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Snow Falling on Cedars
Really enjoyed this, was just perfect for me at the moment! I tend to like writing with lots of detail, more often than not, and this had that in a wa...more
Sep 09, 2009
Sep 04, 2009
The Inferno
Ok, I'm officially giving up.
Yes, I agree with my daughter that it's cool how the punishments fit the crime - like for theives, their own actual human...more
Feb 03, 2010
Dec 06, 2009
The Help
'The Help' is one of those gently brutal books that makes it possible to sit still for the telling of a terrible reality. It is about women in the Sou...more
Aug 22, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
Extraordinary Women from the Muslim World
Excellent book. It has the layout of a children's book, but the content is too complete and interesting to validate that pigeonhole. The portraits are...more
Apr 16, 2009
Mar 28, 2009
Of Mice and Men
A fascinating thing about this which I hadn't been aware of from my previous exposure to it is that is was one of Steinbecks's format/genre experiment...more
Mar 08, 2009
Jan 09, 2009
The Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s
My daughter will be assigned readings from this in her history class this year. Sounds fascinating! Oddly (or not so), the teacher mentioned the kids...more
Nov 22, 2009
Sep 16, 2009
Number the Stars
This was wonderful. I read it when my daughter had it assigned a few years ago, when she was around the age of the protaganist.
It's told from a child...more
Dec 2005
Feb 03, 2009
Class: A Guide Through the American Status System
Saw this in a bookstore and couldn't resist. I've read part of it, then put it down and have yet to finish. It's like a mirror, only the essence of th...more
Dec 2007
Feb 16, 2009
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color
This book made a big impression on me when I was assigned it, during my Women's Studies period. The central idea - that people in the majority culture...more
Jan 10, 1985
Jan 31, 2009
The Art of Blessing the Day: Poems with a Jewish Theme
This book *does* have 'To be of use', and even many more treasures!
This is a collection of works prior and current, collected by theme:
Mishpocheh (Fam...more
Feb 11, 2009
Feb 11, 2009
Elie Wiesel: Bearing Witness (Gateway Biography)
Looks like a pretty good introduction to the Shoah (Holocaust) and the life of Elie Wiesel for a child, of use for a report or something. It covers (i...more
Feb 15, 2009
Feb 15, 2009
The Hidden Window Mystery (Nancy Drew, #34)
I read a bunch of these as a girl, along with a few Hardy Boys, and even a few.. was it 'Bobbsey twins'? Not sure if I read this one or not, but came...more
Jul 1974
Feb 20, 2009
Roots: The Saga of an American Family
I have just been having my daughter and I watch the tv mini-series based on this book; both because of Obama's historic inauguration coming up, and be...more
not set
Jan 12, 2009
Poland Under Black Light

Anderman is one of Poland's most prominent "post-war" writers (i.e., writing after the imposition of martial law in December 1981). His...more
not set
Mar 16, 2009
The Confessions of Nat Turner
I'd come across references to this in the past, and never knew what was being talked about, and didn't learn myself. So finally now, thanks to the CCL...more
not set
Apr 20, 2009
A Mountain of Crumbs
Published by Star Tribune, review written by: Laurie Hertzel

"Even if Elena Gorokhova weren't such a gorgeous writer, her memoir, "A Mountain of Crumbs...more
not set
Jan 17, 2010
The Longings of Women
Just came upon this and it drew me in for a re-read.. with a vague reminiscence..

Then, 20 pages in, it's clear: This is the one! This is the book with...more
Jun 30, 2009
Jun 27, 2009
Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons
Questions to answer about it though, from one reader on Amazon:

"The fact that the authors of Deception thank Peter Griffen in the acknowledgments of t...more
not set
Apr 22, 2009
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Sounds unfun (Victorian, English), yet somewhat good (female protaganist, good writing, critical of Victorian social structures). So, we'll see..

And i...more
not set
Mar 17, 2009
To Be Young, Gifted, and Black: An Informal Autobiography
Had heard of this, and formed and impression of this, based on other things I read in Women's Studies in the 80's. But for the first time picked up a...more
not set
Dec 01, 2009
At the Mind's Limits: Contemplations by a Survivor on Auschwitz and Its Realities
from Wikipedia:

Améry's efforts to preserve the memory of the Holocaust focused on the terror and horror of the events in a phenomenological and philos...more
not set
Mar 16, 2009
China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World
I bought and skimmed/read this book during the Olympic boycott conversation, and one thing I found interesting is that the term 'Human Rights' is not...more
Mar 2008
Jan 11, 2009
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
I was mentioning this book and its ideas to my daughter, and she said that her K-8 school here in Minneapolis showed them a film based on the book! (S...more
not set
Feb 16, 2009
Heart Songs and Other Stories
Proulx is again riveting and brutal. This collection of stories includes some of the human species most terrible realities, including incest and insan...more
May 14, 2009
Apr 28, 2009
The Kindly Ones
Looks like a pretty awful experience (reading this book). Plus, the whole idea that his sister not allowing their incestuous relationship to continue...more
not set
Apr 16, 2009
Quest for Kim: In Search of Kipling's Great Game
Kim was one of those really really hard books I tried to read as a teenager, and unlike 'Zen and the Art of MM', I never succeeded. It was simply too...more
not set
Sep 13, 2009
My Darling, My Hamburger
Read this way back when.. didn't remember is at dealing with sex and an abortion even; when I think back, I remember that they're bored and unhappy a...more
Apr 1978
Mar 14, 2009
The Septembers of Shiraz
Wow, highly recommend this.

Great works resemble diamonds (one of the main characters is a jeweler) - when opened, they sparkle with intact brilliance...more
Jun 26, 2009
Jun 07, 2009
House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power
Gasp - he wrote 'Constantine's Sword'! Oh my goodness, that puts this book in a certain very specific place in my psyche.

I'm sure I'm not the only on...more
not set
Apr 15, 2009
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism
from Wikipedia:

Andrew J. Bacevich, Sr. (born 1947 in Normal, Illinois) is a professor of international relations at Boston University, former director...more
not set
Mar 16, 2009
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