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really liked it
I was bored at first, but the underlying dissonance was so fascinating I kept reading. Hardly anyone is brave enough to embrace dissonance like her. I ...more
Jan 10, 2011
Jan 10, 2011
Violet Midnight (The Enchanters, #1)
did not like it
This was absolutely terrible and not worth the 99 cents I paid for it on my kindle, nor the hour and a half it took to read it. Just goes to show, you ...more
Feb 06, 2012
Feb 07, 2012
The Book of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American Faith
really liked it
I loved this book. That being said, I don't necessarily recommend it to beloved conservative friends. When people bear their soul in honesty, it reall ...more
Oct 10, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money
liked it
I think this would be a great book to have on hand to use as a resource (before you buy a new car, tv, etc...) but it probably is outdated within five ...more
not set
Jul 23, 2014
Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)
liked it
The name is a bit misleading, it gets its name from what is an "easy" decision. Not bad for a teenager ish love story/tragedy/angst book.
not set
Jan 17, 2013
Switched (Trylle, #1)
liked it
The story development was not very strong, the writing was not very good, and yet... I still enjoyed it. weird.
Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010
Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments
it was amazing
This book will take you 45 minutes to read and it absolutely a well spent 45 minutes. I highly recommend it.
Jan 2009
Jun 09, 2009
How to Think More About Sex
really liked it
Not a how to book but a look at how we think about sex as humans and a society. Interesting.
not set
Mar 28, 2013
Reached (Matched, #3)
liked it
500 pages and I never felt a connection with the characters. I liked the first book the best.
not set
Jan 17, 2013
Princess of Glass (The Princesses of Westfalin Trilogy, #2)
really liked it
The last couple of chapters were not developed as well as the rest of the book.
Jan 2011
Jan 01, 2011
Gentlemen and Players
it was amazing
I was confused during the first fifty pages of this book, but this book was definitely worth sticking with.
Apr 25, 2009
Apr 21, 2009
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
it was amazing
One of the best books I have read, reading it was an absolute privilege.
Mar 04, 2011
Mar 03, 2011
My Blood Approves (My Blood Approves, #1)
it was ok
I need to stop buying books for a dollar on the kindle.
Jan 04, 2011
Jan 04, 2011
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland, #1)
really liked it
This story took me about 80 pages to get into it, but after that, I loved it.
Nov 29, 2011
Nov 25, 2011
Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
it was amazing
I loved reading the neurochemistry of what happens in our brains when we exercise. I highly recommend this book for everyone (because I think exercise ...more
Dec 04, 2013
Nov 02, 2013
A Room with a View
liked it
For me, the first half was slow and hard to get into, but I loved the second half.
Sep 09, 2012
Sep 02, 2012
Caleb's Crossing
really liked it
A beautiful book. I debated between 4 or 5 stars for half an hour : )
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood
really liked it
So if you can get past some of the cheesy writing, I actually think the parenting advice in this book is really good. It does not take very long to re ...more
Jul 29, 2012
Jun 05, 2012
Matched (Matched, #1)
really liked it
Fun and hard to put down.
Mar 17, 2012
Mar 09, 2012
liked it
It took me awhile to get into it but I really enjoyed it after I did. The narration was really unique.
May 25, 2012
May 19, 2012
The Picture of Dorian Gray
liked it

I enjoyed the second half much more than the first
Oct 26, 2012
Oct 12, 2012
Dancing on Broken Glass
it was amazing
This story is a beautiful embrace of both the weft and warp woven into life. Imbued with a sense of our deep-rooted need for one another, but also wit ...more
Apr 06, 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
really liked it

I picked this book up because the superintendent of my school district wanted everyone to read it. It sounds like a self help book but it was not rea
Nov 17, 2012
Sep 23, 2012
Make yourself wake up early
liked it
This is a funny little book but it provided me with just the little extra motivation that I need some days.
Jan 28, 2012
Jan 02, 2012
Building A Language Focused Curriculum For The Preschool Classroom: A Foundation For Lifelong Communication (Building A Language Focused Curriculum For The Preschool Classroom)
really liked it
A good basic overview of effective methods to employ in a speech-language preschool classroom. The first half of the book was especially relevant.
Aug 28, 2012
Jul 29, 2012
Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success
it was amazing
I rarely give five stars to books like this one but I really think this one deserves it. I think the information given was great and i think it was we ...more
Dec 09, 2012
Jul 08, 2012
did not like it
Leon Uris wrote one my favorite novels, Exodus. I also have enjoyed a couple of other books by him, but I could not get into this book. And after star ...more
Dec 06, 2009
Aug 23, 2009
Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting
really liked it
An observational work that lacked objectivity, often gave extremely one sided arguments, and relied heavily on generalization and stereotype. But desp ...more
Aug 30, 2013
Jul 08, 2012
Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
it was amazing
I rated this book five stars because I think the content is a must read for everyone, especially people that are part of my same culture of perfection ...more
Aug 09, 2014
May 22, 2014
Fire in the Blood
really liked it
This would have easily been 5 stars if it were finished. She is a fantastic writer. It is such a tragedy that her writing of this book and her entire ...more
Jan 2008
Jun 09, 2009
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