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The Mysterious Howling
There are some serious problems with this book. I will present them in a list:

1. The sub-title, "The Mysterious Howling." This "mysterious howling" is
Jan 08, 2010
Jan 09, 2010
The Gnostic Mystery
This is not a good book. The author is obviously well educated in theology and has a particular pension for the Gnostics--believing that they have bee ...more
not set
Mar 25, 2009
I think that Smith made an earnest attempt to do something different with a "Fairy" book. Some aspects of the plot are genuinely compelling. However, ...more
Apr 22, 2009
Apr 22, 2009
Skin Deep
This is a really good book. I fear that it will not get its due in the young adult circuit because it is a quiet book. It is a quiet book with a lot o ...more
Feb 13, 2010
Feb 07, 2010
Eclipsed By Shadow (The Legend of the Great Horse, #1)
I won an early reviewer's copy from Library Thing . . .

There are elements of this book that I really like and others that I believe make this a very
Jul 02, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
This is a great book for everyone, but especially middle school aged kids. It addresses the issue of being different, while honoring the perspectives ...more
Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013
Jennifer Donnelly has written an interesting book about the French Revolution. Clearly adept at the historical component of novel writing, she provide ...more
Feb 22, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #1)
This book has an interesting blend of historical fiction and fantasy. The idea of using vintage pictures to drive the crafting of a novel is new and i ...more
Jan 26, 2013
Jan 27, 2013
New Moon (Twilight, #2)
I am disappointed with the American public--both teenage and adult for going gaga over these books. And I am disappointed with Stephanie Meyer, an edu ...more
Apr 05, 2009
Apr 05, 2009
The Scorpio Races
The measure, to me, for the success of a young adult novel is whether or not the novel leaves you a better person after the reading. If it can provide ...more
Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Suzanne Collins is a terrific writer. Her series Gregor the Overlander , in my opinion, is one of the best in the YA genre.

I've been putting off read
Jan 12, 2010
Jan 09, 2010
Rampant (Killer Unicorns, #1)
When I met Diana Peterfreund and heard her speak of this book, I was intrigued. While the book has its feet firmly rooted in the fantasy genre, I thin ...more
Oct 25, 2009
Oct 18, 2009
According to Jane
With According to Jane author Marilyn Brant presents a chick lit story with a Jane Austen twist.

The chick lit portion of the book holds its own with
Oct 10, 2009
Sep 28, 2009
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
At times the main character seems one-dimensional. The middle of the book gets a bit too cerebral and preachy for its target audience. That said, ther ...more
Feb 20, 2009
Feb 19, 2009
Leaving Gee's Bend
This beautifully written book is as good as it gets. A wonderful historical fiction novel, Leaving Gee's Bend provides a window into the share cropp ...more
Feb 07, 2010
Feb 06, 2010
Tower of Strength
Ok, so here's the deal. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book.

It's old-fashioned in that there is a simple old-school values type of charm to the book
Apr 26, 2009
Apr 05, 2009
I Kill the Mockingbird
This is a quick read and a good one. English teachers, book lovers, and information buffs will enjoy the endless allusions. This book will make a grea ...more
Nov 24, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
Dog Days (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #4)
While I believe that students will continue to enjoy these chronicles of Greg, I am disappointed with this installation of the series. We all know tha ...more
not set
Aug 29, 2010
One of the freshest books to come out for young adults in a long long time. A truly original story. Poignant to today. Great for the classroom. Highly ...more
Dec 04, 2009
Dec 06, 2009
Brava, Valentine
This book is an Oprah pick, and like the rest of America, when Oprah picks a book I take notice. It is unusual for Oprah to pick a chick lit book. Thu ...more
Feb 28, 2010
Jan 30, 2010
Lullabies from the Milky Way
The author is clearly very well educated and is drawing upon that education as fodder for her book. While I applaud the author for cleverness--incorpo ...more
Sep 04, 2009
Jul 31, 2009
Dream Girl
It's a bit Nancy Drew but more Veronica Mars . . . Mechling presents an above average teen chic lit series that is up to date without the raunchiness ...more
Jan 24, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
Love the One You're With
The main character of this book is difficult to like and easy to judge. The majority of this book is spent watching her deliberately enter a slow-moti ...more
May 31, 2010
May 29, 2010
Lucia, Lucia
I like Trigiani's depictions of Italian life because I think they are fairly accurate and amusing. I liked this book less than some of the others beca ...more
May 09, 2010
Apr 24, 2010
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
The most over-rated adolescent fiction I've read. Poorly written with one dimensional characters that read like cardboard. The main character makes wo ...more
not set
Feb 18, 2009
Prada & Prejudice
This is a very well done young adult novel. In the spirit of Austen's Pride and Prejudice Hubbard creates a noteworthy 21st Century update. I kept e ...more
not set
Jul 11, 2009
The Help
This is a beautifully written book that pulls emotion from deep within the reader. A real page turner, the suspense made me feel as if I was on a roll ...more
May 28, 2010
May 16, 2010
Valiant (Modern Faerie Tales, #2)
This book was a lot of fun. It is 2nd in the series, following the novel Tithe .

What makes this book so good is that, yes, it follows in sequence th
May 2009
Apr 27, 2009
Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, #2)
I like Gabaldon's writing. She creates richly developed, multi-layered characters that are difficult to dislike, even when they are truly despicable. ...more
Nov 07, 2009
Sep 27, 2009
Inside the Shadow City (Kiki Strike,#1)
When I met Kirsten Miller I told her I wished a book like this had been published when I was a kid and I meant it. It is in my top ten of adolescent f ...more
not set
Feb 18, 2009
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