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Things Fall Apart (The African Trilogy, #1)
Achebe writes a fascinating story of African clan life through the eyes of Okonkwo. It follows Okonkwo's life from struggling young man to prosperous...more
May 15, 2010
Jun 24, 2009
Cannery Row
I always love reading Steinbeck's tales of American LIfe. This novel was no exception. I've wanted to read it, since we took our children to the Monte...more
Apr 28, 2012
Apr 22, 2012
The French Lieutenant's Woman
This novel is so hard for me to rate, but I ended up deciding on three stars due to the unique way it was written. However, I just didn't really care...more
Mar 12, 2011
Mar 04, 2011
Far from the Madding Crowd
I had forgotten how much I enjoy reading Thomas Hardy. His writing is so thought provoking, and I found myself pondering over many of the passages in...more
Feb 23, 2011
Feb 15, 2011
The House of Mirth
Beautifully written look at the layers of society that existed in the late 1800's in New York. Lily Bart is poor, but superbly connected. Her only hop...more
not set
Jan 25, 2010
This was a great piece of historical fiction. Andre'-Louise is a young lawyer whose best friend is killed by a member of the aristocracy for his revol...more
not set
Jan 02, 2010
A Study in Scarlet  (Sherlock Holmes, #1)
It's unfortunate that I have to give this book such a low rating, because the first half is very good. This is the first book in the Sherlock Holmes s...more
Oct 14, 2013
Oct 28, 2012
The Marble Faun (Oxford World's Classics)
The Marble Faun is a brilliantly constructed romance that has many elements of a Christian allegory. Hawthorne's language is so rich and beautiful, bu...more
Mar 19, 2011
Jan 17, 2010
Little Dorrit
Little Dorrit is born in a debtors prison to her father, William Dorrit. Dickens' novel describes their journey from the most wretched existence to th...more
Feb 12, 2011
Jul 17, 2010
The Belly of Paris (Les Rougon-Macquart, #3)
I loved Zola's descriptions of the markets in Paris. It made me want to find the beauty in everything I see. Here is one my favorite descriptions of t...more
Sep 28, 2012
Jul 23, 2010
Tales of the Greek Heroes: Retold From the Ancient Authors
This was a great synopsis of the Greek gods and heroes. It's written more for younger readers, and so the stories aren't bogged down with too much det...more
May 04, 2010
May 03, 2010
Wow, when I started this tome I didn't realize it had 1000 pages. I orginally picked it up, because I knew that Jane Austen liked reading Fanny Burney...more
Jun 17, 2011
May 24, 2011
Tarzan of the Apes (Tarzan, #1)
I'm currently listening to this one on audio, and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying it.

Okay, I finally finished the story,...more
Jan 20, 2011
Jan 05, 2011
Tanglewood Tales (Illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett)
Nathaniel Hawthorne rewrote some of the classic Roman myths in language that children could understand. This version has beautiful illustrations, and...more
Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012
The Swiss Family Robinson
I really did enjoy this book. It's refreshing to read a book with a strong family and a loving relationship between husband and wife. It was amazing t...more
Jan 27, 2009
Jan 10, 2009
The Way of All Flesh
This is the longest book about nothing that I've ever read. I give it two stars, because it was well written enough that I stayed with it until the en...more
May 26, 2010
May 17, 2010
Bleak House
Bleak House is my favorite Dickens novel. The characters are so rich, and the story is intriguing. It's amazing to think an author could weave a plot...more
not set
Jan 05, 2009
Rip Van Winkle
This is the story of Rip Van Winkle, the man who falls asleep in the mountains for twenty years. I've read many versions of this in my youth, but had...more
not set
Jan 31, 2009
Barnaby Rudge
As I was reading this, I imagined how exciting it would have been to live when these books were first being published in serial form. His stories take...more
Jul 20, 2012
Jun 30, 2012
The Annotated Thursday: G.K. Chesterton's Masterpiece, the Man Who Was Thursday
I really enjoyed the beginning of this book, but it kind of lost me in the middle. Chesterton's book deals with anarchism, and the fact that underneat...more
not set
Jun 24, 2009
The Old Curiosity Shop
Dickens is a master story teller, and I am a huge fan of his work, but I just could not love this story as much as I wanted to. Nell and her grandfath...more
not set
Jun 24, 2009
The Stranger
This was a very interesting novella. It's always hard for me to really enjoy the stream of consciousness technique in writing. The Stranger was partic...more
Apr 23, 2011
Dec 15, 2009
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (Signet Classics)
The kids and I just finished reading these tales together. It was much more enjoyable than the Sir Thomas Mallory version. Hank was disappointed that...more
Mar 03, 2013
Mar 03, 2013
Cry, the Beloved Country
This was a beautiful book about one man's struggle to find peace in a changing Africa. It's difficult at times to read about white settlers taking ove...more
May 13, 2010
May 06, 2010
All Quiet on the Western Front
Wow, this was not your typical war book. This really went in and explored what it was like for the young men fighting on the front lines. My daughter...more
Mar 13, 2010
Mar 05, 2010
Wives and Daughters
This is a great book, or I think if would have been if she had lived to finish it. I wish I had known that it was incomplete before I read it, but I t...more
not set
Jan 05, 2009
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes, #3)
I watched Sherlock Holmes the other night, and it made me want to pull out the original. These mysteries were great, and I really enjoyed reading them...more
Jun 08, 2010
Jun 05, 2010
This was a great little read. It tells the story of Siddhartha, who begins a journey to understand the "self" and attain peace. He tries many differen...more
May 13, 2009
May 03, 2009
The Wind In The Willows
Delightful! I especially loved the adventures of the conceited and reckless Mr. Toad. Grahame's writing and descriptions are beautiful, not to mention...more
Feb 19, 2009
Feb 18, 2009
Cousin Bette (Poor Relations)
The themes of this novel are greed, misery, and lust. It is an interesting study of this era of Parisian society, but it was just so hard to enjoy the...more
Oct 27, 2009
Oct 24, 2009
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