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Blue Angel
I don't know if I can bring myself to finish this book. The writing itself is not so bad, though the author does do a thing with her possesives that i ...more
Sep 19, 2007
Aug 24, 2007
Radiant Days: A Novel
Radiant Days is thick with detail, angst, desperation, ennui, and culture shock. The story is set in post-soviet Budapest where expats live cheaply an ...more
Aug 2007
Jul 10, 2007
Deathbird Stories (Nucleus Fantasy Classic)
I think I'm might be in a minority on this book. It has had many good reviews on many venues and was a bookclub pick by one of our more adventurous me ...more
Nov 2007
Oct 29, 2007
The News from Paraguay
This book was loaned to me by someone who's taste in reading I respect, and the other night I was talking to my oldest friend in the world and she tol ...more
Jul 2007
Jul 19, 2007
This book was worth reading. There were elements I loved - the slight skewing of fairy tale, and the contrast between the modern world and the ancient ...more
Jan 2008
Dec 14, 2007
Living Loving and Learning
I read Buscaglia back to back with Peck's The Road Less Traveled and it was like night and day. Their approaches to life are opposites. I prefer Busca ...more
not set
Jul 18, 2007
Famous Fathers and Other Stories
Beautifully written stories that explore relationships; the difficulty of maintaining them and the quagmires created with a breakup. To some extent we ...more
Jul 2007
Jul 12, 2007
An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler (Elm Creek Quilts, #1-3)
A co-worker loaned this book to me - the logic being, I make quilts, I will enjoy a book about quiltmakers.

In this instance the logic was flawed. Yes
Jan 2008
Jan 24, 2008
The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession
We read this for my bookclub last year and it got mixed reviews. I liked it because it tells the story of a particular and paticularly strange guy, in ...more
Jan 2006
Jul 02, 2007
Everything Is Illuminated
This book requires a dual rating system. Parts of it a really good, and parts, well, not so good. Overall I enjoyed it, but I think I'll wait a bit fo ...more
Aug 2007
Jul 16, 2007
The Tender Bar
This may be the best Memoir I have ever read. It takes more than an interesting life, a cast of characters and some good stories to write a good memoi ...more
Dec 11, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
Daughter of Persia: A Woman's Journey from Her Father's Harem Through the Islamic Revolution
This is a lovely book written by a woman from Iran who grew up during times of great change in her country. She saw the Shah implement modernization - ...more
Jan 2005
Jul 20, 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)
I'm glad the series is over. I enjoyed it so much for so many reasons that I don't have the energy or need to go onto. But for the last book, a bit of ...more
Jul 2007
Aug 04, 2007
Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy
This is an interesting book about an individual boy and his life in Havana before Catro, right after the revolution, and then being without family as ...more
Jan 2006
Jul 02, 2007
After Sorrow: An American Among the Vietnamese
I loved this book. I want to share it with everyone I know, and yet I want to keep it close to me for a while. Up until this book, my understanding of ...more
Jun 2007
Jul 02, 2007
Tarnsman of Gor (Gor, #1)
I read this book so long ago, but was fascinated by the idea of a sister planet to earth, that was always on the opposite side of the sun, so we never ...more
Jan 1976
Aug 28, 2007
Ecology of a Cracker Childhood
One of the best books I've read in years. I will never think of Georgia in the same way again. Beautifully written; like prose poetry.
Sep 22, 2010
Sep 22, 2010
The Woman in the Dunes
First let me say my low rating is extreme bias on my part. I am claustrophobic. Not in all situations, but in specific situations. When I read this bo ...more
Jan 1998
Jul 12, 2007
The Littlest Hitler
I finished this book yesterday and it's been percolating in me since then. It is very well written, though on the first page of the first story I was ...more
Oct 2007
Sep 07, 2007
The Crystal Cave (Arthurian Saga, #1)
I must admit I read this book ages ago, in the back of the family station wagon on a road trip from Seattle, WA to El Toro, CA. My aunt gave it to me ...more
Aug 1970
Jul 10, 2007
The Canning Season
I bought this book for my friend's kids and read it before giving it to them. I enjoyed it, but I didn't give it to the kids. I felt it was too old fo ...more
not set
Jul 05, 2007
Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman
An interesting ethnography of a !Kung San woman. It has it's flaws - especially for those with a strong understanding of anthropology, but nevertheles ...more
Jan 1996
Jul 18, 2007
An Hour Before Daylight: Memoirs of a Rural Boyhood
This was not particularly great writing, but it tells an interesting story about a kind of life that is fading fast, and a time of life that saw many ...more
Jan 2005
Jul 18, 2007
The Red Pony
Am I missing something? I went back and read the transition between the last two sections three times, and never again is there a mention of the new c ...more
Oct 2007
Aug 26, 2007
The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, #1)
I really enjoyed this book and eagerly went out to purchase the sequels. The problem with a series of books for me is that the first one is great, the ...more
Jan 2004
Jul 07, 2007
God Is Dead
I loved this book. The writing is impeccable and the stories will stay with me for a long while. A creative exploration of what might happen to people ...more
Jul 2007
Jul 10, 2007
Music of the Mill: A Novel
For some reason I really wanted to like this book, but it was so poorly written that I lost interest early on. Still, I slogged through until I'd read ...more
Jan 2007
Jul 04, 2007
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Junot Diaz is one of the freshest writers of our time. He captures the fullness of living in a changing world, of being part of it and being outside o ...more
Jul 11, 2010
Feb 02, 2009
The Feast of All Saints
I read this and Cry to Heaven so many years ago, and I loved them both. When I later read the Vampire books I was astounded that they were written by ...more
Jan 1984
Jul 03, 2007
Without a Hero
Great collection of stories - well written, engaging, and, as usual with Boyle, great use of language. There wasn't one story that was weak. IMHO. I t ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 14, 2007
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