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Dark Soul Vol. 5 (Dark Soul, #5)
Mind-blowing conclusion to one of the best series out. Everything and more than I hoped for.
Mar 16, 2012
Feb 26, 2012
Duty & Devotion  (Faith, Love, & Devotion, #3)
I enjoyed Duty&Devotion. The guys really grew up here. Or rather Matt had already grown up in F&F and was waiting for Evan to catch up. And he ...more
Apr 05, 2011
Mar 10, 2011
Out of the Woods (Tarin's World, #1)
Stunning world-building. Three dimensional, intriguing characters. Wickedly sensual and sexy. Plot to keep you guessing. And OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL W ...more
Aug 15, 2011
Jul 31, 2011
Bonds of Hate (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse #1)
The Invisible Chains is the polar opposite of a Bubbles-safe read.

Very good dark fantasy about a royal family, deception, intrigue, abuse, war, frien
Apr 10, 2011
Apr 09, 2011
I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier
Aaaah, every time I reread this I fall in love with the guys a little more. Can not wait for the sequel!
not set
Feb 11, 2010
Crossing Borders (Crossing Borders, #1)
At heart a light, sweet and simple read. Until the very end there is practically no drama, just cuteness and laughs. (view spoiler) ...more
Mar 05, 2011
Feb 28, 2011
Strange Fortune
Wow, if I already wasn't a fan of Lanyon's fantasy novels, I'd be one now.

Strange Fortune has to be one of the best fantasy novels I've read this year
Apr 16, 2011
Mar 04, 2011
Hawk's Pretty Baby (Brac Pack, #2)
What can I say. Hawk's Pretty Baby was an entertaining, sort of funny and sort of sexy read in a harmless, let-your-brain-rest, fluffy, harlequin-ish ...more
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 27, 2011
Handcuffs and Pretty Things (Rawlings Men, #8)
Who on earth are those guys on the cover? They could fit almost perfectly as any and all the main characters in the series - except for this one's.

Aug 28, 2011
Aug 11, 2011
Don't Look Back
The mystery was very easy to figure out but it was so well told I didn't mind a bit. Peter was easy to like and sympathize with. I couldn't help but f ...more
Apr 11, 2011
Mar 05, 2011
The Darkling Thrush
Exciting. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I spent reading this, at times I even felt like my heart might beat out of my chest.

Fantastic w
Apr 2011
Mar 05, 2011
Draconian Measures (Gaven, #3)
A rom-com by J.C Owens? Who would have thought.

+ Enjoyable, hot, funny and light read.

- Lacked grittiness, the "feeling" and tune were completely diff
Aug 2011
May 10, 2011
Death by Misfortune (Bill Turner, #2)
Wow. Just when I think I couldn't love Riley's writing more this happens. I'm awestruck. And I really hope the possible sequels won't be too far in th ...more
Feb 07, 2011
Feb 01, 2011
The Dark Farewell

The perfect mixture of the 1920- atmosphere, historical detail, flawless writing and entertaining word plays, sexy, interesting heroes, creep
Apr 28, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
2.25 stars

Best part of this novel was its beautiful cover. The head hopping at the start was dizzying and the story could have been much more compact.
Mar 06, 2011
Mar 28, 2010
Partners in Crime (Partners in Crime, #1)
Cards on the Table - 4.5 stars, excellent, both the mystery and the romance were top notch.

Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel - 3 stars, the writing and
Sep 12, 2011
Sep 10, 2011
Bayou's End (Rougaroux Social Club, #2)
For me, the best part of Bayou's End was the hilarious (view spoiler) scene near the end.

Honestly though, I liked most of
not set
Aug 08, 2012
Per Ardua (Per Ardua #1)
Historically accurate, sweet, tender, loving and moving romance set right after the end of WWII about an injured, charm-your-pants-off war hero and th ...more
Sep 03, 2011
Sep 03, 2011
Faith & Fidelity (Faith, Love, & Devotion, #1)
3.25 stars

I quite enjoyed Faith & Fidelity, even without the strong emotional effect I was hoping for, or without any plot, aside from the romance
Mar 10, 2011
Feb 28, 2011
In Sunshine or In Shadow
Heartwarming, quick piece of fiction with great characters and setting. 3.5 stars

note:Pricey for a short story.
Jul 25, 2011
Apr 15, 2011
David and Conner  (Jock Dorm, #3)
Cheesy gay fairytale filled with raunchy sex and political and religious debate.
Aug 11, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
Breaking Cover (Life Lessons, #2)
I was a mess by the time I finished reading LL 2. My face was a blotchy map of red, white and purple, mixed with remains of my make up. My stomach fel ...more
Aug 16, 2011
Aug 16, 2011
The best kind of creepy.

4.5 stars
May 03, 2011
Mar 06, 2011
Shades of Gray
Fantastic, moving read!
Dec 04, 2010
Nov 27, 2010
Blood Heat (Dangerous Ground, #3)
2.5 stars

Even when I have niggles with the story I think Lanyon's writing is superb.

The action part of the story was good, but pretty much unrelated
Feb 14, 2011
Feb 10, 2011
Toy Box: Bondage Mitts
Anyone see Gibbs and DiNozzo in the first story? To me it simply screamed NCIS slash. Good thing I like the pairing.

The second story was quite differe
not set
Dec 15, 2010
Seducing the Sheik (Bodyguards in Love, #5)
"What did you think?"

The story didn't really inspire any much thinking. Seducing the Sheik was a very simple sort-of-sheik-arabian-fantasy- thing, bes
Aug 07, 2011
Jul 24, 2011
Nice, quick, steamy, simple and relaxing romantic novella.

+ Very easy and light
- cheesy (the big misunderstanding and easynot credible solutions) and
Jul 19, 2011
Jul 19, 2011
Half Blind (Freelance Magic, #1)
Huh. I have no idea why I didn't enjoy Half Blind more than I did, it didn't have any obvious problems. But for whatever reason, it did not draw me in ...more
Feb 03, 2013
Feb 03, 2013
Handcuffs and Trouble (Rawlings Men, #4)
Another cute and kinky addition to the Rawlings Men series - which is undoubtedly situated in some parallel universe where it's perfectly normal for h ...more
Aug 21, 2011
Aug 11, 2011
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