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The Nick Adams Stories
Uneven. About half of the 24 stories in this collection are successful. Hemingway's prose (form) only fits certain topics (content). For example, it w ...more
Feb 09, 2010
Feb 04, 2010
Slow Learner: Early Stories
Very interesting stuff. I'm a bit surprised Pynchon even published this; one would think that if he were really as embarrassed as he professes to be i ...more
Feb 07, 2011
Feb 07, 2011
Interpreter of Maladies
Much, much better than Unaccustomed Earth. But, she just can't write! I was relieved that these stories aren't as bloated (but by no means compact), a ...more
Jun 30, 2010
Jun 23, 2010
One of the best books I've ever read. A jewel. If you ever need a jolt of creativity, put on some JS Bach and read Borges for a few minutes. And have ...more
Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013
The Best American Short Stories 2006
I know a lot of people have already said this, but the introduction and front material was the best part of the book. That's not supposed to happen... ...more
Jun 14, 2010
Jun 08, 2010
The Complete Short Stories Of Marcel Proust
Uneven, but evidence, no less, of genius. I can't believe he finished this by the time he was 21. I certainly wasn't writing like this then--I still c ...more
Apr 26, 2011
Mar 24, 2011
Brazilian Tales
I picked up this little collection because it has three stories by Machado de Assis ("Life," "The Fortune Teller," and "The Attendant's Confession,"), ...more
Oct 08, 2010
Oct 01, 2010
Mogens and Other Stories
Read it because of Rilke's recommendation in Letters to a Young Poet. If it's good enough for Rilke, it's good enough for me.

"Mogens" is a rambling no
May 27, 2012
Feb 24, 2012
Nine Stories
Amazing. Some of the best short stories I've ever read are in here. I'm almost tempted to say that Salinger is a better short story writer than noveli ...more
Dec 30, 2010
Sep 15, 2009
The Real Thing: Stories and Sketches

A gift from the beautiful and beloved J.G.

I'm sorry to say this, but this is just bad work. Most of the pieces in this book are sketches, not stor
Oct 09, 2013
Jun 18, 2013
Unaccustomed Earth
Awful. Sentimental. Boring. Like listening to your girlfriend tell stories for 300 pages--SLOW. You sit and ask yourself why you care about this story ...more
Feb 07, 2010
Oct 08, 2009
Very powerful, nearly a masterpiece. Diaz has a remarkable ability with poetic language ["my pockets hung open, looking like tongues;" "her voice was ...more
Jan 05, 2010
Feb 27, 2009
What a masterpiece. And written by a guy in his early twenties. Unbelievable.

This collection has meant a lot to me since I first came across it as a t
Oct 06, 2010
Oct 01, 2010
Illustrated Three-Line Novels: Felix Feneon
I ordered what I thought was the complete 1,220 nouvelles, but this showed up instead. No harm done, though; these 28 illustrated nouvelles are deligh ...more
Jan 09, 2014
Jan 07, 2014
Everything That Rises Must Converge: Stories
Incredible. The best collection of short stories I've ever read. Every single story is great. This makes me all the sadder that she died at age 38: sh ...more
Mar 13, 2009
Mar 05, 2009
Exile and the Kingdom
Very impressive; perhaps his best writing. If you speak French, read it in French. I didn't understand the ending to "Artist" until I read about it. T ...more
Mar 26, 2009
Mar 17, 2009
The Body of This
Andrew McNabb is a unique writer. That said, it is a shame that more people are not doing what he is doing: contemporary literary fiction informed by ...more
Mar 22, 2009
Mar 05, 2009
Kafka Selected Stories
Good translations by Johnston.

Some of the best stories ever written are in here: "A Hunger Artist," "In the Penal Colony," "Before the Law," the hilar
Oct 02, 2010
Oct 01, 2010
Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories: And Other Disasters
not set
Jan 24, 2010
The Early Stories
not set
Mar 05, 2009
The Complete Stories
Feb 16, 2015
Sep 16, 2009
Mark Twain's Best
not set
Feb 28, 2010
Sports Best Short Stories
not set
Dec 15, 2008
A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories
not set
Dec 15, 2008
The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories
not set
Dec 15, 2008
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