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The Killer Angels
Michael Shaara's Pulitzer Prize winner about the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. The novel follows the generals and other high-level office...more
Nov 30, 2012
Nov 27, 2012
The House with the Blind Glass Windows
My heart ached the whole time I read this novel - for Tora especially but also for her mother, for her aunt, for her friend Sol and Sol's mother. Thes...more
Sep 24, 2012
Sep 21, 2012
The Book of My Lives
In writing these essays about his life, there are a few intertwined ideas that Hemon continuously comes back to. First, there is the role of place in...more
Jun 30, 2014
Jun 25, 2014
The Kreutzer Sonata: And Other Stories
In each of these four stories, written over the course of fifty years, Tolstoy's themes are what love really is and the discovery of that meaning over...more
Dec 15, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time, #8)
I'm still enjoying the story and all the nuances, but I have a hard time maintaining interest in the endless power struggles of all the characters. Ev...more
Nov 22, 2013
Nov 10, 2013
In the Shadow of the Banyan
I received this debut via FirstReads - and I'm excited to have gotten it! It's an excellent debut on a fascinating topic. It suffers from the typical...more
Jun 15, 2012
May 04, 2012
The Good Muslim
There were parts of this book that really worked for me and other, unfortunately bigger, parts that really didn't. I'll start with the negative and en...more
Nov 08, 2013
Feb 27, 2012
No One is Here Except All of Us
This novel has a unique tone and is certainly a new take on the World War 2 theme, but I wanted to like it more than I did. The idea of an isolated vi...more
May 20, 2012
Jul 14, 2011
Brooks has a wonderful knack for character-driven narrative, and her deep, deep research into her topics bring her novels to life. March is not only a...more
Apr 04, 2013
Apr 06, 2009
The Night Trilogy: Night/Dawn/The Accident
I am glad to have read all three of Wiesel's stories at once. The first, Night, is the one everyone has read (and now me too, finally!) and the others...more
Mar 08, 2013
Feb 24, 2012
Leaves of Grass
This is Walt Whitman's poetry book. Early in his life (1850s) it was first published as a slim volume, and over his lifetime he continued to add to it...more
Jan 22, 2013
Jul 06, 2011
Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet, #1)
ALERT: I semi-spoil the ending below. No details, just the valence of the ending, but be forewarned.

I've read Ender's Game twice now. Having just fini...more
Oct 30, 2013
Apr 16, 2009
The History of Love
Krauss has woven a very complex story here, with twists and turns and numerous characters on three different continents. In addition to this challenge...more
Jan 2012
Jul 05, 2011
Cloud Atlas
"Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies, an' tho' a cloud's shape nor hue nore size don't stay the same, it's still a cloud an' so is a soul. Who ca...more
Jan 29, 2013
Jul 16, 2012
War and Peace
I was astounded by how very accessible and readable this book is. Is it long? Yes. A time commitment? Absolutely - my edition has over 1300 pages. But...more
Jan 18, 2013
Oct 18, 2010
The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts
There are far too many characters and events to offer a sensical summary, but I'll give it a shot. We're in an imaginary South American country where...more
Jul 26, 2012
Jul 01, 2011
The Forever War
This is micro-level narrative about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dexter Filkins spent much of his time between 1998 and 2006 in the countries, wr...more
Dec 29, 2011
Jul 05, 2011
The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4)
At this point I'm continuing to read the series because I'm totally immersed in the story. It's epic and interesting and has happy endings to each lit...more
Jan 08, 2012
Jan 01, 2012
A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7)
One thing happened in this particular installment that gives me hope for my future enjoyment of the series: Nynaeve resumes her relationship with Lan...more
Sep 22, 2013
Sep 11, 2013
The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time, #5)
The saga continues. I liked this episode better than the last two. I'm still irritated to death by repetitive description and the way that these chara...more
Jun 09, 2012
Feb 27, 2012
Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, #6)
Nothing really new to say - the saga continues! Things picked up a bit in this book, which was nice. I still have the same irks and complaints as usua...more
Sep 02, 2013
Aug 20, 2013
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