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Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
The initial comic was terrific but the second two were merely OK. Seemingly collected together because they were written by Alan Moore, but otherwise...more
Dec 28, 2009
Dec 28, 2009
Tarot of the Spirit
I didn’t really connect to this deck (and accompanying book) when I acquired it but always meant to come back to it. I tried it out a few weeks ago an...more
Sep 2001
Nov 23, 2009
Russian Folk Tales
I enjoyed these simple Russian folk tales. The gouache and ink illustrations are terrific but I felt they were reproduced poorly… perhaps lost when re...more
May 14, 2009
May 11, 2009
The Dangerous Alphabet
I’m not really sure what happened but it was creepy and I’d not mind reading over and over. I think there is a bunch of hidden details in the delightf...more
Apr 27, 2009
Apr 26, 2009
Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
This book contains some sort of mind-altering chemical in it’s pages. In the following days I’ve wondered what wabi-sabi web design would look like, i...more
May 10, 2011
Aug 29, 2010
How to be an Illustrator
This book should be called How To Be A Freelance Illustrator. It mainly focuses on editorial and advertising illustration freelance and targets upcomi...more
Apr 26, 2009
Apr 02, 2009
The Watermelon Seed
A great book for toddlers, with a short, engaging story that doesn't preach.
not set
Jul 16, 2014
New Engineering
The illustrations were cool. The book reads from right to left, as does most manga, but inexplicably the introduction is printed at the back (what wou...more
Dec 12, 2009
Oct 25, 2009
Zen to Done
Zen To Done is a great book. It takes elements of Getting Things Done and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as well as some others and combines...more
May 10, 2008
Sep 03, 2008
Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan
I was disappointed that the stories here were often incomplete –many of the Batman Manga that exists is in poor condition and many stories are missing...more
Dec 07, 2009
Oct 25, 2009
The Busy, Busy World of Richard Scarry
A terrific look into the life and work of my favorite Children's book illustrator. Half of the book is an overview of his life and half is a look into...more
May 25, 2010
Jun 01, 2009
Zen Shorts
A classmate brought this book in to our Illustrating Children's Books class. This is a story of three kids who meet Stillwater, a Panda neighbor. With...more
Jun 11, 2008
Jun 12, 2008
Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Comic Book Artists
This is basically a book of poses to practice. Bodies come in three sizes: muscular, ripped, and gargantuan huge where it would be impossible to tie y...more
Apr 23, 2008
Apr 23, 2008
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1
Amazing. A superhero story set in the 1890's with characters from classic stories. Even Oliver Twist was represented.
Dec 08, 2010
Nov 28, 2010
The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life
This book was a terrific read. I took it out of the library and immediately wanted to purchase it. I didn’t get around to it and now I still want it b...more
Apr 02, 2009
Nov 27, 2008
The Elements of Content Strategy
This book gave me a great overview of what I was missing in my site planning skills, planning content and working with it structurally, as well as fro...more
May 14, 2011
Mar 24, 2011
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - The Official Pokémon Scenario Guide
I learned how to beat Pokemon Pearl. No, really I don't like these types of game guides but Pokemon is deliberately obtuse. I bought this to clear up...more
not set
Aug 06, 2007
Silver Surfer: Parable
The Moebius part was great, the non-Parable part felt tacked on.
Nov 15, 2013
Nov 06, 2013
Buddha, Vol. 8: Jetavana
Now that I've read all 8 volumes I can say it's one of the most moving works that I've ever read. Is it a coincidence there are 8 volumes?

Here are so...more
May 19, 2008
Feb 27, 2008
Wolverine: Old Man Logan
I enjoyed this but the story felt rushed throughout.
not set
Nov 05, 2013
Oxford Japanese Minidictionary
I'm currently reading this but since it's a reference book I've moved it to my read shelf. I am glad I chose this one over the others that are like it...more
Apr 06, 2008
Apr 07, 2008
I read this in my Illustrating Children's Books class. Ilse recommended it to me because of the similarity between his work and Richard Scarry's. Like...more
Jun 18, 2008
Jun 19, 2008
I read this as part of the Illustrating Children's Books class I'm taking. If I had read this alone I'd probably give it five stars but I was introduc...more
Jun 11, 2008
Jun 12, 2008
How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office
This book is the best plant book ever. BC Wolverton makes a top 50 "best air quality" list of all the plants he's researched in his years at NASA. The...more
Mar 2007
Aug 27, 2007
Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Five stars for no other reason besides it’s the first RPG book I ever purchased. The TMNT aspects stretched a bit thin in parts (eg Mutant Humans) but...more
Jul 06, 1990
Oct 21, 2008
Painting with Watercolor, Pen & Ink
This book is a bunch of terrific watercolor and ink illustrations. Trying to read this as a book was a mistake. It’s more of a reference book to come...more
Jun 2009
Apr 26, 2009
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
I'm not a King fan but picked up the book after some bits were featured on the 37signals blog []. It's a funny book about his...more
May 2007
Sep 14, 2007
I read this in my Illustrating Children's Books class I'm taking. It's a wordless story of a kid finding a camera on the beach. It's visually similar...more
Jun 11, 2008
Jun 12, 2008
Madman: The Oddity Odyssey
I enjoyed this. I didn't know if it was taking before or after the comics I had read until the end - it would have been nice if there were information...more
Aug 2007
Aug 09, 2007
The Little Red Fish
I read this in my Illustrating Children's Books class. I really loved the artwork and that the surreal plot which bleeds into reality (it's a red book...more
Jun 24, 2008
Jun 30, 2008