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House of Many Ways (Howl's Moving Castle, #3)
To me this reads rather like Diana Wynne Jones trying to write a book that would translate perfectly into a Hayao Miyazaki movie. This sets it apart f...more
Sep 2008
Sep 07, 2008
Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)
This one has been getting a lot of praise, but it didn't do much for me. Although I liked the premise––a strong heroine with a moral dilemma! danger a...more
Mar 23, 2009
Mar 23, 2009
Melting Stones (Circle Reforged, #2)
I fell in love with Tamora Pierce's books at the age of about 10 or 11 and because of this I still have a great deal of affection for her writing. I l...more
Jul 15, 2008
Jul 15, 2008
The Shadow Speaker
The world this book creates is fantastic. It brims over with creativity and ideas. Ultimately, however, I felt that the plot and characters fell a bit...more
Mar 25, 2009
Mar 28, 2009
A tangled wild wood of a book, written in a sort of low Jacobean style that I found mostly delightful but occasionally infuriating. It's a quest story...more
Feb 21, 2009
Sep 17, 2008
Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1)
I read this partly out of a sense of duty--I sell children's books, and want to be able to give useful feedback when someone asks me about this series...more
Feb 17, 2010
Mar 01, 2010
The Years of Rice and Salt
I enjoyed reading this, and sped through it. Seeing what things Robinson would come up with was interesting, and I liked the way the structure of foll...more
Jan 07, 2010
Feb 05, 2010
Summers at Castle Auburn
The weirdest thing about this book was that I read it shortly after finishing reading George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books (those published...more
Jul 28, 2012
Feb 18, 2014
Singing Innocence and Experience
Lovely, lyrical stories and poems––generally taking elements of myth and folklore and placing them in a more-or-less modern setting; some secondary-wo...more
Sep 2006
Jun 30, 2007
The Explosionist
I really wanted to like this; and in some ways I did. It's set in a very interesting alternate history, and the details about this alternate world's p...more
Jun 26, 2009
May 29, 2009
In the Palace of Repose
A collection of beautifully written, oblique yet highly readable stories that skirt the uncertain boundaries of fantasy. Some fall clearly within the...more
Nov 29, 2009
Nov 29, 2009
The Fall of the Towers
Samuel R. Delany keeps blowing my mind, and all I've read so far is his early stuff--practically juvenilia. I can't wait to get my hands on some of th...more
May 02, 2011
May 07, 2011
The Lost Conspiracy
I liked this a lot; the world is rich and creative and the tale exciting. But I didn't quite love it. In all of Hardinge's books so far there's been s...more
Oct 27, 2009
Nov 05, 2009
Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, #1)
My least favorite Tamora Pierce book. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing: I love Tamora Pierce on the whole. But I could not stand Aly, the main char...more
Jan 2003
Mar 01, 2009
Cold Fire (The Circle Opens, #3)
**spoiler alert** I really liked the worldbuilding of the city (ice-skating on the frozen canals!) and the moral complexity of the story. And I love D...more
Jan 2002
Mar 01, 2009
Travel Light
Charming, melancholy fairy-tale of a book: girl is raised by bears and dragons, wanders through a landscape that is loosely that of Dark Ages Europe....more
Dec 22, 2008
Dec 22, 2008
Snow Crash
Fantastic popcorn reading: like watching a great trashy action flick with a healthy load of geeky imagination thrown in. Too bad the biology isn't as...more
Apr 17, 2008
Apr 16, 2008
Red Shift
Good but very dense, and compact, very strange... This reminded me of Beckett more than anything, which is an odd thing to say of an ostensibly young...more
Jul 17, 2010
Feb 28, 2009
The Changeover
I remember reading this when I was quite young--7 or 8, I think--and thinking it was absolutely amazing. Rereading it now, for the first time in over...more
Jan 1995
Jun 30, 2007
The Speed of Dark
I really liked this. It gets you inside the narrator's head and I found it utterly gripping. One of those books that makes you think about being human...more
Apr 10, 2010
Apr 20, 2010
Winter of Magic's Return
This is one of those books that I loved when I was a kid and that I'd be afraid to go back and reread now in case it is not that good. At a certain po...more
Jan 1996
May 11, 2009
The Dubious Hills
I feel I should have liked this more than I did. I did like the poetry spells, but grew frustrated with the characters. Will try rereading it sometime...more
Jun 25, 2006
May 11, 2009
Fahrenheit 451
A classic, the good kind. Scary and beautifully written and very short, so you have no excuse for not reading it.
Jan 1996
May 08, 2009
The Iron Ring
One of my favorite Alexanders as a kid (after Prydain, naturally). Relatively unappreciated.
Jan 1997
May 11, 2009
Squire (Protector of the Small, #3)
The best of the Protector of the Small series, in my opinion.
Jan 2001
Mar 01, 2009
I loved this book as a 10-year-old.
Oct 1997
Feb 28, 2009
2041: Twelve Short Stories About the Future by Top Science Fiction Writers
I loved this as a kid.
Dec 1997
May 02, 2009
Sean Stewart is an author I can always rely on to spin a good yarn, draw me in, and paint some interesting, fully-fleshed characters. Mockingbird is n...more
Sep 26, 2010
Sep 16, 2010
Quite enjoyable. I think my hopes were a bit too high after hearing much praise for Kay and this book in particular. I never really connected with any...more
Jun 17, 2008
Jun 18, 2008
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)
I liked this much better when I reread it this month in preparation for the new one than I did when it came out. Rather than seeing it as a book in wh...more
Jul 2003
Jul 26, 2007
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