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How to Paint a Dead Man
Sarah Hall writes about four characters in this novel; each with her or his own section and voice. Some of them are related but their relation scarcel ...more
Aug 23, 2009
Sep 02, 2009
Infinite Ending: Ten Stories
If, like me, you have only the vaguest notion of what constitutes postmodern literature, do not miss these ten engaging short stories—likewise if you ...more
Dec 30, 2014
Dec 31, 2014
Pride and Prejudice
I'm not sure why I picked up Pride and Prejudice this week. I read it at age twenty along with Emma and Sense and Sensibility, when I was reading clas ...more
not set
Sep 08, 2014
Lucky Us
I've mentioned before that I generally review only books I love. As a writer, I realize not everyone appreciates every book, but every writer works so ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 05, 2011
The Bone Clocks
A credible review of "Bone Clocks" would take me weeks to write. The novel is dazzling and the prose so sublime you notice it only enough to keep you ...more
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Feb 04, 2015
The Dart League King
This is one of my favorite books. Keith Lee Morris is paired with Joan Silber as my favorite writers. (I can't get either to show up on my list here.) ...more
Nov 13, 2009
Nov 13, 2009
I love Marilynne Robinson’s voice and read Lila three times in succession. The pleasure I found lay not only in the prose, but in the natural combinat ...more
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Nov 11, 2014
God Bless America: Stories
Like most fiction I enjoy, Steve Almond’s fluid, distinctive style led me to read the stories once for pleasure and again to see if I could figure out ...more
Jun 2012
Aug 27, 2012
I'm sure I missed many of Beckett's references. It's not exactly a page turner but very funny and dry.
The prose changes from brief, almost half excha
Aug 06, 2009
Aug 06, 2009
Almost Home
"Almost Home" by Frank Marcopolos is a fun and fast-paced novel about the seedy side of student life on a college campus in upstate New York--a nether ...more
not set
Oct 05, 2012
Mathilda Savitch
Mathilda Savitch is a brilliant, moving story told by a girl (approximately thirteen-years-old) whose sixteen-year-old sister died a year ago. Her par ...more
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Apr 18, 2012
The Ascent of Isaac Steward
My friend Mike French, founder of The View from Here, (an online literary magazine) has written a fascinating, dreamlike novel. "the ascent of isaac s ...more
Jul 18, 2011
Jul 25, 2011
This Won't Take But a Minute, Honey
Steve Almond's flash fictions are original in every way--not just slant or style. Yet they bring you to the brink of recalling a dream you may have ha ...more
Mar 2010
Sep 16, 2010
Herb 'N' Lorna: A Novel
I think Eric Kraft wrote this novel before "Flying." Herb and Lorna are the maternal grandparents of "Flying's" hero, Peter Leroy.
Again, the voice was
not set
Jun 28, 2010
Another Insane Devotion: On the Love of Cats and Persons [Kindle Edition]
Peter Trachtenberg's book about his cats, his girlfriend who becomes his wife, and her cats, the family they make together, and how it changes, is fas ...more
not set
Jun 01, 2013
The Testament of Mary
[[ASIN:1451688385 The Testament of Mary]] tells a story that will resonate with anyone familiar with the New Testament. Those who aren't familiar will ...more
Mar 2013
Mar 02, 2013
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
I'm rereading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and wish I still owned a copy with Tenniel's illustration but I'm reading it without ilos, free on Kind ...more
not set
Nov 24, 2010
It would take me days to write a proper review of this novel. The intricate and, for me, fast-moving plot involves: retribution for sexual abuse; murd ...more
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Apr 17, 2014
The Greyhound God
**spoiler alert** Keith Lee Morris writes prose I find almost addictive. I've yet to pick up one of his books and put it down without finishing it. Re ...more
Dec 11, 2009
Dec 10, 2009
I read this very quickly when it was first published. We were on vacation in the Adirondacks and I read the novel like a feverish dream. Realizing lat ...more
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Jan 28, 2012
The Grease Monkey's Tale
Paul Burman's The Grease Monkey's tale is an exciting off-road adventure. A modern noir-ish thriller, the story relates how Nic the mechanic—the greas ...more
Jul 2010
Sep 07, 2010
Winged with Death
I loved "Winged with Death," which weaves life in Uruguay in the 1970s, a country reeling from a dictatorship that is continually and horribly killing ...more
Apr 2009
Sep 02, 2009
From Russia With Love (James Bond, #5)
"From Russia with Love" is not a book I would have read if I weren't interested in the James Bond ethos, which I would never be interested in at all i ...more
not set
Jun 28, 2010
Fools: Stories
An epigraph to Joan Silber's collection of six stories comes from William Blake: "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

Jun 19, 2013
Jun 27, 2013
The Empty Family
Toibin's voice is quieter than my other favorites. His fluid sentences lap at the shore, leaving an evanescent bit of lace or foam on the sand before ...more
Apr 14, 2011
May 03, 2011
Call it What You Want
[ASIN:0982503083 Call it What You Want]
The first time I read Keith Lee Morris was when his short story, "Testimony," appeared in the literary journal,
not set
Jan 28, 2012
I read this book as a participant in Ed Champion's roundtable discussions before it was released. It's funny and fantastical. Fantasy is not a genre I ...more
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Jun 28, 2010
Fairy Tales
I reread Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales every few years. I especially enjoyed this translation and the illustrations, which are reprints of pap ...more
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Apr 07, 2013
A Poetry Handbook
"A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver

If by magic we knew this book
Before we learned to speak
--Well, what better?

To be aware that life is poetry
And feel t
Nov 18, 2012
Nov 18, 2012
A Gate at the Stairs
Famous for her short stories, Moore's novel meets and/or surpasses all expectations.
Her voice has always offered wry or ironic insights into our cultu
not set
Jun 28, 2010
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