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The Merry Wives of Windsor
The version I read was plain text, not annotated. Lots of jokes over my head here.

Lots of others, however, did not; and it's a great play. While many
Jul 23, 2011
Aug 26, 2010
5 stars, 10 stars, 100 stars! Forget what I said about Karamazov; this is it, the greatest work of human literature. Where to begin? I could--and woul ...more
Apr 18, 2010
Jan 08, 2010
King Lear
Sublime, as always, from Will Shakespeare. Astonishing. Shakespeare is the greatest writer ever to walk the earth and there will never be anyone like ...more
Apr 08, 2010
Apr 05, 2010
A strange, strange play. Very short, especially as far as Shakespeare's tragedies go (compare it to the bulky Hamlet), so perhaps the text is simplifi ...more
Apr 15, 2010
Apr 09, 2010
Fun, but essentially a failure. The first two Acts are marvelous [Act I is an interesting meditation on power and the will thereto: Kings are earth's ...more
Aug 26, 2010
Aug 20, 2010
Julius Caesar (Oxford School Shakespeare)
One of the finest works of the finest writer of all time, the tragedy of a good man slayed by good men for a good cause to only bad consequences. Brut ...more
Apr 22, 2010
Apr 19, 2010
The Tempest
Amazing comedy. I saw a version of this at the Brooklyn Academy of Music a few months ago and it was great.

I had thought this was a weird and unattra
Apr 21, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
Antony and Cleopatra
Ugh. Boring. Slow. Maybe it's really cool to watch, but it's really tedious to read fifteen scenes in Acts III and IV, especially when we know (from h ...more
Jul 22, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
Amazing. Shakespeare's third best play (behind Hamlet and King Lear), a study of evil, of jealousy and how it colors your perception of even the small ...more
May 05, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
Much Ado About Nothing
Awesome; underrated. I find Beatrice to be one of Shakespeare's most interesting characters, certainly his most interesting in the comedies. Shakespea ...more
May 10, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
The Merchant of Venice
A masterpiece, though, I admit, viciously anti-Semitic, and I'm not sure what to make of this antisemitism. Is moral/political rightness a prerequisit ...more
May 12, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
The Taming of the Shrew
Another masterpiece. Even though I found it a little hard to follow due to the similarity of names [try keeping GREMIO and GRUMIO straight:] Hilarious ...more
May 11, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
The Winter's Tale
Another masterpiece. Almost the reverse of Romeo and Juliet: the first three acts are a perfect little tragedy, and then the final two are a romantic ...more
May 13, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
Titus Andronicus
There are a few good lines, good moments, but mostly this is just garbage. None of the characters feel like real people. It's hard to believe Shakespe ...more
May 10, 2010
Apr 19, 2010
The Comedy of Errors
Hilarious. Misunderstandings have always been the subject of comedies, and to this day mistaken identities are commonly the conceits of comedy films. ...more
Apr 13, 2010
Apr 12, 2010
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Read it in one evening. Lots of fun. Fluid, readable.

"Love is blind." We can create that trope of everyday speech to a 25 year old William Shakespear
Aug 20, 2010
Aug 15, 2010
Henry VIII
Decent. Not much of a plot, as "what it's about" jumps around from (1) Wolsey's conflict with the nobility, especially Buckingham; to (2) Henry's desi ...more
Nov 22, 2010
Oct 15, 2010
Twelfth Night
So good. Probably Shakespeare's best comedy. Lots of feminist/Jungian stuff going on--Viola can do what the boys can do even better than they can. Als ...more
May 08, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
Shakespeare's Sonnets (Arden Shakespeare)
Pure pleasure. Should be mandatory reading for all people in the English-speaking world. Though not all of these poems are perfect, a lot of them are. ...more
Feb 24, 2010
Jan 07, 2010
Timon of Athens

What is thy name? Is man so hateful to thee,
That art thyself a man?


I am Misanthropos, and hate mankind.
For thy part, I do wish thou
Nov 08, 2010
Aug 20, 2010
**spoiler alert** Perfect until the last few lines. I'd put this as Shakespeare's fourth best tragedy: 1) Hamlet 2) King Lear 3) Othello 4) Coriolanus ...more
Aug 25, 2010
Aug 20, 2010
King John
It's hard to know how to judge the histories--should we take form into consideration at all, or are they just supposed to be versifications of real ev ...more
Nov 23, 2010
Aug 21, 2010
Measure for Measure
Uneven. A strange comedy (one of the "problem plays") at once very dark (the plot is trying to get death-row prisoner pardoned) and very comic (rulers ...more
Oct 16, 2010
Aug 21, 2010
Troilus and Cressida
Am I dumb because I didn't pick up on the nihilistic/relativistic thing? I keep hearing that's what this is about, but I frankly don't see any textual ...more
Jul 22, 2011
Oct 21, 2010
As You Like It
Read it in two evenings.

I was excited to read it because it's by Shakespeare and...strangely has a wrestling scene. What could go wrong?

But the truth
Oct 15, 2010
Aug 26, 2010
Love's Labour's Lost
The most structurally bizarre of Shakespeare's plays (clearly there really was a sequel or else it doesn't make any sense) -- it's three very short ac ...more
Jul 25, 2011
Aug 26, 2010
Richard III
Here's a plot summary:

Tell o'er your woes again by viewing mine:
I had an Edward, till a Richard kill'd him;
I had a Harry, till a Richard kill'd him:
Dec 24, 2010
Oct 08, 2010
The poetry is great but the plot is ludicrous -- what are the odds that her long lost brothers just happen to be at the place where she is to meet Pos ...more
Jun 18, 2011
Oct 16, 2010
Henry V
A lot of fun. The first two Acts seem like straight propaganda, but Shakespeare is Shakespeare, and so he manages to turn what seems to be a dumb acti ...more
Oct 19, 2010
Oct 15, 2010
Romeo and Juliet
When we did this in 9th grade English class, it meant a lot to me. It was the first Shakespeare I'd ever read and it had the feeling of "importance." ...more
Apr 17, 2010
Jan 08, 2010
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