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Divergent (Divergent, #1)
This book was 486 pages long.

This book was NOT long enough.

Seriously. Every moment of this book was pure momentum. It made me want more and more from
Aug 14, 2011
Aug 14, 2011
Secret Son
If I had to sum this book up in one quick phrase, it would be: hauntingly beautiful.

Lalami's writing style is beautiful. Sophisticated but not too ove
Apr 18, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
Being Henry David
What a page-turner!

From the moment I picked up Being Henry David to the moment I finished, I could not put it down. I did sleep, but it was very begru
Nov 04, 2012
Nov 02, 2012
Innovera Yakov: The Journey of A Thousand Eyes
Innovera Yakov is a story about a bunch of teens in a distant world. They live together, learn together, and are tested together. Innovera Yakov is a ...more
Mar 16, 2013
Feb 28, 2013
Elemental Reality (Elemental, #1)
Character Interview with Callie:



Elemental Reality was a wonderful, fun read. For a book about fae
Aug 21, 2011
Jul 19, 2011
Looking for Alaska
I very much enjoyed John Green's take on boarding school, childhood friendships, family, tragedy, taking great leaps of faith, and teenage responsibil ...more
Sep 21, 2011
Sep 19, 2011
Delirium (Delirium, #1)
I was lucky enough to see Lauren Oliver at a book signing last year and think she is an amazing person. That being said, her book had a lot to live up ...more
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 25, 2011
Healing Touch
I wrote this review for my blog, 100 Stars Or Less. You can see the full posting here:

This very short book is
Jan 28, 2011
Mar 15, 2010
The Judging (The Corescu Chronicles #1)
It is a dark and menacing night for Father Mark Corescu when he enters a burning building against all reason and comes into contact with a creature th ...more
Feb 10, 2011
Dec 09, 2010
Let me begin by saying that I can’t do this book justice in the short amount of space that is THE REVIEW. The concepts presented here were too breath- ...more
Mar 19, 2011
Feb 14, 2011
Rabbit Legacy
Original post and full review on my blog:

First off, this is the second book in the Rabbit series and I recomme
Dec 13, 2010
Oct 10, 2010
Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider
Update: I have now taken more time to write a "full" review on my blog, 100 Stars or Less:

Original review from
Jun 28, 2010
Jun 21, 2010
Dracula: A BabyLit® Counting Primer
When I saw there’d be a baby board book for Dracula I was very surprised and very intrigued! This doesn’t seem at all like the kind of story you’d wan ...more
Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012
Pride and Prejudice
I'm 50% through and just can't frustrate myself anymore with trying to understand Austen's writing. The story doesn't thrill me either, although I do ...more
Jul 13, 2010
Jun 06, 2010
i believe
I really liked the first poem, "all things" and enjoyed the others too.
Apr 15, 2009
Apr 12, 2009
Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene (Divergent, #1.5)
Uh...yeah. This was AWESOME! I think the knife scene was the perfect scene to write from Four's perspective and I'm glad Veronica Roth had the insight ...more
Apr 25, 2012
Apr 24, 2012
Cleaning Plain & Simple: A ready reference guide with hundreds of sparkling solutions to your everyday cleaning challenges
This is the best cleaning reference book for ordinary people I've ever found. Smallin's advice is simple and looks very easy to follow. She doesn't ju ...more
Jul 07, 2010
Jul 07, 2010
CAT SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from the whiskered ones
I have to admit, although being intrigued by this book and getting my hands on a copy I was a bit hesitant but as a cat lover I just couldn't resist i ...more
Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Love You Forever
On our last visit to the library I picked out a bunch of books I thought I might like to read to my daughter. This was one of them. I didn't know what ...more
Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
Timmy Toucan Dropped 10 Guavas
Timmy Toucan is a great character for pre-schoolers! My daughter took to him immediately and even recognized Mike Monkey right away too. Now every tim ...more
Nov 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012
A Witches' Thanksgiving
What happens when Halloween is over and all the children are forced to put away their costumes? Scary stories dwindle. The candy is excellent, but the ...more
Nov 2011
Nov 01, 2011
Beat Sugar Addiction Now!
This is not the book you are looking for.
This is not a weight loss book.
It's not about dieting.
It wont make you feel badly about your body.
It does not
Oct 08, 2010
Oct 08, 2010
Takeover: Will of the Gods (Day of Sacrifice, #4)
I had a very hard time getting into this one. I think this had mostly to do with the fact that I had to wait so long between reading Dormant and Takeo ...more
Jan 2012
Mar 10, 2012
Beneath a Meth Moon

When I picked this book up I had trouble getting into it at first. It actually stayed on top of my pile, with the bookmark around page 18 for about a
May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012
Jane Eyre: A BabyLit Counting Primer
This is the second baby lit board book I have received from Glibb Smith Books and written/illustrated by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver. It is also ...more
Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012
Space Junque (Apocalypto, #1)
Original post and full review available at:

I saw this posted up on the Kindle group over at GoodReads. Science
Nov 17, 2010
Nov 20, 2010
The Job
The first word that comes to mind is disappointed. From the outside this book seemed well put together. It was short but seemed like it would deal wit ...more
May 09, 2012
May 09, 2012
Alice in Wonderland: A BabyLit® Colors Primer
What a brilliant idea to take the classics and turn them into board books for the very young. Not only does the child get a little taste of classic li ...more
Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Bremen Town Musicians has a little bit of everything - animal friends, a little adventure, just enough repitition to keep things interesting, and ...more
May 15, 2012
May 15, 2012
Queens of All the Earth
An interesting book with awkward phrasing. While reading Queens of All the Earth I sometimes felt like the author was doing something I could relate t ...more
Jul 14, 2012
Jul 15, 2012
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