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Cures for Hunger: A Memoir
Cures for Hunger is a memoir by Canadian novelist Deni Bechard that tells the story about his relation with his father, André, whose mysterious past i ...more
May 2013
Aug 20, 2013
Jesus' Son
It is difficult to sympathize with these pathetic, almost illiterate, drug and alcohol abusers. But my favourite stories are the first and last: Car C ...more
Jul 15, 2009
Jul 11, 2009
The Brooklyn Follies
At the centre of the stories in the novel is a second-hand bookstore in Brooklyn. The year is 2000, and the United States is on the brink of something ...more
Jun 05, 2011
Jun 04, 2011
Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight
After you have read this book go to the rocket companies's websites (SpaceX, for examplee) and watch the videos. Just amazing. SpaceX has a three-stag ...more
Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011
A Poetry Handbook
An excellent book about writing poetry and with good advice for the novice (and experienced) poet, who is encouraged to follow a course of study inclu ...more
May 2013
Aug 20, 2013
A novel where the story is told by a five-year-old boy about his escape from Room to the new world that is Outside. At age 19, his mother is abducted ...more
Jun 29, 2011
Jun 23, 2011
Cold Mountain
The novel Cold Mountain (the mountain itself is in North Carolina) is the tale of a Confederate soldier's journey home, and is based on an ancestor of ...more
Jul 2009
Jun 25, 2009
A fascinating look at a Trinidad family's painful attempt to come to some understanding about their immigration and troubled adjustment to Canada. Mee ...more
Jun 11, 2011
Jun 04, 2011
Echo Park (Harry Bosch, #12)
I've read The Concrete Blonde (1994) Aug'94, and listened to Void Moon(2000)on audio Jan. 2001. Connelly was born in Philadephia in 1956. Echo Park is ...more
Oct 13, 2009
Oct 13, 2009
At the Mountains of Madness
title: At the Mountain of Madness: the definitive version
Modern Library Classics edition (2005)
Biographical note on Lovecraft, copyright by Random Hou
Jul 23, 2011
Jul 17, 2011
The Humans Who Went Extinct: Why Neanderthals Died Out and We Survived
A very fascinating book about the emergence of homo sapiens and our ancestors over the last million years up to the end of the last glacial period. Ma ...more
Apr 03, 2012
Apr 03, 2012
The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets
We live in interesting times. As of this review, 365 extra-solar planets have been discovered or await confirmation. This book begins with the first d ...more
Sep 23, 2009
Sep 23, 2009
Grimoires: A History of Magic Books
This is a history of the literary sources of magic/occult/pagan traditions. It makes fascinating reading. Particularly interesting is Davies chapter o ...more
Mar 16, 2010
Mar 16, 2010
Forbidden Nation: A History of Taiwan
A very readable history of Taiwan by the Vancouver Sun columnist Manthorpe. I recommend this book to anyone interested in east Asia. The book was publ ...more
Aug 10, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall
One of my favourite authors, Ishiguro, in Nocturnes, gives an entertaining series of stories about music and musicians. Two of the stories are comic, ...more
Jul 10, 2009
Jul 07, 2009
Felix Roth: A Novel
An enjoyable, sad/funny book about a young Toronto writer visiting New York City to show his short story to Isaac Bashevis Singer. Entertaining charac ...more
May 2009
May 24, 2009
My Revolutions
A fascinating study of a 1960s rebel in London. The author was born in 1969, but manages to capture the spirit of the times. I'll be looking at Kunzru ...more
Mar 16, 2010
Mar 16, 2010
Not a very scary ghost story. But creepy enough. Taichi Yamada has produced a character with a background in television similar to himself. I was not ...more
May 24, 2009
May 22, 2009
The Free World
The idea of immigration is so rich. This novel is not what I expected. It is full of interesting details about one particular family escaping to the W ...more
Nov 27, 2011
Nov 27, 2011
Diary of a Bad Year
Old man expresses opinions on current affairs. Young typist sees through his psychology. Boyfriend is villain of the piece. Unusual structure with eac ...more
Jun 2010
Jun 24, 2010
The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality
Interesting narrative about the attempt to understand dark matter and
energy with updates to 2011. The universe is 13.75 billion years old. A lot
of ca
Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011
The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right
Checklists are universally scorned. Yet I love making lists. To do lists. Books read lists. Etc. Gawande makes a good point that lists must be used wi ...more
Jun 2010
Jun 24, 2010
Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life
Skip the print book if you want & go to the audio book on CDs. Steve Martin reads his own story as a stand-up comic. Highly enjoyable. An interest ...more
Aug 10, 2010
Aug 10, 2010
Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire
Noam Chomsky's political writings provide a hard-hitting analysis of the American Empire and a touchstone for our view of the contemporary world.
Jun 2013
Aug 20, 2013
Professor Jonathan T,. Buck's mysterious airship notebook
Entertain steampunk book of illustrations (with story) You need to decipher the last page to get the full story.
Apr 2014
Apr 11, 2014
Darwin's Nightmare
A violent and fast-paced novel about organized crime, set in Hamilton, Ontario. Must read other books by Mike Knowles.
Aug 2013
Dec 24, 2013
Métaphysique des tubes
Read in translation. Amelie Nothomb. The Character of Rain (transl. 2002, 2000) translated by Timothy Bent. 雨
Jan 2003
Oct 19, 2009
A Quiet Flame (Bernard Gunther, #5)
After checking my books-read lists,I see that I first started reading Philip Kerr in 1989, and have read 7 of his novels. It's good to see that he has ...more
Aug 16, 2009
Aug 07, 2009
A Life of Dante
Audio book of Dante: The Divine Comedy. Translated by Benedict Flynn and including The Life of Dante.
Sep 2010
Jan 12, 2011
Barnacle Love
A series of linked stories (following one family) about a Portuguese man's arrival in Newfoundland and his family life in Toronto.
Sep 13, 2011
Sep 09, 2011
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