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Roots: The Saga of an American Family
I honestly can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. It's been sitting on my shelf for about half a year now and I've been wanting to read it as soo ...more
Nov 2007
Jul 03, 2007
The Pillars of the Earth  (The Pillars of the Earth, #1)
I loved this book for many reasons.

First, I loved the love stories in it. I loved Tom and Ellen's story most of all. It was sad that it happened so qu
Jul 2007
Jul 03, 2007
The Burn Journals
FIRST - this book should not be placed in the Young Adult section. I know that it's based on when he was a teen but it's got so much talk about sex, d ...more
Oct 2007
Aug 30, 2007
Watermelon (Walsh Family, #1)
Of course I would love this book just because of it's genre but this is definintely at the top of my list. I guess because I'm actually going through ...more
Dec 2007
Oct 04, 2007
The Continuity Girl
I found it to be a little slow for me in the beginning. I always have a hard time going forward when a novel starts off slow but push myself to keep g ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 14, 2007
She's Come Undone
i honestly couldn't tell you what i thought about this book. i'm not crazy about it, i'll tell you that much. i didn't know whether to hate Dolores or ...more
Oct 2007
Sep 01, 2007
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
A friend of mine recommended this book to me and at first I was a bit skeptical but fell in love after the first 10 pages. It seems to cover every iss ...more
Aug 2005
Aug 30, 2007
Love in the Time of Cholera
I had high hopes for this novel; high, high hopes. It was recommended by an ex-boyfriend who compared similarities between the book and our relationsh ...more
Dec 13, 2010
Dec 13, 2009
Emotional Infidelity: How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationship
I can't express how much I love this book. It's helped so much with the outlook I've had on marriage and how I've approached mine these last 2 years. ...more
Sep 2007
Aug 30, 2007
Family Affair
It's hard to believe that I'd give Caprice Crane and 3 on a novel of hers with Stupid and Contagious being one of my top 5 most favorite books EVER. m ...more
Mar 28, 2010
Mar 24, 2010
Snow Falling on Cedars
It was hard for me to get into this book for the first 100 pages or so. It was really slow and seemed a little pointless. Things started picking up I' ...more
Sep 10, 2007
Aug 05, 2007
pretty predictable but funny nonetheless. good airplane book when i went down home to visit. i've loved everything i've read of hers so far though and ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 14, 2007
Breathing Underwater (Breathing Underwater, #1)
Sadly, this book may be a work of fiction but in many ways it isn't. I know people in similar situations or even someone like Nick. It's not fun. It's ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 06, 2007
So I'm a southern girl born and bred and I absolutely LOVE Larry the Cable Guy. So when I heard he had a book out I just HAD to get it no matter how r ...more
May 2006
Aug 30, 2007
The Year of Fog
I really enjoyed this because it was real. if you're a parent, you can put yourself in Jake's shoes and if you're dating someone with a child, you can ...more
Aug 31, 2014
Sep 01, 2014
The Space Between Us
it's been such a long time since i've read a book in 3 days time with a hectic schedule! i randomly picked it up at the bookstore and was hooked from ...more
Mar 07, 2011
Mar 06, 2011
Little White Lies

The beginning grabbed me from the get-go and I was hooked until the very end!! Funny, witty and makes you just wish you h
Nov 2006
Jul 03, 2007
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
This seriously is dubbed one of my most favorite books. I didn't think I'd like it because it's based with teenagers and vampires and thought it'd be ...more
Nov 22, 2008
Oct 19, 2007
The Husband
Dean Koontz is my all-time favorite author and he never seems to fail me.

I loved this novel from the first to last page. I love how the husband was so
Apr 2006
Aug 05, 2007
The Kite Runner
this story was beautifully written, in my opinion. he caught the emotions of each character and put you right there with them. I loved the unpredictab ...more
May 23, 2015
Aug 30, 2007
Dress Rehearsal
i liked this book lots. kinda dragged for me in the beginning but after i got into it, it pulled me right in.

the characters are great and i love laur
Aug 2007
Aug 05, 2007
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
this was probably one of the first books that was ever read to me. my mom never read us 'bedtime stories' so when i got into pre-k my teacher would re ...more
Aug 1989
Sep 10, 2007
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)
I read this right before i saw the movie. i have to say it had its similarities but like always the book was better.
Jun 2006
Aug 05, 2007
On the Road
i loved this book. it made we want to just leave everything behind and start new.

i can't wait to read it again.
Feb 2006
Aug 09, 2007
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Where to begin about this wonderful story!

The beginning is a grasper for sure. I was interested from the beginning. As the story continued, I started
Nov 2007
Sep 04, 2007
Queen of Babble (Queen of Babble, #1)
I love everything about this book!! I haven't come across a Meg Cabot book that I haven't fallen in love with!!

Lizzie is such an amazing character!! S
Oct 2007
Sep 03, 2007
As Long as We Both Shall Live (April Lancaster, #1-2)
Knowing this book was for teenagers I expected it to be a little predictable and bubble-gummy. Boy was I right. I could pretty much tell you how the b ...more
Sep 2007
Sep 06, 2007
What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day (Idlewild, #1)
I liked this book for a few different reasons.

First - you can tell they based this book way back when the AIDS epedemic was first coming in because no
Sep 2007
Sep 01, 2007
The Elements of Moral Philosophy
This book gave me alot of insight on the views of morals and so on. I definitely kept an openmind while reading it and I can say that I honestly under ...more
Mar 29, 2009
Mar 16, 2009
You're Not You
I can usually take books about illness and disorders but for some reason this book was a bit too depressing for me. It wasn't even because of what was ...more
Nov 11, 2007
Sep 03, 2007
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