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MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend
It's official. Though I have a strange aversion to having friends with the same name as me, Rachel Bertsche could be my new BFF. Or one of them, that...more
Jan 20, 2012
Dec 06, 2011
Skip Beat!, Vol. 24
Have I mentioned how much I love this series? I have? Kyoko is just so sweet and genuine and oblivious and passionate, I want to pick her up and hug h...more
Jul 10, 2011
Jul 13, 2011
The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances
I love this book so much. I have a love-hate relationship with both running and food, and Matthew Inman, aka the Oatmeal, seems to capture that perfec...more
Sep 28, 2014
Sep 22, 2014
Oresama Teacher , Vol. 8
To be honest, at this point I think there are too many side characters and too much other stuff going on. We were introduced to all the members of the...more
Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012
커피프린스 1호점
You might be wondering, has my obsession with KDramas lead me to actually learn enough Korean that I am able to read a book in Korean?

That would be a...more
Sep 12, 2013
Sep 09, 2013
The Book Thief
This is one of the best Holocaust stories I've ever read. Part of that comes from it's unique perspective. The tale is told by Death, who was incredib...more
Jun 10, 2011
Jan 12, 2010
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
It's always hard to write about the last book of a series, because no matter how awesome, there will be disappointment, if only because you are hearin...more
Dec 29, 2013
Feb 19, 2010
Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare's Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love
I requested this book from the local library after seeing the movie "Letters to Juliet" with my mom, and was not disappointed. Rather than being a nov...more
Aug 14, 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Ms. Marvel, #1: Meta Morphosis
I don't normally rate a review single issues of comics because they are so short, I feel kind of weird counting them as a "book." I don't even normall...more
Mar 26, 2014
Mar 26, 2014
Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)
I'm SO relieved this series is finally coming to an end, and I think you can tell by the writing and plotting that the author is, too. I'd put off rea...more
Apr 20, 2013
Jul 02, 2012
Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)
What would happen if one of the mindless zombies out there decided he wanted something more? That he wanted to have an actual life, go places, do thin...more
Feb 16, 2013
Jun 06, 2011
Paper Towns
I've been meaning to read this book for a while now. As a Nerdfighter and Vlogbrothers follower, it almost felt criminal that I hadn't yet. My only ex...more
Oct 10, 2013
Dec 31, 2010
Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight
I've never read many actual comics from the Marvel universe. My exposure to these characters has mostly been through movies. Following the Avengers mo...more
Dec 18, 2013
Dec 05, 2013
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
A fantastically epic tale that draws you into a strange world. It may look like ours from the past, but as the story goes on, it proves to be more mag...more
Jul 13, 2011
Jun 27, 2011
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
Just when I think there can't be anything left to surprise me about this world, BAM! Surprise! I was wrong! Don't misunderstand me, though: I love bei...more
Nov 10, 2013
Dec 11, 2011
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
Really adorable and lovable. I've always found Mindy Kaling's character on the Office, Kelly Kapoor, hilarious, and loved that she was also a writer f...more
Jan 08, 2012
Jun 06, 2011
Oresama Teacher , Vol. 12
Another volume with full Mafuyu involvement! Ayabe's story was sweet, though why he keeps insisting that he's not friends with Mafuyu is beyond me. An...more
Jan 18, 2013
Jan 18, 2013
A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 1 (A Devil and Her Love Song, #1)
Maria is a hard girl to figure out. She wants friends, but is too blunt to get them. She can't seem to figure out how to get people to like her, but I...more
Sep 09, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 12 (A Devil and Her Love Song, #12)
I'm glad Shin's getting his hand taken care of, after days (weeks?) of ignoring it, but does he really have to go to America for the surgery and rehab...more
Dec 30, 2013
Nov 25, 2013
Looking for Alaska
This book. Yes, it shocked me and made me cry. The crying isn't anything too out of the ordinary, but I'd gotten to the point where I wondered if I co...more
May 05, 2011
Jan 20, 2011
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Enchanting, delightful, full of fun and intrigue. Haroun is a boy who finds his way to Kahani and the Ocean of the Streams of Story, where all of the...more
May 18, 2010
Feb 03, 2010
Do you love Tina Fey? Have you seen her one time, maybe, on YouTube? Do you even know who I am talking about? Yes? No?

Regardless of your answer, you n...more
Aug 10, 2011
Apr 05, 2011
The Preservationist
A realistic and practical account of the Biblical story of the flood. When reading stories from the Bible, it is easy to gloss over the facts and not...more
Mar 09, 2010
May 14, 2009
Ready Player One
A love letter to nerds, video games, and the 80s, this book will make you want to go back in time to your childhood, when a quarter could entertain yo...more
Jan 29, 2013
Apr 16, 2012
The War at Ellsmere
An enjoyable story about a girl who enters a boarding school and realizes she has more in common with the girls there than she anticipated. Oh, and th...more
Feb 23, 2012
Feb 22, 2012
Chew, Vol. 6: Space Cakes
Oh no! This volume made me so sad. We'd gotten to the point in the story that, although there had been lots of blood and gore, I never expected any if...more
Jun 24, 2014
Jun 26, 2014
The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #1)
More true than most teen stories. The girl doesn't always get the guy. And just because she does, doesn't mean he's the right guy, or even a good guy....more
Jun 05, 2009
May 28, 2009
I've been reading this ongoing webcomic since it's first day in 2012, and it's only gotten better over the years. Though I'm sad it will be coming to...more
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Mar 06, 2014
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons (Y: The Last Man, #8)
As this story starts to draw to a close (I didn't realize until I'd finished this volume that there are only 2 left), we are finally making headway on...more
Feb 10, 2014
Feb 10, 2014
A Devil and Her Love Song, Vol. 13 (A Devil and Her Love Song, #13)
The last volume in the series! I'm sad to see this one come to an end, but it really makes sense to wrap things up here, story-wise. Everyone has grow...more
Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014
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