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Amazing Tales For Making Men Out Of Boys
When this title popped up while I was searching for something else, I had to investigate. My 12YO son could use some inspiring stories.
So I finished
Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
I wasn't liking it at all... preparing to give it only one or two stars. But then I got whopped by the ending!! Really good!
So, there are great things
Oct 2011
Oct 23, 2011
War Brides
i'm really glad i read this book! not one i would have picked up on my own, but recommended (and lent) by a (grandmotherly, well-read) patron. since b ...more
Oct 13, 2013
Oct 14, 2013
The Search for WondLa (WondLa, #1)
Not my favorite but I am glad I read it and especially impressed at how good for young readers! For once, nothing included that's inappropriate for th ...more
Aug 18, 2012
Aug 20, 2012
Everything on a Waffle (Coal Harbour #1)
I have to give any book at least 4 stars if it makes me literally chortle out loud, and this one did it with the chocolate covered "toe" nuts from the ...more
Oct 2011
Oct 03, 2011
A Shilling for Candles (Inspector Alan Grant, #2)
loved it!! well worth my time. not educational or informative or anything lofty, but extremely well-written and fabulous piece of golden crime. these ...more
Apr 22, 2013
May 03, 2013
Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight
i cannot discuss this book. i must, however, say that this chic is way, way messed up about Mormonism. yes, she is plenty deluded about many things, b ...more
May 30, 2013
Jun 03, 2013
Death Comes for the Archbishop
I jumped right into this one because I so enjoyed the 2 other Cather novels I've read, but it was very different and I got a little discouraged and bo ...more
Mar 04, 2010
Mar 04, 2010
Clementine (Clementine, #1)
I am so glad I read this book! My daughter's third grade teacher assigned it to her, and so I read it too.
Clementine is unlike any other protagonist i
Mar 12, 2009
Mar 12, 2009
Bridge To Terabithia
I recently saw this on somebody else's list and watched the movie with my kids, and wanted to comment. Paterson is absolutely bar none one of my favor ...more
Jan 1984
Apr 16, 2010
The Dragon's Tooth (Ashtown Burials, #1)
Wow. don't think I've ever read such an action-packed book. Seriously, by chapter five I just wanted these kids to have a break and take a nap. Fun st ...more
Feb 12, 2012
Feb 22, 2012
Prayers for Sale
Read this one for a book club. I was able to finish it, though it was hard at times to keep going. Maybe because I'm really not that riveted by quilti ...more
May 05, 2010
May 10, 2010
The Homework Machine (The Homework Machine #1)
Molly had to read this for school, so I did too. It was pretty good. She just thought it was boring, boring, boring. It was very different in its styl ...more
Mar 11, 2009
Mar 12, 2009
Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential--and Endangered
This is it--definitely my recommendation for the year. EVERYONE should know this!!!
Wonder if/how it would have changed my parenting if I'd read it B.
Aug 20, 2013
Aug 02, 2013
The Franchise Affair (Inspector Alan Grant, #3)
another complete winner from Tey. she dug herself so far down into this plot i doubted for a moment whether she could really get out of the perplexing ...more
May 03, 2013
May 03, 2013
Gregor the Overlander (Underland Chronicles, #1)
Well, this story was good enough to keep me reading beyond the bugs and icky critters which really should have grossed me out. It got better near the ...more
Mar 2011
Oct 02, 2011
The Glass Castle
Really, I wanted to give this one 2.5 because it was certainly engaging and easy to finish and I will remember it. I would not have picked it up if I ...more
May 2012
Jul 28, 2012
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
I'm glad I read this book. Like the other YAs I've been reading lately, this one is absolutely action-packed adventure; a real page -turner and hard t ...more
Mar 25, 2009
Mar 25, 2009
The Kite Runner
I finally read this book last year and hardly know what to say about it. don't know how to rate it, either. Shocking and horrific and yet rings true. ...more
Jan 2009
Apr 16, 2010
The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars, #1)
So Exciting! I literally could not put this down and had to finish it within 24 hours of starting; it was just adventure after adventure. Never boring ...more
Mar 21, 2009
Mar 21, 2009
You Can't Say You Can't Play
Don't quite know how to describe this book, but I sure wish I had Vivian Paley for my kindergarten teacher. She explores social rejection among young ...more
Oct 21, 2009
Oct 16, 2009
Little Bee
**spoiler alert** Thanks, Tanner.
This one might get my highest rating this year.
It didn't start that way at all but -- the story evolved. i mean i wa
Jul 2010
Oct 15, 2010
The Tiger's Wife
Am I the only one completely **stunned** that this is the work of a 25 Y-O?!? It wasn't always easy to get through, but that's OK. The Deathless Man, ...more
Mar 18, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
These Is My Words (Sarah Agnes Prine, #1)
i almost gave this one five stars. really, really loved it. it will stick with me for a while, and already has motivated me to buck up when things are ...more
Nov 17, 2012
Oct 15, 2010
Speaking with the Devil: 9a Dialogue with Evil
no rating--I'm really surprised I finished this one. Not particularly recommended to anyone, although this very intelligent and experienced author occ ...more
Jul 10, 2013
Jun 03, 2013
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
I didn't think I would like it.
(I don't like her other work and I really have a problem with the whole ToyStory/Velveteen Rabbit-let's-make-our-playt
Sep 2011
Oct 02, 2011
The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant, #5)
I need to give this more than four stars, but I really try to save my 5s. we'll see how it stands up on reflection and some. thanks to Pat for the rec ...more
Apr 14, 2013
Apr 17, 2013
Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat (Emmy, #1)
Still searching for some good books Molly will like. This one may work...
The writing is a little too juvenile for the length and scope of the story an
Sep 11, 2009
Sep 11, 2009
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Wow! Loved it! I am grateful to my friend Dee for bringing it up out of the blue and passionately recommending it. Based on any short synopsis, I may ...more
Feb 2010
Apr 16, 2010
Here If You Need Me: A True Story
Thank you Maria!! I read the preview of this book before it was published and spent a lot of it crying-- a happy, relieved, amazed weeping. The specif ...more
Jan 2007
Mar 10, 2009
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