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Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness
I am definitely NOT a fan of Bukowski (in fact considering him one of the most overhyped authors ever, second only to Raymond Carver).

Besides, an ex s...more
Oct 2010
Jul 12, 2010
Beautiful Losers
I used to have a problem with Leonard Cohen.
He gave me headache.
This has to be explained.

When I was 5 years old my mum was a teacher in a small nurser...more
Oct 2010
Apr 25, 2008
In the Penal Colony
Eighty eight years before standing on a beach staring at the sea with Haruki Murakami, Franz Kafka went to the tropics.

Being such a hermit crab, he st...more
Mar 05, 2010
Aug 30, 2008
The Family Moskat
Chronicles from a vanished world.

No one like Isaac Bashevis Singer is able to zoom on daily tiny details without losing focus on the whole plot and ke...more
May 07, 2010
May 04, 2010
Long John Silver: The True and Eventful History of My Life of Liberty and Adventure as a Gentleman of Fortune and Enemy to Mankind
For mysterious reasons, I have always postponed the moment in which I would have put my eyes on this book.
Then my good friend Mena, who is also my fav...more
Sep 2010
Aug 19, 2010
Reporting: Writings from The New Yorker
Have you ever dreamed to see Mike Tyson and Tony Blair fighting for the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World with Don King on the right corner o...more
Sep 2010
Jul 05, 2010
Die Panne
What a book.
I could be speechless and that would be the best review.
I cannot resist, though.

This story is pure perfection without any doubt.
The same...more
Mar 16, 2010
Feb 07, 2010
The Dark Heart of Italy
What's the problem with the Italian football?

Why decent and smart British authors like, say, Nick Hornby, Tim Parks and John Foot were (are?) so fasc...more
Oct 08, 2010
Oct 02, 2010
Nice Work
"I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up...more
Sep 2010
Jun 19, 2010
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
Summer is coming and I'm finally winning over my Larsson prejudice.

Being a big fan of the Swedish literature that was once seen as a subterranean phen...more
Jun 10, 2010
Jul 06, 2009
A Handful of Dust
- Have got out of dinner 16th. Are you still free?
- Delighted. Second thoughts always best. Brenda.

This short interchange via telegrams between Mr Bea...more
Jan 2010
Jun 26, 2010
Black Mischief
I lost my track somewhere in Azania a couple of weeks ago.
Now it's all darkness around me.

What I can recall is that this novel has one of the most ex...more
Oct 2010
Jun 26, 2010
Se non ora, quando?
"If not like this, how? And if not now, when?"
This line is said by Gedale, one of the main characters of the novel towards the end of the book, but it...more
Feb 12, 2010
Feb 08, 2010
Out of the Shelter
Who could have wondered that once Davide Lodge wrote a novel like this?

We have no visiting professors here neither Catholic couples coping with unwant...more
Aug 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Entre les murs
They better call it a screenplay rather than a novel.
"Entre les murs" is poorly written in its dry dialogue-led realism with only a few selected mome...more
Mar 2010
May 04, 2010
Oh, I'm really enjoying this one!

This book is probably the quintessence of a certain reactionary British humour that I adore, despite its appalling sn...more
Sep 2010
Jul 13, 2007
Two Caravans
On writing about "Two Caravans" I have an ambivalent feeling to put into proper words. Oh well, I will get by.

On the one hand, I really enjoyed the bo...more
Jun 20, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Aufruhr in einer kleinen Stadt
This is an interesting example of a novel subverting all the guidelines of a crime-fiction story.

Kirst creates the convincing frame of Wahlheim (liter...more
Mar 25, 2010
Mar 21, 2010
Brighton Rock
Now, this book has blown me away from it very first pages.
Breathtaking. No time for thinking. You're chased and have no choice but run.

And the fact I...more
Dec 2010
Nov 20, 2010
The Purple Cloud (Frontiers of Imagination)
This book is amazingly entertaining and, by coincidence, extremely topical. I wonder why it never became that popular worldwide. Perhaps it will soon....more
May 15, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
Paradise News

What did I learn from Paradise News?
Several things.

Now I can nonchalantly use terms like "lei", "pupu" and "moo-moo" in any conversation about Hawaii...more
Aug 18, 2010
Jul 24, 2010
The Uncommon Reader
Well, let's start with a couple of good things about Alan Bennett.

In an age where many celebrated writers lost (or never had) the gift of synthesis, M...more
Aug 20, 2010
Jun 19, 2010
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
I tried. And I tried. I let it rest and had some walk around. I got my breath back and tried once again.
Well, it doesn't catch me. It's like trying to...more
Jun 19, 2010
Aug 30, 2009
Marzi. La Polonia vista con gli occhi di una bambina: 1984-1987
Calling this book "The Polish Persepolis" as many did would not be fair.

What I like, apart from the book, is the story behind its genesis.
Let's take a...more
Jan 05, 2010
Dec 17, 2012
The Child in Time
This novel has one of the greatest beginnings I can recall.

I am not the greatest fan of Ian McEwan, but I consider him an important novelist for what...more
May 2010
Apr 03, 2010
La scommessa: Cento ragioni per amare l'Italia
The purpose behind this four hands written book was interesting and maybe even funny.
The authors wanted to give not only to the reader but also to the...more
Mar 2010
Jan 13, 2010
The Pledge
The best crime fiction novel I read so far.
The written proof how literary genres and labels should not mean a thing.

In fact calling Dürrenmatt a crime...more
Mar 16, 2010
May 06, 2009
Casa d'altri e altri racconti
Pen named Silvio D'Arzo was one of the very few Italian writers, together with Italo Calvino and Dino Buzzati, being able to write for both, young adu...more
Mar 20, 2010
Mar 19, 2010
The Rain Before it Falls
Jonathan Coe gets really lyrical all through this book.

Well, perhaps the choice of having a monologue for so many pages is not the best, but it works...more
Jan 2010
Oct 28, 2007
Less Than Zero
Re-read (and finished at this time, oh jeez) one year after the very first attempt of mine.
Not that bad. Not that good.
"Less Than Zero" is smart...more
Feb 07, 2010
Jan 02, 2009
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