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Kiss, Date, Love, Hate
*Kiss, Date, Love, Hate* is a perfect YA romantic comedy - really, really funny, but with surprising depth by the end, and with fun SF elements in the...more
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Jan 17, 2012
Atomic Sheep
This is such a lovely YA graphic novel. Tamrika is a quiet girl who has such a hard time expressing what she really wants (especially if that would br...more
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2014
A Trifle Dead (Café La Femme, #1)
I loved the sheer exuberance and fun of this mystery novel, from Tabitha's fabulous voice to her endless energy, love for glitter, nail polish and vin...more
Jul 17, 2014
Jul 16, 2014
Mars Evacuees
This book was just enormously fun - a bit like if Dodie Smith (of I CAPTURE THE CASTLE) had decided to write a rollicking science fiction adventure se...more
Apr 12, 2014
Apr 10, 2014
Saved by Cake
Marian Keyes's SAVED BY CAKE is one of those cookbooks that's so delightfully written and so beautiful as a physical object filled with lush photograp...more
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Jun 02, 2012
Mystic and Rider (Twelve Houses, #1)
Shinn does a really interesting thing with the romance in this fantasy novel. For once, it's the heroine who's the mysterious, frighteningly powerful...more
Jan 22, 2014
May 09, 2012
Nobody's Damsel (Someone Else's Fairytale, #2)
A really fun followup to Someone Else's Fairytale. I love the characters in this series so much, and Chloe and Jason's ups and downs just feel pitch-p...more
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Nov 11, 2013
The Wig in the Window
There's so much to love in this book! Fabulous twelve-year-old girls squaring up to danger and solving mysteries! A heroine whose fantasy is to be a p...more
Mar 27, 2013
Nov 04, 2012
If I could give more than 5 stars to this book, I would!

Gorgeous, intense, deeply emotional and atmospheric...reading this book was an overwhelming ex...more
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May 11, 2012
Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
Funny, sweet and smart. This is one of my son's favorite series of books, and one of mine as well - there's so much for adults AND kids in the charact...more
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Sep 03, 2012
This was the second time I've read Jaran - but the first time in 13 years - and I loved it even more this time 'round. Fabulous, fun, smart and romant...more
Apr 10, 2014
Apr 09, 2014
The Longest Night (Drake Chronicles, #6.5)
A fabulous follow-up novelette to her Drake Chronicles, set six years after the last book in the series. I loved it!
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Jan 02, 2014
Pea's Book of Holidays
Sinking into this book - like the whole, wonderful Pea's Book series - gives such a feeling of deep, deep comfort, but with an edge - it's really *sma...more
Jun 04, 2014
Jun 03, 2014
A Midsummer Tights Dream (Misadventures of Tallulah Casey, #2)
Hilarious and AWESOME. I love this book (and this series) so, so much - it's so silly and fabulous and hysterically funny, and I was laughing from pre...more
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Mar 31, 2012
OMG I loved this book. I mean, I really, REALLY loved it. I read it with pure delight, and then when I finished, I literally let out a wistful sigh an...more
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Mar 27, 2013
Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith Quartet #1)
Julia Quinn is one of my favorite Regency romantic-comedy authors. Her books might be a tad historically dubious, but they're so much frothy fun (with...more
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Jun 06, 2011
Among Others
Amazing, special, lovely. Honestly, I could just keep on piling on the adjectives. I adored this novel and want to lend it to all my friends at the sa...more
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Feb 07, 2011
Penguin Problems (The Life of Ty, #1)
I LOVED this book. Ty is so very real and so intensely lovable in his vulnerability, sweetness, and wildness, too. He reminded me a LOT of my own olde...more
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Oct 26, 2013
Cold Magic (Spiritwalker, #1)
It took me a few chapters to get completely hooked by this book, but once I did, I LOVED it. It became utterly absorbing, a genuinely addictive read....more
Oct 15, 2010
Oct 14, 2010
Flora's Fury (Flora Trilogy, #3)
I have been a huge fan of this trilogy since I first read FLORA SEGUNDA and got swept away by Flora's sheer force of personality. FLORA'S DARE was eve...more
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Nov 18, 2011
The Body at the Tower (The Agency, #2)

I loved, loved, loved this book. Of course, I'd already loved the first book in the series - after I read A SPY IN THE HOUSE, I wrote my first-ev...more
Aug 02, 2010
Aug 02, 2010
Break It Up
Oh did I love this book! I think it's E.M. Tippetts's best book to date, by far - which is saying a LOT! It's a standalone book with a new POV heroine...more
Nov 12, 2013
Nov 11, 2013
As a long-time border collie owner and someone who used to volunteer at a dog shelter, obviously I was going to love this book. (The heroine, a dog-cr...more
Sep 22, 2013
Sep 21, 2013
Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2)
From the moment I first read On the Edge (the first in this series) last year, I was desperately impatient to read Bayou Moon. I pre-ordered it months...more
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Sep 30, 2010
Some Assembly Required: A Journal of My Son's First Son
I'm really not sure what star rating to give this book. I would say that about 70% of it I ADORED - and when I started it, I really thought I was goin...more
Mar 15, 2012
Mar 13, 2012
Alif the Unseen
Really excellent contemporary fantasy set in the Middle East. It's funny, I've always believed in the standard writing advice that protagonists have t...more
Jul 07, 2014
Jul 03, 2014
After Iris (The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby, #1)
Such a lovely, bittersweet, wonderful book! After Iris is about a big, quirky family trying hard to rebuild itself after a tragedy. Written in a lovel...more
Apr 26, 2013
Apr 24, 2013
Winterling (Winterling, #1)
Lovely, serious fantasy novel for children. It's traditional in a good way - this would fit very nicely next to CS Lewis on the shelf, with the 21st c...more
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Sep 28, 2012
4.5 stars

Even though I enjoyed Mariana all the way through, I spent most of the book feeling disappointed and unconvinced by one of the two main love...more
Dec 04, 2010
Dec 03, 2010
Demi got meningitis at 14 and was left profoundly deaf. WHISPER begins when she's sixteen and has finally decided (against her mother's horrified oppo...more
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Aug 04, 2012