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The Sentry (Elvis Cole, #12, Joe Pike, #3)
Joe Pike spots two men go into a store. By their body language he can tell that they are planning to do something malicious. When Joe enters the store...more
Jan 22, 2011
Jan 22, 2011
Tough Customer (Mitchell & Associates #2)
2 1/2 stars.

Dodge Hanley is a former cop who now works as a private investigator for his friend, attorney, Derek Mitchell.

Dodge has been divorced from...more
Dec 16, 2010
Dec 16, 2010
Vermilion Drift (Cork O'Connor, #10)
Former sheriff Cork O'Connor is hired to look for Lauren Cavanaugh by her brother, Max. Cork is reluctant to take the case because he is still numb af...more
Jan 17, 2011
Jan 17, 2011
A Conspiracy of Paper (Benjamin Weaver, #1)
This is a novel that captured my interest and entertained me with the history of London in 1719. The setting was so well developed that I felt I could...more
Mar 09, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
W is for Wasted (Kinsey Millhone #23)
This story takes place in 1988 when Kinsey Millhone is age 38.

There are two parallel investigations. In one case, a homeless man is found with Kinsey'...more
Nov 09, 2013
Nov 11, 2013
The Corruptible (Ray Quinn #2)
Ray Quinn is a former homicide detective who had to retire when he was injured. His injury necessitates that he use a cane when walking. He also uses...more
Mar 28, 2011
Mar 31, 2011
A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery
It's a joy to find a book that entertains from start to finish and this book is all of that.

Jo Donovan owns a literary agency. One day she's stopped o...more
Oct 24, 2013
Oct 24, 2013
Moonlight Mile (Kenzie & Gennaro,#6)
In one of their first cases, investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro found missing four-year-old Amanda McCready. They returned Amanda to her...more
Nov 24, 2010
Nov 24, 2010
Shaken (Jack Daniels Mystery, #7)
Jackie, "Jack" Daniels is a former Chicago detective. Now a private investigator, she's abducted from her home and his bound and about to be tortured...more
Feb 24, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
Tamarack County (Cork O'Connor, #13)
I loved this book which caught my attention with the book cover showing a vehicle driving down a snow filled road between the tall trees and mysteriou...more
Nov 23, 2013
Nov 21, 2013
One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9)
A sniper kills five people from his perch in a parking garage and sets up former Marine sniper, James Barr, for the killings.

When questioned, Barr won...more
Dec 02, 2010
Dec 02, 2010
Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel
Harlan Donnally was a former SFPD detective who was retired on a disability after being shot on the job.

He promises a dying friend to find the friend'...more
Sep 09, 2011
Sep 08, 2011
The Innocents (Wil Hardesty, #1
Imagine reading the news that the bodies of seven children are found in the California desert? Reporters are horrified and call the deceased children...more
Apr 05, 2011
Apr 03, 2011
Body Work (V.I. Warshawski, #14)
There is a body artist who works in a Chicago night club. She permits customers to paint her naked body on stage. Her image is posted on a web-cam and...more
Jan 25, 2011
Jan 23, 2011
Inherit the Dead
"Inherit the Dead" is a serial novel written by twenty bestselling writers.

Disgraced NYPD homicide detective, now a Private Investigator, Pericles "Pe...more
Oct 26, 2013
Oct 22, 2013
And She Was
In 1998, six-year-old Iris Neff disappears. Eleven years later, Carol Wentz vanishes. This brings missing person investigator Brenna Spector into the...more
Aug 06, 2012
Aug 03, 2012
Hard Knocks
Jack Reilly is an ex-cop in Boston who is trying to make it as a P.I.

Jack's trying to live down the embarassment of his younger brother, Marty, being...more
Jan 07, 2012
Jan 05, 2012
Night Moves (Doc Ford, #20)
Earlier this year I attended a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. The dinner was held at Doc Ford's Sanibel, Rum Bar and Grille, on Sanibel Island, Flori...more
Apr 16, 2013
Apr 11, 2013
The Truth of All Things
In 1892 in Portland, Maine, Maggie Keene's body is found. It appears to be a ritualistic killing with her body severely mutilated.

Deputy Marshall Arch...more
Jan 28, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
Tunnel Vision (V.I. Warshawski, #8)
V.I. Warshawski's funds are getting low and she accepts a case involving a women's construction group that had a contract turned down from a bank, eve...more
Apr 25, 2013
Apr 15, 2013
Tag Man (Joe Gunther #22)
A housebreaker enters a number of homes of wealthy people in Vermont and leaves a playful tag on the homeowner or a prominent spot that they have been...more
Aug 08, 2013
Jul 31, 2013
U is for Undertow (Kinsey Millhone, #21)
In April 1988, a young man knocked on the door of Kinsey Millhone's office. Michael Sutton tells Kinsey that twenty years ago, when he was just six, h...more
May 16, 2010
May 04, 2010
The Silent Hour (Lincoln Perry Series #4)
Ex-con Parker Harrison pesters PI Lincoln Perry until Perry agrees to look into a missing person for him.

Harrison had gotten into a home for paroled m...more
Jun 27, 2010
Jun 14, 2010
The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker, #10)
John Connolly elegantly describes life in a small town in Maine and how it's changed when a teenage girl goes missing.

RandalL Haight is a private pers...more
Nov 07, 2011
Nov 01, 2011
A Bad Day for Sorry (Bad Day, #1)
Stella Hardesty has had enough. When her husband, Ollie, continues to abuse her, she resolves the problem with a wrench. She pleaded to self-defense a...more
Apr 27, 2010
Apr 12, 2010
American Hero
There are two parallel stories in this novel.

In the political part, President George Bush and Jim Baker are given an idea from a man on his deathbed....more
Apr 30, 2013
Apr 29, 2013
East of A
New York private eye, Payton Sherwood sees three men begin to rough up a young woman in his neighborhood. Payton steps in and the three men turn their...more
Apr 27, 2013
Apr 23, 2013
Where the Dead Lay (Frank Behr, #2)
Frank Behr arrives at his friend, Aurelio's martial arts studio and finds he's been murdered. Since Aurelio is so good in martial arts, by the look of...more
Jul 20, 2010
Jul 03, 2010
The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)
Cormoran Strike has a PI operation with only one client. He decides he needs a secretary and hires a woman named Robin from a temp agency.

No sooner is...more
Jan 02, 2014
Dec 30, 2013
Robert B. Parker's Wonderland (Spenser, #41)
Spenser is back and asked by his old boxing trainer to help in a situation where three thugs tried to intimidate the trainer into selling his waterfro...more
May 09, 2013
May 10, 2013
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