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A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France
This is a story of survival, friendship, brutality. It's the story of a group of French women, active in the Resistance during WW II, who were capture...more
Mar 08, 2012
Mar 08, 2012
Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman
One of the lines quoted at the end of the book says of Emma Goldman - "she made you think". This is so true of this book. The lives of Alexander Berkm...more
Feb 07, 2013
Jan 18, 2013
The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR'S Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience
This is an important book, not only for the history of the Depression years & the Roosevelt (FDR) administration, but as a portrait of a pioneer i...more
Apr 16, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Laws in Conflict (Burren Mysteries #8)
The most recent addition to the "mystery set in sixteenth century Ireland continues the story of Mara, a Brehon (investigative judge) in Gaelic Irelan...more
Jan 17, 2013
Jan 18, 2013
My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq
This was a fascinating tale of Jewish life in Iraq as well as a son's search for a relationship with is father. What made it more interesting to me wa...more
Jun 28, 2009
Jun 30, 2009
Twain's Feast: Searching for America's Lost Foods in the Footsteps of Samuel Clemens
I almost gave up on this book during the first chapter, which I found a bit dull. I,m glad I didn't. This is a wonderfully poetic homage to Mark Twain...more
Aug 11, 2014
Jul 16, 2014
Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets off a Struggle for the Soul of America
This sprawling book is not just big in size (754 pages of text plus more than 100 pages of notes and index) but massive in the breadth of its subject....more
Apr 24, 2014
Mar 06, 2014
Beyond Hitler's Grasp
A well researched book about a little known piece of Holocaust history. During the war Bulgaria was an ally of Germany, yet not one Bulgarian Jew (ove...more
Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots
This very personal story of a Satmar Chasidic girl who after marriage at 17 and motherhood at 19 finds the courage and strength to escape from the rig...more
Oct 15, 2012
Sep 28, 2012
Billionaire Blend (Coffeehouse Mystery, #13)
This is a fun series with not much weight. Although the characters are on the two dimensional side,and the plots can sometimes be a little cliche,it's...more
Dec 28, 2013
Dec 30, 2013
A Man Without Breath (Bernard Gunther, #9)
Another in the author's Bernie Gunther novels. This is a World War II noire thriller with a not very likeable protagonist caught in the horrors of war...more
Mar 02, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
I Was a Dancer
I just finished the book. And I'm sad. I didn't want it to end. Jacques may not be the best writer in the world, but he was one of the best dancers &...more
Apr 04, 2011
Mar 26, 2011
Day After Night
This is a book of hope; of strength, of fear, of friendship. Anita Diamant has written a moving story of a true incident; the escape of more than 200...more
Jun 12, 2010
Jun 03, 2010
Verdict of the Court: A mystery set in sixteenth-century Ireland
Cora Harrison's series set in 16th century Ireland never disappoints. Even if the mystery is a little to neatly tied up, as it is in some of her books...more
Sep 07, 2014
Sep 06, 2014
Lethal Legacy (Alexandra Cooper, #11)
As always, Fairstein's latest Alex Cooper book is a good read. As a librarian, and a former New Yorker, this one particularly held my interest since s...more
Apr 08, 2009
Apr 16, 2009
If The Dead Rise Not (Bernard Gunther, #6)
And exciting hard-boiled old-fashioned mystery taking place during during the Nazi era in Germany (1934) and coming to powerful ending in the 1950s in...more
not set
Jun 25, 2012
The Worst Thing
More of a psychological study than a mystery, the story was compelling. Elkins shows his research as he immerses the reader in the private hell of the...more
Jun 11, 2011
Jun 14, 2011
New York Jews and the Great Depression: Uncertain Promise
The book is a fascinating study of a period & a people. Although it is an extension of a thesis, it is readable for this type of book. The reader...more
May 26, 2009
May 16, 2009
Come Home
I always enjoy Lisa Scottoline. This one - although the story line was a bit weak, had some good mixed family dynamics. It's a fast read & I did g...more
Apr 30, 2012
Apr 30, 2012
The Sheen on the Silk
A whole new era for Perry. This is set in 13th century Constantinople. As in her Monk & Pitt series, "The Sheen on the Silk" is full of complex, w...more
Jun 2010
May 30, 2010
Blood on the Water (William Monk, #20)
The book started out well with the promise of being another good Anne Perry Monk book. And it was fine until the end. I don't want to write any spoile...more
Sep 17, 2014
Sep 14, 2014
Look Again
**spoiler alert** ***Spoiler Alert*** Another well-written mystery by Lisa Scottoline. However, the ending was a bit too pat with a deus ex machina ap...more
May 29, 2009
May 27, 2009
Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama: The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution
"Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama: The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution" explores the year in the life of Birmingham, Alabama. The ye...more
May 16, 2012
Apr 12, 2012
Wine of Violence (Medieval Mystery, #1)
I hope the rest of this series is as good as this, the first. The story, the writing & the meticulously researched historical details made this a...more
Dec 25, 2013
Dec 22, 2013
A Killing Season (Medieval Mystery, #8)
The mystery itself was on the weak side, but the ambience of her stories is always a treat - if you're into the medieval world.
Apr 13, 2014
Apr 17, 2014
I usually enjoy reading her books, but this one was very disappointing. Most of the book was will they or won't they sleep with each other.
The whole...more
Jan 04, 2014
Jan 06, 2014
Sarah's Key
The storytelling concept was interesting, but plot was a little contrived. A good read, nonetheless.
Dec 18, 2011
Dec 19, 2011
Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom
Irshad Manji is the director of the Moral Courage Project at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. But don't let that title scare yo...more
Jan 02, 2013
Oct 25, 2012
Execution Dock (William Monk, #16)
An excellent addition to the William Monk series
Jul 08, 2009
Jul 17, 2009
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
A rolicking, crazy - part Zelig, part Walter Mitty part just plain crazy story. The author takes us on a whopping adventure when Allan Karlsson decide...more
Jan 21, 2014
Jan 23, 2014
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