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The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium, #2)
After reading the tangled mystery cover to cover, holding my breath to see if this or that person would escape the thugs, would they figure it out and ...more
Jul 19, 2010
Jul 19, 2010
Wild Animus
This is an Advance Reading Copy (ARC), received free as the result of a partnership between BookCrossing and the publisher of the book.

Read on the pla
Apr 2004
Jan 05, 2009
The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Books I-II
A story I've told more than a few times: when Mr. Solzhenitsyn died in 2008, I thought that an appropriate time to read this book. So I took it with m ...more
May 2011
Jan 26, 2009
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
I just realized I never posted a review here for this one. Since a high school friend posted about it on FB and then asked my thoughts, I thought I'd ...more
Apr 2010
Nov 26, 2010
Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic, #1)
I thought it might be interesting to discuss this book, so I started this thread. I'll also copy my opening post here as my entry, since I'm still thi ...more
Feb 2005
Jan 02, 2009
Shopaholic Abroad (Shopaholic, #2)
I'm still confused about this series. I wrote this review for "Confessions of a Shopaholic", and I'm feeling a very similar one for this book.

I just d
Feb 2005
Jan 02, 2009
A Prayer For Owen Meany
The review I wrote on BookCrossing, 5 months after I read it: The biggest problem in writing a journal entry for this book is that I read it about 6 m ...more
Jan 2005
Jan 02, 2009
This book had me intrigued at page 2, and I wasn't happy when I had to put it down for interruptions. The technical medical parts I found fascinating, ...more
May 10, 2011
May 03, 2011
**spoiler alert** Not sure where to start on my review for this book. First, because it was in the back of my head every time I picked it up, click he ...more
Apr 2005
Jan 02, 2009
D is for Deadbeat (Kinsey Millhone, #4)
**spoiler alert** I thought the girl/hooker walking with the dead guy was pretty obvious, and couldn't believe no one figured that out earlier in the ...more
Oct 2005
Jan 02, 2009
One True Thing
Lame book review from BookCrossing, part the first:
Wow, I cried a lot in this book!

When a book has been made into a movie, I never prefer having the p
May 2006
Dec 31, 2008
The Guardian
Notes from BookCrossing: Just finished this one. I was going to clean in my office a bit and then finish it up tonight, but with the stalker in it, I ...more
Mar 2006
Dec 31, 2008
Drowning Ruth
A totally bizarre book I didn't like at all until the 2nd-to-last page. I mean not at ALL, and the only reason I was reading it was because I was on a ...more
Dec 2006
Dec 29, 2008
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
**spoiler alert** For such a heavy and serious (and somewhat depressing) book, this really is a true page-turner. I honestly didn't want to put it dow ...more
Dec 2007
Dec 12, 2008
Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie
I read this because I'm the daughter of an immigrant (Holland; not Norway), and I lived in North Dakota for several years.

Thoughts -- randomly:

This is
Mar 2005
Jan 02, 2009
WOW. This is not what I had expected. I think I had been told (or maybe assumed) that this was another novel, more heavy and more autobiographical tha ...more
Jul 2005
Jan 02, 2009
A Time to Kill (Jake Brigance, #1)
This was one of the first books I've ever read *after* seeing the movie. Although that isn't my preferable book/movie order, it wasn't too bad!

I thoug
Jun 2004
Jan 06, 2009
The Hours
I read this on a plane and wrote some cryptic notes I thought I'd add more meat to later. It didn't happen:

Transcription of handwritten notes from pla
Dec 2005
Jan 02, 2009
A Thousand Acres
Well, I've processed the book a bit, and I also watched the DVD. I'm still trying to decide if I'd say I "liked" it or not. I guess I did like it, but ...more
Dec 16, 2005
Jan 04, 2009
The Horse Whisperer
**spoiler alert** Spoiler alert!

So . . . how to write a book review for this book? First of all, the beginning was reminiscent of A Time to Kill (to m
Sep 2004
Jan 07, 2009
Thirteen Reasons Why
Wow. I couldn't put this down. It started just a little bit awkwardly for me, sort of like Life of Pi in that I had to think through who was speaking ...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jun 13, 2011
On April 20, 1999, I was in Omaha, NE on a business trip, working as a trainer for a financial services firm. All the Financial Advisors had TVs in th ...more
Mar 05, 2011
Mar 02, 2011
Catherine Wheels
I have no idea what to write about this book. What's interesting to me is that I really had a hard time putting it down, but I didn't actually like it ...more
Dec 14, 2011
Dec 11, 2011
The Windup Girl
It's ironic that the Goodreads text above the review box doesn't say "write your review", but "What did you think?" ... because I don't know what I th ...more
Jan 28, 2011
Jan 27, 2011
Sarah's Key
My heart started breaking from page 8, and I continued reading with ... trepidation. And yet, I couldn't put it down, either. Here's the thing that wa ...more
Apr 10, 2011
Apr 03, 2011
The Outsiders
I read this in high school, but for the life of me, I remembered almost nothing about this book. In fact, recently someone made a "Ponyboy" reference ...more
Feb 18, 2011
Feb 18, 2011
A Scrap of Time and Other Stories
Wow -- this book was very heavy. Of course, I expected that, but oh! this was hard to read. Maybe because it covered so many scenarios? Each of them p ...more
Aug 2004
Jan 06, 2009
Eleven Minutes
From the back of the book: A young girl from a Brazilian village, Maria's first innocent brushes with love leave her heart-broken, convincing her at a ...more
Nov 2005
Jan 02, 2009
Perfect Match
Wow. This was very heavy subject matter, and although very interesting because she's such a good writer, I found myself disturbed that I was "enjoying ...more
Dec 2007
Dec 12, 2008
Another well-written nonfiction book that reads like a novel. Interestingly, for such a heavy subject, she handled it so well that I didn't feel total ...more
Dec 10, 2011
Nov 05, 2011
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