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The Plains of Passage (Earth's Children, #4)
If all the repetitions and tellings of what happened in previous books (same information told and retold several times) were cut out and the scientifi ...more
Aug 20, 2009
Aug 25, 2009
Scarlet Feather
A wonderful story about two children being brought up with the special purpose of being able to make themselves and whoever wants to follow them free ...more
Jan 2000
Feb 14, 2009
Garden Spells
I had been told that this book was a lovely comfort read but still it surprised me by its utter charm. It is southern fiction at its best. Take a smal ...more
Sep 29, 2012
Sep 21, 2012
Just This Once (Escape to New Zealand, #1)
A fairly common romance, but with one mayor difference: It is set in New Zealand. And that should give it an whole extra star in itself.
Jun 03, 2014
Jun 03, 2014
Det syvende barn
Det syvende barn er en af den slags bøger, hvor når man er færdig, man føler sig fristet til at genlæse den for at fatte alle de skjulte hentydninger. ...more
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 01, 2012
Jeg er i syv sind omkring denne bog. Af en socialrealistisk bog at være var den ikke så deprimerende som man kunne forvente, men handlingen var underl ...more
Jul 16, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
An Echo in the Bone (Outlander, #7)
This is a very long book, but you sit down with it expectantly knowing that you are going to spend som lovely time in good friends company. Of course ...more
Dec 02, 2011
Dec 04, 2011
A Christmas Date
Looking for a Christmas story, I found this for free at amazon, and must admit that I'm glad I didn't pay for it. It gave no sense of Christmas spirit ...more
Dec 02, 2012
Dec 05, 2012
The Wall of Partition
I thought I knew or knew of all of Florence Barclay's novels, but this was a total new found for me. Unfortunately the scanned edition I found on the ...more
May 28, 2011
May 28, 2011
Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3)
It is a while since I read the first two Beka Cooper books, so I didn't miss all her friends from the city as I guess I would have otherwise. But I di ...more
Oct 15, 2014
Oct 17, 2014
Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse (Sue Barton, #3)
As the other Sue Barton books this gives a delightful picture of life as a visiting nurse in New York in the time around WW2. And though a lot of it m ...more
Sep 06, 2010
Sep 07, 2010
Dance Little Lady
On a holiday in France with too few books to read this was one of a very limited choices. I had never heard about Lilian Harry and had no expectations ...more
Feb 09, 2009
Feb 08, 2009
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
It is hard to evaluate this book because it is in some ways the necessary ending to the series and as such interesting reading. But I think as a whole ...more
May 11, 2012
May 08, 2012
Knowing nothing what so ever about the book it took me a little time to figure out what was going on. But I found the idea of discribing the unthinkab ...more
Feb 27, 2012
Feb 08, 2012
Picked up at a railroad station in Germany because I needed something to read on a 6 hours train ride. It turned out to be the last book in a triology ...more
Aug 2010
Aug 01, 2010
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories: 1896-1901
Having these short stories on your e-reader means that whenever you are somewhere and need to pass some time of unknown length - such as a city-bus ri ...more
Jun 20, 2011
Jun 21, 2011
Redemption (Redemption, #1)
I like the idea of the book, showing how you stick to doing the right thing in God's eyes even though everybody around you thing it is stupid. But tha ...more
Jan 20, 2011
Jan 17, 2011
Jorden under Høje Gladsaxe
En moderne eventyrberetning fortalt i en underlig fabulerende stil. De lange sætninger - til tider kun to punktummer på en side - gør læseren helt for ...more
Jun 22, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
Home by Morning (Powell Springs, #1)
I have for a long time wanted to read more books of Alexis Harrington so it was a real treat getting it so easily for my new kindle. It was a bit diff ...more
Mar 25, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
In Between (A Katie Parker Production, #1)
A surprisingly funny and likable story about 16-year old Katie who is sent to a small town in fostercare of the local pastor. Katie is as unsecure as ...more
Aug 10, 2011
Aug 10, 2011
The Frog Prince
I guess my expectations were too high, but I was rather disappointed. It wasn't as funny as I had thought, it took me too long to get out of being ann ...more
Apr 15, 2013
Apr 16, 2013
The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity
This is a difficult book to review. There is the story in it self about a father experiencing every parent's worst nightmare, which I find very captiv ...more
Mar 12, 2009
Mar 08, 2009
Jordens Søjler (The Pillars of the Earth, #1)
This is a long book about the building of a cathedral in a fictive English town and as such it is understandable that a lot of the book is very detail ...more
Aug 06, 2012
Jul 23, 2012
The Ladies of Missalonghi
It is hard to rate this book fairly. When I first read it, I liked it although I didn't quite like Missy's dishonesty. Then some years later I discove ...more
Jun 1988
Feb 25, 2009
Returned Empty
I love Florence Barclay so it hurts to give this book one star, but I really didn't like it. Already as a teenager I didn't like it, but I thought I w ...more
Sep 09, 2011
Sep 10, 2011
Daddy-Long-Legs (Daddy-Long-Legs, #1)
I have known and loved this book since I inherited it from my mother years and years ago, but this was the first time I read/heard it in its original ...more
Jan 30, 2009
Jan 28, 2009
I Still Dream About You
This is not among the best of Fannie Flagg's books. It is clearly a tribute to Birmingham - making me want to visit that city some day - and to old-fa ...more
Apr 03, 2012
Apr 03, 2012
The Thirteenth Tale
A fascinating book with a lot of twists and turns and surprises, some I guessed, others I didn't. It is so complicated that you almost ought to read i ...more
Jan 20, 2013
Jan 21, 2013
Jane of Lantern Hill
As always I love Montgomery's poetic style and she has an amazing capacity of making her readers feel they are inside the story. And this story is a v ...more
May 13, 2009
May 14, 2009
Her Mother's Hope (Marta's Legacy, #1)
A lot of Francine Rivers' books are great, but unfortunately this is not one of her bests. At least not from her pen. It is a captivating description ...more
Jun 19, 2010
Jun 21, 2010
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