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The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For
I confess to having little interest in lesbian writing and graphic novels. As a male, I find it hard to connect with text that is processing an anger ...more
Oct 20, 2009
Oct 20, 2009
Bless Me, Ultima
An encounter with a good book is occasionally as mystical as the story within it. As I prepared to move to New Mexico, several people told me I had to ...more
Sep 15, 2011
Sep 15, 2011
Naked Lunch
One of my key criteria when evaluating any work of art is the time test. I view this test as twofold. I start by asking if the piece is relevant beyon ...more
Jan 1995
Jul 30, 2007
Solar Lottery
For the sake of full disclosure: I am a huge Philip K. Dick fan. I think Valis is one of the great novels of the 21st century. I think Dick's short st ...more
Feb 18, 2010
Feb 22, 2010
Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, #1)
I love good science fiction. I can't call this good science fiction. Why? Perhaps it was the idea of the god-like neo-con physicist. Maybe it was the ...more
Oct 15, 2008
Oct 15, 2008
The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree teaches children one of two lessons and neither are healthy. The first is that of the young boy who befriends the tree. As he grows in ...more
not set
Sep 15, 2011
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
When a writer cross-references himself as much as Philip K. Dick does, the absence of certain details becomes as powerful as the details that actually ...more
Feb 17, 2012
Feb 20, 2012
Super Spy
Matt Kindt's graphic novel Super Spy takes a collection of classic characters and presents a complex story of interwoven lives, loves, and betrayals d ...more
Jun 2010
Jan 01, 2011
Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
Few studies offer its disciples more opportunity for misguided assumptions than history. Existing records are only as accurate at the writer (and are ...more
Feb 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Martian Time-Slip
Filled with Philip K. Dick's usual cadre of determined women, business bulls, semi-functional schizos, and precog autistics, Martian Time-Slip reads l ...more
Oct 15, 2011
Oct 18, 2011
Final Blackout
L. Ron Hubbard's take on World War II works on the level of a child's nightmare: hauntingly terrifying despite it's simplistic interpretation of the w ...more
Jan 17, 2011
Jan 25, 2011
Shadow & Claw (The Book of the New Sun #1-2)
Sword and sandal science fiction can be tough to swallow, but Shadow Claw is a masterpiece. Gene Wolfe expertly balances his vision with the readers' ...more
Mar 09, 2011
Mar 10, 2011
Dead Men Rise Up Never
I sincerely hope Ron Faust played ball better than he writes. According to Scott Turow on the cover of Dead Men Rise Up Never, Ron Faust is "A writer ...more
Apr 14, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
Perhaps the best way to describe this book
Or the most convenient, in my opinion,is a short acrostic
Poem. I read Monster Hardcover from
Cover to cover i
Jul 27, 2010
Jul 29, 2010
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
I have three things to say:
1. I usually avoid zombie stories and books by the children of famous people.
2. After reading [Book: World War Z], I realiz
Nov 05, 2009
Nov 16, 2009
Making Mischief: A Maurice Sendak Appreciation
This book tries to do too many things and fails at most of them. It's too expensive just to be a movie tie in, too shallow for any real revelations; t ...more
Nov 05, 2009
Nov 16, 2009
Vulcan's Hammer
Here’s the great sci-fi formula of the 60s: Humanity builds a big computer to prevent war; i.e. humans build a computer to protect themselves from the ...more
Apr 2007
Aug 12, 2007
The Actor's Guide To Greed (A Jarrod Jarvis Mystery #3)
Jeff Greenstein, executive producer of Will and Grace, said Rick Copp’s The Actor’s Guide to Greed is “Queer Eye for the Dead Guy.” After suffering th ...more
Sep 12, 2008
Sep 12, 2008
City of Dust: A Philip Krome Story Volume 1
Compared to the bloody slaughter committed within the pages of City of Dust, Steve Niles' crimes are like the cobble which lines the path to Hades. No ...more
Apr 05, 2011
Apr 13, 2011
Gosford Park: The Shooting Script
Published by Newmarket Press in 2002, Gosford Park: The Shooting Script is just one title in the Newmarket Shooting Script Series. However, the series ...more
Mar 2010
Nov 16, 2009
The Wendigo
In today's jungle of lusty vampires, hairless werewolves (yeah, I'm talking about you Taylor Laudanum), and unending Zombie infestations, Algernon Bla ...more
not set
Sep 15, 2011
Anime and the Art of Adaptation: Eight Famous Works from Page to Screen
Unfortunately, Cavallaro’s academic style prevents all but college students assigned this text from ever penetrating its pages. For example:

Feb 10, 2011
Jan 25, 2011
A Pint of Plain: How the Irish Pub Lost Its Magic but Conquered the World
I admit - I didn't open this book with an open mind. Shame on me. A Pint of Plain How the Irish Pub Lost Its Magic but Conquered the World Hardcover i ...more
not set
Feb 22, 2010
VALIS and Later Novels
The biggest assumption about an all knowing God is that such a deity is also an all telling God. Based on the events surrounding his drug-induced brea ...more
Nov 16, 2009
Nov 16, 2009
Feet of Clay (Discworld, #19)
Fortunately, Pratchett's word play compensate for his plots. I enjoyed the first third, got annoyed with the stupidity of his characters in the second ...more
Apr 09, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal
Sacrilegious, punk, scathing, sharp, but ultimately forgettable, and pointless. The perfect book to read on the beach in the summer or when you really ...more
Oct 22, 2004
Sep 15, 2011
Vertigo Crime’s August 2010 release, Fogtown, is the pork rind of pulp fiction.

My full review appeared in the Sleeping Hedgehog in November 2010. You
Nov 2010
Dec 31, 2010
Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse, Vol. 2: It Only Hurts When I Pee
I love the works of Ben Templesmith: the stories are funny, albeit puerile; The characters quirky yet still comic book characters; the plots ludicrous ...more
Aug 20, 2009
Sep 07, 2009
The Vesuvius Club (Lucifer Box,#1)
Like a sleeping volcano this book was packed with potential. A witty character, a clever premise, PG porn - Everything was there for something amazing ...more
Aug 12, 2010
Jan 08, 2011
Alec: The Years Have Pants
[Author: Eddie Campbell] is an amazing storyteller and a pioneer in his field. His autobiographical approach to the stories are as honest as [Author: ...more
Jun 2010
Feb 22, 2010
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