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Inkheart (Inkworld, #1)
I was very much looking forward to reading this, as it had very good word-of-mouth as a high-quality children's/YA fantasy that adults will also enjoy ...more
Jun 2008
May 21, 2008
The Portable Dorothy Parker
So you want to write? Pick up this collection of poetry, short stories, essays, and criticism and bow to the master. Looking for a cutting remark? Dor ...more
not set
Aug 12, 2007
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
This is a meaty, sweeping, witty, and romantic story about one of the more literarily-neglected corners of World War II, the involvement of Italy and ...more
Dec 27, 2008
Dec 15, 2008
Walden & Civil Disobedience
I first read Walden in perhaps the most ideal set of circumstances possible -- for an entire semester my first year of college, in a highly popular se ...more
Oct 1986
Sep 11, 2007
The Edge of Reason (Bridget Jones, #2)
Not quite as good as the original, nonetheless, spending more time with Bridget and her friends as they count alcohol units and worry about what under ...more
not set
Aug 17, 2007
From Hell
Around junior high I became fairly obsessed with the Jack the Ripper case, and read a number of the attempts over the years to solve the case. I never ...more
Apr 2008
Apr 28, 2008
I will say about Oleanna that when I saw Mamet's production of the play, I thought it was one of the most offensive depictions of feminism, so-called ...more
Jan 1993
Jan 23, 2008
One Good Turn (Jackson Brodie, #2)
In this follow-up to Case Histories, we find retired detective Jackson Brodie in Edinburgh, where his girlfriend Julia is appearing in a not-very-good ...more
not set
Jul 31, 2007
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For
How spectacular to finally find nearly all of Dykes to Watch Out For in one volume (there are omissions, but not very many, and the exclusions were ca ...more
Dec 13, 2008
Dec 10, 2008
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
This was the coming of age touchstone for my generation of girls growing up in the 70s (with that iconic purple cover showing Margaret and her hair), ...more
not set
Jan 17, 2008
The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy
Vicki Iovine rather revels in her status as a princess type, with the money, the manicures, the jewelry, etc., but even if you can't quite relate, thi ...more
Jan 2001
Aug 03, 2007
Nineteen Seventy Seven (Red Riding, #2)
I'll review the entire Red Riding Quartet, since the books really compose one large narrative.

David Peace takes us into one of the bleakest worlds I'v
Dec 08, 2010
Dec 08, 2010
Bangkok 8 (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #1)
With a bang (or, rather, a venomous bite) John Burdett introduces us to the spiritual, yet corrupt, world of Bangkok policing, with the murder-by-drug ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 08, 2007
Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement
I'm re-reading this now, and it's remarkable to me how fresh so much of it still is, that is if you look past the 1970s-era lingo. That's not necessar ...more
not set
May 09, 2010
I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles
Following her memoir/travelogue/burlesque history, Strip City, Lily Burana met and married Mike, a historian and active-duty Army major who taught at ...more
Apr 04, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen: How One Girl Risked Her Marriage, Her Job, and Her Sanity to Master the Art of Living
I had started poking around Julie Powell's blog rather late in the game of her writing it, so it was very hard to catch up with her adventures in cook ...more
not set
Aug 08, 2007
The Exception
This is a top-notch, meaty psychological thriller that takes you inside a small office dedicated to research into genocide. There, the five office wor ...more
Dec 2007
Dec 17, 2007
New Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book by and for Women
I bought my first copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves when I was purchasing the books for my first semester's classes in college, and the then-new edition ( ...more
Sep 1986
Jan 11, 2008
This book, somewhat reminiscent of Ian McEwan's book Saturday, tells the story of Hans, a banker originally from The Hague, and late of London, who li ...more
Nov 22, 2008
Nov 11, 2008
Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget
This is the smartest book about planning a wedding I have ever encountered. It exposes, with a wry voice, the million little scams perpetrated on unsu ...more
Jan 1999
Aug 29, 2007
Lush Life
Yet another pitch-perfect take on urban crime, policing, and city life by Richard Price. Set on the Lower East Side of Manhattan post-9/11, this story ...more
Apr 18, 2008
Mar 04, 2008
Me vs. Me
A cute entry in the "chick lit" genre -- a young woman, about to move across the country to start her dream job, is surprised by a marriage proposal f ...more
Oct 2007
Oct 18, 2007
Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer
I very much enjoyed this story of a poor boy who becomes a hotel entrepreneur in turn of the century New York, who dreams of a marvelous place where v ...more
not set
Aug 03, 2007
Cloud Atlas
Not only is the structure of this book remarkable, but each interrelated short story (broken into two pieces, one part told in ascending chronological ...more
not set
Jul 12, 2007
Porn for Women
So you know how they always say that it's not the hardcore sex that women are interested in with respect to porn, it's seeing chemistry between the pa ...more
Feb 2008
Feb 29, 2008
The Bluebook: A Uniform System Citation
If you own this book, chances are it gives you horrible PTSD flashbacks to sadistic professors, endless hours spent in dusty library stacks, and psych ...more
Sep 1994
Jul 27, 2007
In the Cut
This is a sort of Looking For Mr. Goodbar-come-lately story about an ostensibly tough, sexually confident woman who likes to Sleep With Danger and bec ...more
not set
Dec 03, 2007
Water for Elephants
Nicely done (and meticulously researched) tale of a young man who runs away and joins the circus when his parents are killed in a car crash and he dis ...more
Nov 2008
Nov 29, 2008
The Golden Name Day
My friends and I were so in love with this book that we had a "Yellow Roses" club and to this day kick around the idea of getting matching yellow rose ...more
not set
Aug 03, 2007
Sex Tips For Girls: Lust, Love, and Romance from the Lives of Single Women
It's a little scary, how much my girlfriends and I obsessed over this book in the 1980s. To this day, any time I say anything slightly funny, eventual ...more
not set
Jul 12, 2007
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