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Brotherhood in Death (In Death, #42)
really liked it
I'm always happy to read a new In Death book, this time around was no different, although I was a bit leery because it looked like Dennis Mira was goi ...more
Feb 02, 2016
May 08, 2015
The Drafter (Peri Reed, #1)
really liked it
I was excited to read this book as it was the start of something new from this author. After reading the short, Sideswiped, it made me even more excit ...more
Sep 07, 2015
Jan 02, 2015
Treachery in Death (In Death, #32)
really liked it
I find books that have dirty cops in them fascinating. I think the reason why is that I find those dirty cops so offensive, as most of them are on the ...more
Mar 09, 2011
Jul 13, 2010
Devoted in Death (In Death, #41)
liked it
Whenever a new In Death book comes out I always jump on it on release day. With this book is was no different.

Part of my fun in reading this series i
Sep 16, 2015
Jan 25, 2015
Apprentice in Death (In Death, #43)
really liked it
I'm in the middle of doing a re-read of this series, it's interesting to see how much the characters have grown.

I found the crime to be horrific, mos
Sep 07, 2016
Dec 23, 2015
Parasite (Parasitology, #1)
really liked it
Now that I am done reading this book I feel like I need to go to the doctor, I want to get checked out, to make sure that I don’t have a parasite. I a ...more
Nov 06, 2013
May 30, 2013
Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1)
really liked it
When I first started reading this book, I wasn't too sure what to think. I kept going heading to my 50 page mark when I decide if I am going to give a ...more
Oct 25, 2009
Oct 26, 2009
Monkeying Around (Drunk Monkeys, #10)
liked it
As this one opened up I wasn't too sure about it. Tank seemed like a grade A bitch. Not sure I wanted her paired up with my precious monkeys. I was a ...more
Jan 31, 2016
Jan 06, 2016
Aftermath (Sirantha Jax, #5)
it was amazing
What I loved about this book was that at the heart of it is all the relationships. I really love Jax and March together, but they are all about drama ...more
Oct 04, 2011
Jun 01, 2010
Fantasy in Death (In Death, #30)
really liked it
Another great story with Eve, Roarke, and company!! This time around the crime is an unusual one. A gamer guy is killed in his locked holo room with n ...more
Feb 23, 2010
Feb 19, 2010
Monkey See, Monkey Do (Drunk Monkeys, #9)
liked it
I have to say that Leta seems to be the first woman that didn't balk at going with the Drunk Monkeys, in fact I loved how she talked to Uncle and Zed. ...more
Jan 30, 2016
Jan 27, 2016
Born of Defiance (The League, #7)
liked it
Boy, Talyn sure hasn't had an easy life. I loved that he didn't let it make him mean, but hated how he had to turn his back again and again on those t ...more
May 15, 2015
Jul 16, 2014
Calculated in Death (In Death, #36)
liked it
With 36 books in a series, these are ones you know what you will get when you pick one up, sort of like when you visit old friends, which is what I co ...more
Feb 27, 2013
Sep 03, 2012
An Officer's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why, #2)
really liked it
With this book, as with the last one, I am amazed at all the balls in air that Ia juggles and at her altruistic motives. It seems like at each turn sh ...more
Oct 18, 2012
Oct 21, 2011
New York to Dallas (In Death, #33)
it was amazing
This book was a difficult one to read because it revisited the horrors of Eve's past in more than one way as it hit so very close to what happened to ...more
Sep 21, 2011
Dec 19, 2010
Lost Heart (Celta's Heartmates, #14.5)
liked it
This short story was a little different from others in the series, our couple were not heartmates, but matched. I liked seeing this different aspect o ...more
Apr 27, 2016
Apr 17, 2016
Obsession in Death (In Death #40)
really liked it
I found this book to be interesting as things hit a little too close to home for Eve, causing her to fear for all of her friends and family. I loved w ...more
Feb 10, 2015
Jul 01, 2014
Wonderment in Death (In Death, #41.5)
liked it
I love it when we get these Eve Dallas shorts, but wish it hadn't been so close to the last book being released.

I hated the crime in this one, mostly
Sep 29, 2015
Sep 25, 2015
Heart Mate (Celta's Heartmates, #1)
liked it
For some reason this beginning of this book seemed really familiar. I don't know if at some point in the past that I read this book or not. I do know ...more
May 02, 2011
Jul 30, 2010
Damnation (Theirs Not to Reason Why, #5)
it was amazing
Much of this book was like others in the series with Ia one step ahead to save people and collecting certain ones to help her along. But it was the bi ...more
Nov 29, 2014
Aug 03, 2013
I Dream of Danger: A Ghost Ops Novel
it was ok
I really liked how this one started, liked the connection between Elle and Nick, but hated how things changed. The fast forward in time seemed abrupt. ...more
Aug 02, 2013
Jan 24, 2013
liked it
I feel like the first half of this book should have been titled "Sal Gets Kidnapped" because it seemed like every other chapter she was getting kidnap ...more
Dec 2014
Nov 06, 2013
Ceremony in Death (In Death, #5)
really liked it
This is one of my favorite books of the series. What I like most is the interaction between Eve and Feeney. It was heartbreaking to see when he tore h ...more
Jul 05, 2009
Jul 06, 2009
Festive in Death
liked it
The mystery in this one was so so. I think I was more offended by what the dead guy had been doing to the women than that he was dead, because really, ...more
Sep 10, 2014
Dec 18, 2013
Ready Player One
really liked it
I wasn't too sure about this one when I started it, but quickly got sucked in. I loved all the 80's stuff, but sort of thought it was sad that so many ...more
Feb 17, 2014
Feb 15, 2014
Celebrity in Death (In Death, #34)
really liked it
This was a fun one mostly because Eve and the gang were able to poke fun at themselves through the people that played them as characters in a movie. I ...more
Feb 23, 2012
Jun 07, 2011
Captivated (Federation Chronicles, #4; Phantom Corps, #3)
really liked it
With the introduction of Hannah at the end of the last book I was intrigued to read this one. I wanted to know how Hannah was going to come back to li ...more
Jul 24, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys, #1)
liked it
While I love the series name, all the monkey jokes did get a bit old. It seemed like at any time a random monkey joke would be dropped in. Usually whe ...more
Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014
A Soldier's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why, #1)
really liked it
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book when I picked it up. It didn't sound like it would be similar to any of this author's other books, ...more
Oct 21, 2011
Jul 27, 2011
Ice Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys, #7)
liked it
It seems like the larger story arc is starting to take over, as there wasn't a lot of time with the triad. I found that ok because really there is onl ...more
Nov 30, 2015
Nov 24, 2015
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