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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
It took me a few tries to get into this book, I must admit... three times over the years, even before the TV show, I tried reading it and couldn't get...more
Apr 30, 2014
Jul 03, 2009
Ender in Exile (The Ender Quintet, #1.6)
Continuing my chronological reread of the Ender books, I've reached this "direct" sequel to the original ENDER'S GAME. It was an enjoyable read, but a...more
Feb 22, 2014
Jun 04, 2009
Speaker for the Dead (The Ender Quintet, #2)
It's been some time since I last read this book, but as I go through my Enderverse reread it was time. It's a sequel to Ender's Game in the same way t...more
Mar 21, 2014
Jun 04, 2009
It's Superman!
It's Superman is the latest retelling of the origin of the Man of Steel, and this latest retelling takes the character back to where he began -- the 1...more
not set
Jan 14, 2014
North Pole Lost and Other Holiday Stories
I downloaded the sample of this Kindle Edition before purchasing the whole thing, and I read over an okay -- if not great -- story about a sailor who...more
Dec 12, 2009
Dec 13, 2009
Got this for Christmas, finished it yesterday. Jeff Winston is a radio journalist with a disappointing life, right up until his sudden death of a hear...more
Jan 15, 2010
Jan 16, 2010
A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)
As much as I liked this book, it took quite some time to get through it. Part of that, I suppose, is that I read it during a particularly busy period...more
Jun 17, 2014
Jun 20, 2014
Worst Ideas Ever: A Celebration of Embarrassment
Mildly entertaining, but far too many entries were matters of taste rather than inarguable failures, and the editing on this book is terrible -- typos...more
Jan 06, 2014
Jan 05, 2014
The Dark Half
A novelist decides to eliminate his own highly successful pseudonym, only to find the more insidious side of his own nature has taken on a life of its...more
Jul 19, 2009
Jul 14, 2009
Joyland (Hard Case Crime #112)
Just finished Stephen King's "Joyland," part of the Hard Case Crime series. And I'm rather taken aback by how damn good it was. This is two books in a...more
Aug 03, 2013
Aug 03, 2013
The True Gift: A Christmas Story
Everybody who crafts a Christmas story wants it to be the next classic. I'm not sure if this book quite reaches that status, but it is good. "The True...more
Dec 13, 2009
Dec 13, 2009
The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 3
The third collection brings us halfway through James Robinson's brilliant reimagining of Starman. In addition to another nine issues of the series, th...more
Jul 31, 2009
Jul 15, 2009
Kabumpo in Oz (Oz, #16)
Not bad. This was Ruth Plumly Thompson's second Oz book after the death of creator L. Frank Baum, and the first under her own name. A birthday party d...more
Sep 25, 2009
Sep 22, 2009
The A.B.C. Warriors: The Mek-Nificent Seven
Interesting post-apocalyptic comic about a world where robots are invented to take over the wars humans no longer want to fight. The first half of the...more
Aug 02, 2009
Aug 02, 2009
The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)
Very strong second installment. Riordan has really done a masterful job of taking the bits and pieces of Greek Mythology (drawing heavily on The Odyss...more
Jun 06, 2009
Jun 04, 2009
G.I. Joe, Volume 1
Really strong relaunch of the G.I. Joe property. I held off on the regular issues of this series because of the $3.99 price point -- the trade paperba...more
Jul 17, 2009
Jul 15, 2009
Personal Effects: Dark Art
I finished this book literally minutes ago, and I loved every page of it. J.C. Hutchins has crafted a smart, crafty horror/thriller that would be a wo...more
Jun 27, 2009
Jun 17, 2009
With a few notable exceptions (such as the disappointing "Dreamcatcher"), most of King's work since the early 90s has trended towards character drama...more
not set
Jun 06, 2009
Notes from the Internet Apocalypse
A weird little book that's hard to quantify. It starts with an interesting premise -- the idea of what would happen to people if suddenly, mysteriousl...more
Mar 12, 2014
Mar 15, 2014
The Strain (The Strain Trilogy, #1)
Part of the stated purpose behind this collaborative novel is to take vampires -- a subgenre of horror that has become increasingly emasculated over t...more
Jul 13, 2009
Jun 05, 2009
This is one of those ideas that's so brilliant you wish you thought of it yourself. Wesley Smith, a college English professor, orders a new Amazon Kin...more
Sep 25, 2009
Sep 25, 2009
The New Mutants
An interesting chapter in the history of the X-Men -- with the team missing and presumed dead, Professor Xavier finds himself coming to the aid of a g...more
Mar 09, 2014
Mar 09, 2014
Xenocide (The Ender Quintet, #3)
While "Speaker For the Dead" was a fairly self-contained book with a few dangling sequel hooks, the same can't really be said for the next book in the...more
Apr 06, 2014
Jun 05, 2009
As much as I enjoyed Gregory Maguire's Wicked, I couldn't even believe this book was by the same author. Many of Maguire's works take unlikable, despi...more
Nov 22, 2009
Nov 22, 2009
Abducted to Oz
Very weak attempt to add to the world of Oz. A boy named Graham is whisked off to Oz for incredibly specious reasons by what amounts to a magical clon...more
Nov 08, 2009
Nov 09, 2009
The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers
Very good book examining the movies of the Coen brothers from a spiritualist perspective. Although the book does have a mildly religious bent, the aut...more
Nov 15, 2009
Nov 16, 2009
Kronos (Origins Edition, #5)
Interesting story about a former Navy SEAL who sets out to find the enormous monster that consumed his 16-year-old daughter while on a scuba diving ex...more
Sep 30, 2009
Sep 30, 2009
Judge Dredd: Dredd VS. Death (Judge Dredd (Graphic Novels))
A curious little collection of Judge Dredd comics. The first two storylines collected here concern the introduction and return of "Judge Death," a hid...more
Aug 02, 2009
Aug 02, 2009
Shadows in Flight (Ender's Shadow, #5)
The Shadow series continues centuries after the end of SHADOW OF THE GIANT. Bean and his three children, each carrying their father's genetic mutation...more
Feb 24, 2014
Feb 25, 2014
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)
Excellent conclusion of the series. Riordan brings together everything he's set up in an ending that's both fitting and powerful. He also breaks a bit...more
Jun 20, 2009
Jun 08, 2009
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