2015
Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)
liked it
**spoiler alert** I'm not a fan of romance novels, but I was curious about this book as I kept hearing about it. 

What I liked about it: 
- The story ov
Jun 08, 2016
Jun 08, 2016
Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective
really liked it

This is a book about Islamic teachings for the betterment of Muslims’ individual and social beings. It is divided into 5 parts, covering the principle
not set
Mar 31, 2017
An Invitation to Indian Cooking
really liked it
I’ve only tried a couple of recipes from this book. But I wanted to add it here because it is a really fun read! People who enjoy cooking read cookboo ...more
not set
Jan 10, 2016
Modern Romance
liked it
In terms of being a study on “modern love”, this is an entertaining and readable book that pulls on a great deal of qualitative research. I found the ...more
Dec 30, 2016
Jan 19, 2017
The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness
it was amazing
This is such an important and relevant to EVERYBODY...I can't give it less than five stars. This recommendation extends even to people who are not rea ...more
not set
Oct 16, 2016
The Butterfly Mosque: A Young American Woman's Journey to Love and Islam
it was amazing
(This review was originally published on my blog:

This startlingly lovely book gracefully and tentatively wal
Jul 28, 2012
Jul 23, 2012
The Help
liked it
**spoiler alert** The good: a very compelling story that moved along nicely, a story about a writer, some worthwhile attention given to the relationsh ...more
Oct 10, 2012
Oct 05, 2012
The Handmaid's Tale
it was amazing
I think what makes a masterpiece a masterpiece is the fact that there are simply so many ways to experience it. To me, the horror of this book comes f ...more
Nov 22, 2009
Sep 07, 2009
The Breakup Bible: The Smart Woman's Guide to Healing from a Breakup or Divorce
really liked it
A very handy guide. Sometimes the enthusiasm and "You can do it!" spirit of it feels a bit contrived, and it would be an stretch to say that the book' ...more
Aug 22, 2012
Aug 23, 2012
Why Not Me?
it was amazing
Not only funny and SO Mindy...but it has changed my view on what it means to be "entitled."
One of my favourite sections is a Mindy Project-esque stor
May 29, 2016
Jun 05, 2016
The Lovely Bones
liked it
A lovely story that does not quite comfortably fit in either the YA or the adult fiction genre, a characteristic that hurts more than it helps. I admi ...more
Jun 23, 2010
Jun 20, 2009
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
it was amazing
How is she so self deprecating and hilarious and not annoying? Who knows.
Off to the next one!
Apr 24, 2016
Apr 25, 2016
Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy and the New Science of Desire
liked it
What a fun and interesting read. This book is very much of a 'pop' book, designed and marketed to be a big seller. This might be just me, but the exte ...more
Nov 18, 2009
Nov 18, 2009
Mary: A Flesh-and-Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother
it was ok
I took this book with a BOULDER of salt and think (if I may say so) that others would do well to do the same. As the other reviews attest, this is ver ...more
not set
Aug 27, 2016
The Story of a Widow
liked it
Lovely and quaint, though I wouldn't fully agree with Mohammad Hanif's praise that it is Austen's take on a Karachi suburb. Had a bit of trouble with ...more
Oct 05, 2010
Sep 27, 2010
The Victory Boys
really liked it
I want to open up this review by highlighting the very obvious fact that I am not the 11-year-old Muslim boy this book was written for. My brother is. ...more
Jul 17, 2011
Jul 13, 2011
Shopping for Sabzi
liked it
For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this. It offers perfect bite-sized insights into the South Asian second generation immigrant experience. T ...more
Jun 23, 2012
Jun 16, 2012
it was amazing
The darkest and funniest book I have ever read. Heller through this book turned the notion of war fiction on its head: that, rather than narrating eve ...more
Jan 2004
Sep 07, 2009
Beatrice & Virgil
really liked it
Beatrice & Virgil is a horrifying and captivating novel that takes the story-within-a-story to the next level. However, I wouldn't say that it is ...more
Apr 06, 2010
Apr 05, 2010
Reading the OED: One Man, One Year, 21,730 Pages
liked it
A lovely book that should definitely read by those who love words and lament the falling away of finer words from the English language. On more than o ...more
Apr 17, 2010
Apr 08, 2010
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