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The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer
really liked it
Four stars not because I have any real complaints about the book, just because it seems weird to give five stars to what is essentially just a souveni ...more
Apr 20, 2016
Apr 09, 2016
The Irrationals: A Story of the Numbers You Can't Count On
really liked it
A thorough examination of the history of thought about irrational numbers. Many fascinating and surprising properties of the irrationals are proven; t ...more
Oct 04, 2013
Nov 15, 2012
End This Depression Now!
really liked it
Not much new for those who have been reading his NY Times columns, but it's good to have the whole story laid out (with an appropriately urgent title) ...more
Jul 19, 2012
Jul 06, 2012
Brave New World
really liked it
This is maybe more of a 3.5 star book for me, but I'll round it up for its historical significance. I was a bit surprised by how amateurish/pulpy some ...more
Oct 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011
Imperial Bedrooms
really liked it
I was glad I re-read Less Than Zero immediately beforehand; while this, a sequel set 25 years later, certainly can stand alone as a story, it takes on ...more
Sep 29, 2010
Oct 14, 2010
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping
really liked it
My musician friends Dean and Ramona (aka Laurie) got into beekeeping a few years ago. Then they got REALLY into beekeeping, starting a business sellin ...more
Jun 04, 2010
May 20, 2010
The Trouble With Physics
liked it
Smolin's thesis is that there have been no big breakthroughs in theoretical physics in 30 years, and that the culture of academia is to blame. String ...more
Dec 30, 2008
Dec 25, 2008
A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** I read this (and the rest of the Earthsea trilogy, as it was then) when I was 9, in 1980. In particular I remember reading The Tombs ...more
Jun 04, 2009
Apr 24, 2009
A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)
liked it
Not as concise as the first book, and the separate narratives diverge a bit more than I'd like. I hear these both get worse in later books, but I've a ...more
Aug 02, 2012
Jun 22, 2012
The Man in the High Castle
liked it
Just remembered that I read this last year (borrowed from Anya). My first Philip K. Dick book; it was less weird than I was expecting, with very littl ...more
May 2008
Feb 05, 2009
Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures
it was ok
After reading about and working with "RESTful" web applications for years, I figured I should go back to the source and read Roy Fielding's dissertati ...more
Feb 05, 2017
Jan 01, 2017
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
it was amazing
Took me over 5 months to finish, not because it was particularly difficult reading, just because I only read it in small sips. I enjoyed it all the wa ...more
Mar 29, 2010
Nov 18, 2009
10 Print Chr$(205.5+rnd(1)); Goto 10
it was amazing
A wide-ranging rumination on the history of art, culture, and personal computing, using a one-line BASIC program as a hub from which many spokes of in ...more
Dec 03, 2013
Nov 15, 2012
The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty
liked it
I knew very little about this period of history before starting this book, and I wonder if maybe I'm not the target audience. Its thesis seemed to be ...more
Jun 12, 2015
Aug 14, 2011
The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2.5)
liked it
Enjoyable character study of a girl who lives alone in the tunnels below an ancient magical university, who is either magically attuned to the needs a ...more
Jun 04, 2015
Feb 26, 2015
Less than Zero
it was amazing
I first read this in the early '90s, after having been on an F. Scott Fitzgerald kick and having heard Brett Easton Ellis described as a modern Fitzge ...more
Sep 20, 2010
Jun 14, 2010
it was ok
Each chapter starts with a scientific fact about the history of the universe, like the big bang, or the formation of galaxies, or the evolution of fis ...more
Aug 09, 2015
Jun 26, 2015
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)
really liked it
Overall I liked it, but I have a lot of little complaints. It has a good solid story, a subtly detailed fantasy world (and an interesting magic system ...more
Apr 14, 2009
Dec 13, 2008
The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle, #3)
it was amazing
I see from my review of The Confusion that I expected to read this book about 5 years ago... Better late than never! I ended up liking this the best o ...more
Feb 06, 2017
Dec 03, 2015
liked it
I saw the movie before reading the book, and I was kind of disappointed by the movie. Turns out the movie follows the book extremely closely, so I was ...more
May 26, 2009
May 15, 2009
The Gum Thief
really liked it
Pretty typical Coupland, both wry and dark, banal and profound. Cleverly structured as a series of notes various characters write to each other (mostl ...more
Jul 2009
Jun 14, 2009
Zero History (Blue Ant, #3)
really liked it
Didn't have as much of a sense of mystery and wonder as Pattern Recognition, but more engaging than Spook Country. (This is essentially the third of t ...more
Dec 08, 2010
Oct 14, 2010
Little Brother
it was ok
This book just rubbed me the wrong way. It felt more like a parable than a story. While I agree with many of the points it wants to make, it makes the ...more
Jan 12, 2009
Dec 13, 2008
Beyond Einstein
liked it
I read this in high school, and recently picked it up again to re-learn about string theory. It's good for a popular audience, but it doesn't go deep ...more
Apr 30, 2008
Jan 02, 2009
The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2)
really liked it
I just reread my review for The Name of the Wind, and most of it applies equally to this book (the second in a trilogy): lots of minor reservations, b ...more
Aug 06, 2011
Jul 18, 2011
Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, #1)
really liked it
I enjoyed it, but it took forever to read because it just wasn't particularly compelling. Not a whole lot of suspense or mystery or plot, just a serie ...more
Mar 23, 2009
Nov 07, 2008
The Bridge
liked it
There's a lot to like here---layers of fantasy interwoven and echoing off each other---but I felt a bit let down after finishing. That is, the ending ...more
Nov 09, 2009
Sep 25, 2009
The Lathe of Heaven
really liked it
Fun to read a book set in 2002, published in 1971. Dire predictions about overcrowding, global warming, and pandemics have yet to come true, but worri ...more
Apr 23, 2010
Apr 06, 2010
Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life
liked it
Interesting and amusing, but not as insightful or inspirational as I was expecting for some reason.
Jan 2008
Jan 02, 2009
Lunar Park
liked it
Starts out as a delightful swizzling of autobiography and fiction, then gets mired in way too much semi-pathetic angst, before finally resolving into ...more
Jun 30, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
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