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The Pig on the Hill
There once was a pig who lived on a hill. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Then one day a duck came to check out the view. Pig was a bit annoyed. Bu ...more
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Sep 06, 2013
Wedgieman: A Hero Is Born
I love the things Charise Mericle Harper and Bob Shea have done. So I was excited to read this particular easy reader. Basically Veggie Man is a kid w ...more
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Dec 28, 2012
I Know a Wee Piggy
This is a book about a “wee piggy” who was at the county fair and went “exploring” and found all sorts of colors. Similar to the cadence of I Know an ...more
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Aug 19, 2012
Dragons Love Tacos
One boy learns that dragons love tacos. At one point the question is asked “Hey dragon, why do you guys love tacos so much?” But there is no answer gi ...more
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Aug 19, 2012
Linus the Vegetarian T. rex
Ruth Ann liked going to the Museum of Natural History. Mostly because she loved natural history, and the museum naturally had quite a bit of history t ...more
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Sep 06, 2013
Rosie Sprout's Time to Shine
In Rosie Sprout's class there is one person who is the best at EVERYTHING. And it isn't Rosie. It is Violet. Rosie gets sick of how Violet is always t ...more
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Mar 12, 2012
The Kiss of a Stranger
I love a good, clean romance every now and again. I know, I know...they are just literary fluff. But I still love them! Sometimes I just need some lit ...more
Jan 2012
Mar 01, 2012
Giddy-Up, Daddy!
This is a hilarious story about a Daddy who is good at giving horsey-back rides. Only some horse rustlers saw him and Dad-knapped him. Fortunately the ...more
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Aug 01, 2013
Cheer Up, Mouse!
I love how this particular book starts the story on the title page. In fact, the first part of the story on the title page and the verso page is impor ...more
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Mar 25, 2013
Polar Bear Morning
A polar bear cub wakes up and goes out of her den. She follows the cries of the sea gulls. Then all of the sudden a snow cub (another polar bear) tumb ...more
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Jan 22, 2013
Not Your Typical Dragon
Crispin was excited. He is about to turn seven. And when a dragon turns seven he is finally able to breathe fire. Crispin’s birthday comes and goes…bu ...more
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Sep 06, 2013
Riders of the Purple Sage
I read this for a book club. I didn't like how my religion was misrepresented. A lot of what they said my religious group believes or did in history w ...more
Mar 18, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
Tales for Very Picky Eaters
Are you ready to laugh out loud? Are you a picky eater or know picky eaters? Do you want another brilliant easy chapter book? This is your lucky day! ...more
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Feb 07, 2012
Why We Broke Up
This was my 24th book for the YALSA Best Books Reading Challenge. It won a Printz Honor.

Min (short for Minerva) and Ed have broken up. Min is dumping
Jun 26, 2012
Jun 26, 2012
Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade
Did you ever wonder how the Macy's department store came up with the idea to have the giant balloons in their Thanksgiving Day parade? This picture bo ...more
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Mar 12, 2012
Dino Bites!
This is one of those picture books that has very few words and the kids will get to explain what happens themselves. (I love those. Especially when I ...more
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May 31, 2013
Tuesdays at the Castle (Castle Glower #1)
Castle Glower is an unusual castle. It often changes–adds a new room here, gets rid of one there. And more often than not it changes when it is bored, ...more
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Nov 07, 2012
Princesses on the Run
Antonia was a beautiful princess. She had everything she could ever want, being a princess and all. However, she felt bored. But being a princess she ...more
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Sep 21, 2013
How to Be a Cat
So without even really looking at the cover I opened this book. And on the first page I thought, "This looks like a Nikki McClure book because the bla ...more
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Apr 13, 2013
What Is Part This, Part That?
In this particular book there are a few rhymes with a question for the readers. For example, “This pretty mermaid is part fish and part girl. What’s f ...more
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Aug 01, 2013
Ocean Counting
I am continually happy with the new books that National Geographic is putting out. Mostly because the photographs are amazing. Seriously, who wouldn’t ...more
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Jun 24, 2013
Anton Can Do Magic
Anton can do magic. He has a magic hat. It makes him magical. When he sees a bird he "does some magic" (aka wiggles his fingers while the hat falls ov ...more
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Feb 06, 2012
This was my 20th book for the YALSA Best Books reading challenge.

Three friends go throughout one day in search of food, video games, fun, music, and n
May 30, 2012
May 30, 2012
Exclamation Mark
Exclamation Mark tries not to stand out among all his friends that are periods. But it doesn’t work. (….!….) No matter what happens he stands out. The ...more
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Apr 19, 2013
A star is my favorite shape. I like looking at stars in the sky. I like making wands with stars when I need magical wishes to come true. I like taking ...more
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Apr 23, 2012
Nugget and Fang: Friends Forever--or Snack Time?
Nugget and Fang are great friends. Eventually it was time for Nugget to go to school, fish school. But while there he learned that sharks eat fish. Wh ...more
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Jul 16, 2013
Mustache Baby
Baby Billy is different from many other babies. He has a mustache. His family isn’t sure if it is a “good-guy mustache or a bad-guy mustache.” (Bad-gu ...more
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Aug 01, 2013
Sleep Like a Tiger
This is a story about a little girl who is not sleepy and doesn’t want to go to bed. The wise parents say that she should just get her pajamas on, or ...more
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Feb 27, 2013
Lock and Key
When Ruby is found living on her own in a house without power or water she is sent to live with her sister, Cora, who is ten years older and who she h ...more
Feb 2012
Mar 01, 2012
Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad
This is a beautiful book! It is a wordless book that is about one girl who helps a slave that has run away and is trying to escape with the help of th ...more
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Jan 31, 2013