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Hope's Boy
Andrew Bridge, currently a Harvard educated Lawyer, tells the story of his childhood as a foster child in the California Foster Care System. Although ...more
Jan 13, 2009
Jan 12, 2009
The Billionaire Who Wasn't: How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made and Gave Away a Fortune
I picked up this book thinking I would read about a man who through entreprenurism made a fortune and then gave it all away. I wanted to be inspired ...more
Mar 08, 2009
Mar 04, 2009
The Christmas Dog
Betty Kowalski, a senior citizen, is not so sure she wants to celebrate the holidays this year. She has outlived her husband, her children are grown ...more
Nov 28, 2009
Nov 28, 2009
Oh My Stars
Violet is a one armed, tall, skinny girl who thinks she is ugly. Since she lost her arm in a factory accident, she decides to withdraw her savings fro ...more
Nov 26, 2010
Nov 23, 2010
Carolyn Jessop was a member of Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints who believe in polygamy. This is the story of her life and her escape fr ...more
Dec 13, 2008
Dec 15, 2008
Rex and the City: A Woman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional Dog
Rex and the City is the story of what happens when you adopt a dog without thinking about it first. If you expect the perfect dog you certainly won't ...more
Dec 20, 2008
Dec 22, 2008
Three Short Novels
Wendell Berry is one of my favorite authors. He is much into taking stewardship of the land, which I am also interested in. His book contains 3 short ...more
Aug 08, 2010
Jul 28, 2010
This One and Magic Life
I enjoyed this book very much it is about a Southern family preparing for their sister's, Artie's funeral. She requests a cremation and no funeral bu ...more
Jun 26, 2011
Jun 23, 2011
Must Love Dogs (Must Love Dogs, #1)
A quick, sweet read about a forty year old preschool teacher, recently divorced, looking for love. Sarah meets several men but she is not impressed. A ...more
Nov 29, 2010
Nov 23, 2010
The Daredevil Book For Dogs
This was a book about Jason, a dog who tries to give humans instructions about how dogs think and gives dogs things to do to make humans crazy.

Some of
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Jan 19, 2011
The Home
This is a really good book. Wilma McCann grew up in Kentucky and that is the setting for this book. Part of the story is true, part is fiction. The ac ...more
not set
Dec 02, 2008
The Children's Blizzard
The children's blizard of 1888 is a well researched and well written book. On Jan. 12, 1888, the sun came up on a beautiful day with moderating temper ...more
not set
Dec 06, 2008
Murder In The Heartland
This book was recommended by a friend who belongs to the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue. It concerns the muder case of Bobbie Jo Stinnett of Missour ...more
Dec 29, 2007
Dec 01, 2008
Time Is a River
This was a great book. It spoke to me in ways no other book has. It is the story of a breast cancer survivor who makes a life for herself after her r ...more
Feb 15, 2010
Feb 17, 2010
The Forgotten Storm: The Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925
Wallace Akin's the Forgotten Storm: the Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925 is a well written and researched book. Many of the stories in the book actuall ...more
Jan 07, 2009
Jan 06, 2009
A Little Dab Of Color
I loved this book. It is set about 1920 in the Pleasant Ridge Communty between Starlight and Borden, IN. The author was a teacher, farmer, writer and ...more
Apr 05, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Bluegrass : A True Story of Murder in Small-Town Kentucky
This is a well written book about a story that made headlines in this region in 2003. It is the tragic story of a young lady, Katie Autry, who got inv ...more
Mar 11, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Last Lessons of Summer
This is the second of Margaret Maron's mysteries I have read. Like her Deborah Knott series, this book is also set in North Carolina. It involves tow ...more
Jan 05, 2009
Jan 05, 2009
The Madness of Mary Lincoln
This book was very interesting. I had always heard that mary Lincoln had mental problems. The author speculates through letters found recently that Ma ...more
Apr 29, 2009
Apr 29, 2009
The Dry Grass of August
Wow, what a great read. Jubie, the narrator, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, can see the changes coming from "Brown vs. Board of Education, an ...more
Oct 26, 2011
Oct 25, 2011
The Personal History of Rachel DuPree
I really enjoyed this book. It is about a strong Black woman, who sets out from Chicago with her husband, a former Army soldier, to homestead on the ...more
Sep 21, 2010
Sep 20, 2010
Storm Track (Deborah Knott Mysteries #7)
I liked this book even though I am not much of a mystery reader. Margaret Maron's writing is easy to read and somewhat relaxing. This book is part of ...more
Jan 05, 2009
Jan 02, 2009
The Baby Thief: The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, the Baby Seller Who Corrupted Adoption
This is an interesting book, although it could be written a little better. Georgia Tann certainly was a baby thief. She must have been intending to se ...more
Jan 24, 2009
Jan 21, 2009
Bird in Hand
This is the story of 2 couples and their families. Charlie and Alison are a family with two children. Ben and Claire are a couple with no children. B ...more
Feb 2010
Jan 29, 2010
Saving Ceecee Honeycutt
I enjoyed this book. It is the story of a preteen girl with a crazy mother and a nonexistant father. CeeCee's mother suffers from a mental illness and ...more
Nov 21, 2010
Nov 19, 2010
Little Green
This is a first novel by the author. A very touching book about domestic abuse; it has it's hard and soft parts. It is the story of Janie Marek, a 16 ...more
Oct 26, 2010
Oct 25, 2010
Lean On Pete
This was a well written book. I enjoyed the story a lot. It is about Charley Thompson, a 15 year old who has raised himself. His dad is not too depen ...more
Nov 30, 2010
Nov 29, 2010
Magnolia Creek
Set in the aftermath of the Civil War, this was an ok book about the Talbot Family and their friends family and neighbors. Magnolia Creek is a very sm ...more
Jul 30, 2010
Jul 28, 2010
The Killing Tree
A really good book by a first time author. Set in the mountains of Virginia, it is the story of Mercy Heron, her Grandfather, grandmother and her fri ...more
Jan 23, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
To the Rescue: Found Dogs with a Mission
This is a book about rescued dogs who give back to the community. Each section is written by the rescuer. Although some of the writing is not the bes ...more
Nov 26, 2009
Nov 24, 2009
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