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Dramacon Ultimate Edition
Each book in this three-volume series follows Christie's adventures at the annual Yattacon, where she meets the mysterious, sarcastic, and sunglasses-...more
Apr 2010
Apr 09, 2010
Blood Blade (Skinners, # 1)
Marcus Pelegrimas has created a darker, more bloody world of vampires and werewolves, and the people who try to keep them from preying on humanity. Th...more
Feb 15, 2009
Feb 15, 2009
The Sweet Scent of Blood (, #1)
Suzanne McLeod's first Spellcrackers novel has a murder mystery, vampire high society, and more magic than you can shake a stick at. In an alternate L...more
Oct 2010
Oct 20, 2010
Point Pleasant
Point Pleasant, named for the small West Virginia town that is its setting, is the story of how two men, broken in different ways, figure out what the...more
Sep 2013
Sep 12, 2013
Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls, #1)
**spoiler alert** Born at Midnight wasn't a great book, but it wasn't an awful book either. It's just... middle of the road. It has decent bones, as f...more
Jan 2011
Jan 03, 2011
A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)
I had actually wanted to read this book when it first came out, but buying a hardcover just wasn't in my budget at the time. So I was super stoked whe...more
Jan 2012
Jan 16, 2012
Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning, #1)
I received this for free at the SD Comic Con over the summer. Romance isn't my usual genre, but I was willing to take a chance on it because it was a...more
Sep 2011
Sep 16, 2011
Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #1)
Eh. That really sums up my opinion on this one. I know Laurell Hamilton is one of the foundations of the urban fantasy genre, but this novel is really...more
May 08, 2012
May 06, 2012
Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)
I really liked the premise of this novel when I saw the email about it from NetGalley- who wouldn't like the concept of assassin nuns? It was a very a...more
Mar 2012
Mar 26, 2012
Fall Out Toy Works, Vol. 1
I think I liked the concept of this graphic novel series much better than the execution. It's a steampunk/cyberpunk reimagining of Pygmalion, with a t...more
Feb 2012
Feb 16, 2012
The Ultimates, Vol. 1: Super-Human
My roommate let me borrow these, since they're more modernized as origin stories for the Avengers and kind of led in more, or at least a little bit be...more
Jun 2012
Jun 08, 2012
Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity
Kerry Cohen's memoir of her journey from sexual promiscuity and emotional neediness to self-acceptance and marital success is a compelling read. Kerry...more
Jan 11, 2009
Jan 12, 2009
Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1)
This book was amazing. It's a book about the zombie-pocalypse, and it makes you think. Most zombie books are either about humor, or shock value, or ju...more
May 2010
Jun 03, 2010
A Taint in the Blood (Shadowspawn #1)
I've been a fan of Stirling's Change series for a while, so I thought I'd give his new urban fantasy a chance, and was pleasantly surprised. Stirling...more
Jun 2010
Jun 07, 2010
San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3.1)
This novella was heartbreaking and terrifying. Heartbreaking, because she has the ability to make all her characters, even ones you only meet for a fe...more
Jul 2012
Jul 23, 2012
The Left Hand of God  (Left Hand Of God #1)
I received this book as a giveaway from Good Reads, and wasn't really sure what to make of it. The story doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, and...more
Jul 2010
Jun 11, 2010
Working Stiff (Revivalist, #1)
(Mildly spoiler-y)

Working Stiff, the first in a new series by Rachel Caine, follows Bryn Davis, a former service member and now a funeral director, wh...more
Sep 2011
Aug 29, 2011
Off Armageddon Reef (Safehold, #1)
I really enjoyed the premise of this novel, and the world building, religion, and the characterization was great. Nimue/Merlin is an awesome character...more
May 15, 2012
May 08, 2012
Chimera (The Korsak Brothers #1)
This was one of the first novels Rob Thurman wrote, even though it was published after her other series had already come out, and you can definitely t...more
Jun 2010
Jun 03, 2010
Ghosts of Manhattan (The Ghost, #1)
Steampunk, alternate history, a hero who hides in the shadows of the world's most famous city... This had all the elements of what could have been a g...more
Jun 2010
Jun 03, 2010
Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy, #2)
This series just sticks with you. The world is really well done and detailed, and Shaun and Georgia and their friends are just so freaking real! I fin...more
Jul 2011
Jul 25, 2011
Crucible of Gold (Temeraire, #7)
Laurence and Temeraire finally get some hope, after the last few books where their journey has been so incredibly disheartening. New locations, new fr...more
Apr 2012
Apr 09, 2012
The Devil You Know (Felix Castor, #1)
This is a great, gritty supernatural mystery novel. Felix has enough failings and baggage to be realistic and interesting, and the heart of the story,...more
Jun 2010
Jun 17, 2010
The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
Way of Kings started off a little on the slow side- it took me a little bit to figure out what all was going on and how the different characters' stor...more
Nov 19, 2011
Oct 20, 2011
Ariel (Change, #1)
Despite its abrupt ending, I liked Ariel. Unicorns and postapocalyptic wastelands as various metaphors for growing up worked for me, and I am looking...more
Oct 11, 2009
Oct 11, 2009
Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1)
More romance-y than my usual, but main character Kitty is smart, snarky, and has enough spunk and spirit to keep this book interesting.
Jul 2010
Jul 28, 2010
Self-published version: At the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (The Road to Extinction, #1)
I got this one as part of the Librarything Member Giveaway program, and I am not going to be able to ever count this one as finished. I tried, I reall...more
not set
May 08, 2012
Hammered (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #3)
Oct 05, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
The Walking Dead, Vol. 06: This Sorrowful Life
Dec 2010
Dec 14, 2010
The Walking Dead, Vol. 04: The Heart's Desire
Dec 2010
Dec 14, 2010
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