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Against the Day
Pynchon at his most accessible yet lengthy(so long I kept thinking I was being reminded of another novel and realizing it was an earlier section). A m...more
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Jul 29, 2007
The Scar (New Crobuzon, #2)
The Scar is a wonderful evocation of the macabre adventure stories of Verne and Wells, philosophical treatise on dystopias/utopias, dark steampunk fan...more
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Aug 01, 2007
Dreadnought (The Clockwork Century, #2)
I was about to dismiss Cherie Priest and her Clockwork Century series as over hyped, finding them pleasant enough while being slightly confused by ent...more
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Dec 30, 2010
The Smell of Telescopes
Smell Of Telescopes features short fictions that are fermented out of batches of Victorian adventure tales, Beckett’s sad/funny absurdism, gothic paro...more
Jan 26, 2009
Jan 02, 2009
Iron Council (Bas-Lag, #3)
Enough imagination for eighty favorite of Mieville's anti-trilogy for some reason...seems like you walked into a Bosch painting for most of...more
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Aug 01, 2007
Stories of Your Life and Others
Ted Chiang is really terrific. These novellas (and one very short story) written in mock academic style like Borges (using magazine articles and fake...more
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Sep 04, 2007
The Cornelius Quartet: The Final Program, A Cure for Cancer, The English Assassin, The Condition of Muzak
A napalm bomb against linear structure…psychedelic hermaphrodite messiah meets James Bond parody Jerry Cornelius (yes another J.C.) is the “hero” thro...more
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Sep 22, 2008
The Dog Said Bow-Wow
A really fun collection by Swanwick, for the most part lighter in tone than his death haunted collection Tales of the Old Earth. These tales use trope...more
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Sep 17, 2007
Matter (Culture, #8)
Matter starts out with some baroque steampunk fantasia with grim political dealings that reminds me of Jack Vance, George R.R. Martin, and Mervyn Peak...more
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Aug 28, 2008
The Metatemporal Detective
A collection of pulp tales that are amusing, campy , and of course lots of fun(but for those who don’t love pulp and Moorcock neophytes may want to st...more
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Nov 30, 2008
The Steampunk Trilogy
The Steampunk Trilogy is a macabre romp through history that never was enlivened by a giddy sense of humor. William Gibson compares it Max Ernst’s Un...more
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Aug 01, 2008
The Manual of Detection
Jedediah Berry uses the stock images of the detective novel to create a Kafkaesque fable. Set in a quasi-victorian(where the steampunk label comes fr...more
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Oct 10, 2009
The Rise of Ransom City (The Half-Made World, #2)
Following up his Half Made World, Gilman does so in unpredictable style. Or maybe predictably unpredictable as Gears of the City his follow-up to Thun...more
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Jan 11, 2013
Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)
We probably should just accept steampunk as a genre, like we have with the equal questionable genres space opera, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy. Lik...more
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Feb 22, 2013
Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles, #1)
Harry Potter and Dark Materials started the recent movement of YA titles that could be enjoyed by adult audiences as thoroughly as their target audien...more
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May 30, 2013
The Last Page (Caliph Howl, #1)
An inventive modern fantasy from a promising first time author. Nerdisms like invented languages…especially the invented slang (I tell you authors be...more
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Sep 20, 2011
Kinslayer (The Lotus War, #2)
Jay Kristoff had a charming debut with Stormdancer, but one I had some reservations with both morally (falling on some outdated fantasy tropes) and wi...more
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Nov 04, 2013
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket & Related Tales
A grand macabre 19th century adventure that inspired Melville and a league of sequels/tributes including:
H.P. Lovecraft-At the Mountains of Madness (w...more
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Nov 07, 2007
Perdido Street Station
Where I can understand people being off put by Perdido Street Station, it was never like that for me and it was pretty much crack for me, and I lived...more
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Aug 01, 2007
The Percolated Stars
I don't know where you will find this book but its a fantastic ride. Like a bizarre Frankenstein monster made up of Jules Verne, Jack Vance, Mason Dix...more
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Sep 25, 2007
Pasquale's Angel
If you have a bookshelf containing Sterling/Gibson’s The Difference engine, Eco’s Name of the Rose, Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, Hammett’s Malte...more
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Jul 09, 2009
Heart of Empire, or The Legacy of Luther Arkwright
A linear and less pyrotechnic sequel to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright but packed with allusions to history, pop culture, and literature. A symbol...more
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Dec 28, 2008
Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)
Trafficking in two tired zeitgeists (zombies and steampunk) Ms. Priest is not adding much to those two genres. But, to be fare she that really isn’t h...more
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Oct 18, 2009
Freakangels, Volume 1 (FreakAngels, #1)
Ballard's Drowned World, Village of the Damned, and a Miyazaki film all in one lovable post-apocalyptic bundle. Available online in its entirety(ongoi...more
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Jun 19, 2009
The Best of Michael Swanwick

I agree with the title. Even when one of these stories is not to my taste I still respect the construction. Then when everything hits right I feel Swa...more
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Feb 02, 2009
Aurorarama  (The Mysteries of New Venice, #1)
Valtat’s Aurorarama is a sui generic creation filled with bizarre and loopy humor, dreamlike images, and a playful skewering of literature and history...more
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Feb 24, 2011
Aetheric Mechanics
Combining the atmosphere of Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright adventures, the temporal distortions of Moorcock’s Metatemporal Detective, and the ominous...more
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Mar 25, 2009
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910
The new League storyline seems written for me and my personal obsessions... this episode is manic comedy, a penny dreadful musical, Bertold Brecht, ni...more
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Jun 07, 2009
Night Of The Cooters
Ignore the cover and enjoy. One of Waldrop’s better collections(though all are good) and whether its about Texans fighting Wells’s Martians, Herbert H...more
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Nov 03, 2008
The Narrator
Forget all the critics telling you about this or that fantasy novel saving the genre by bringing adult themes to the stock tropes of the genre. And wh...more
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May 11, 2011
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