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The Prince of Mist (Niebla, #1)
Wow, I am NEVER. EVER. going to watch Paranormal Activity.

Several scenes early in this book were SO SCARY that I had to put the book down to read some
Jun 19, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir
This is one of the most personal stories I've ever read.

Georges pulls no punches - she talks about her physical, mental, emotional, relational, and s
Feb 18, 2014
Feb 20, 2014
Friends With Boys
Wow, this is hardly at all like I expected.

The title is a bit misleading. With a widely-used phrase like "Friends with Boys," I expected a story focus
May 23, 2012
Nov 22, 2011
A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel
Ok, so, I have this thing about adapted graphic novels.

Basically, I'm pretty uncomfortable that they exist.

I get that adapting Shakespeare into GNs
Dec 16, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Yep, this definitely deserves all the raves you've heard.
The relationships with the parents in this story are so so real.
The twists and turns are no
Oct 18, 2014
Feb 16, 2013
Lena Finkle's Magic Barrel: A Graphic Novel
Bread and butter, friends. This thing is my bread and butter. I could read this shit all day long.

Thank you - so much, Meghan, for pointing this book
Mar 26, 2015
Apr 10, 2015
My Friend Dahmer
Wow, what a monster.

And yes, I'm talking about the book.

Derf gives his perspective on the youth of a future serial killer. Dahmer was one of his clas
Jun 16, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Cat Girl's Day Off
First off, I should be clear - I am NOT a cat person. Yes, I'm a librarian. Yes, I'm a single woman over 30. Yes, I wear a lot of cardigans.

But I.
Dec 31, 2012
Jan 02, 2013
Blue is the Warmest Color
I started this novel with some trepidation. The story has gathered some controversy. The way I understand it, there's an award-winning film based on t ...more
Jan 17, 2014
Sep 21, 2013
The Nao of Brown
K, this is gorgeous, y'all.

I mean, LOOK at that cover. Then, rotate the book - the edges of the pages are colored red. You probably don't even notice
Jan 2013
Jan 22, 2013
Bad Houses
Behold! The mystical and mysterious world of ESTATE SALES!

Honestly, I'm a sucker for niche culture stories.

Bad Houses is set in Failin(g), OR, and wr
Mar 15, 2014
Jul 23, 2013
The Golden Door
Damn, I love this hook.

Yay monsters and walled cities and quests through strange lands. But pair those (awesome) standbys with this hook... and I'm s
Feb 2013
Mar 22, 2013
This One Summer
Mariko Tamaki is so good at writing people. The characters in this comic are so real and complex.
I read this a week or two ago and when I flip throug
Feb 02, 2015
Dec 17, 2013
A + E 4ever
When I think about this book, I don't particularly think about the plot. Yes, it's about two gender-nonconforming teens who become friends and conside ...more
Oct 07, 2012
Oct 03, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
I have gotten much pickie-er about the books I read these days. Even though I read a lot at work, I'm trying to remember the last book that kept me up ...more
Jan 11, 2009
Jan 13, 2009
El Deafo
The world is doing such a good job of pushing this book. Blurbs from Riordan, Palacio, Telgemeier... the list goes on and on. The cover is reminiscent ...more
Mar 02, 2015
Aug 29, 2014
Saga, Volume 3
More, pleeze.

I posted a picture of a page from chapter 14 on the FB. Just a stunning moment, although it means so much more in context.

Although there
Apr 19, 2014
Dec 16, 2013
On a Clear Day
I REALLY wanted this to be good.

But I started reading-with-reluctance when I got to the following line on page 104:
"It was guy stuff, but it sounded
Dec 2014
Dec 12, 2014
Wizzywig: Portrait of a Serial Hacker
Presents a composite character who fictionally pulled off the most innovative hacking of his age. Walks us through early phone-system hacking methodol ...more
Sep 2012
Nov 26, 2012
The Big Splash
I wasn't sure about the cover, so I put it on hold. While it was sitting in my drawer, waiting to be read, I had a kid ask for a funny mystery. He nee ...more
not set
Mar 24, 2009
Garlic and Sapphires
You may or may not assume this from looking at me, but I think a lot about what Erving Goffman calls "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life." I'm ...more
Aug 13, 2014
Jun 14, 2014
Photobooth: A Biography
Totally fascinating history of a technology/niche culture/phenomenon, woven with the personal connections of the author.
Timely, as the author cites th
Mar 13, 2015
May 21, 2014
I understand why this might be called a Masterwork. It really is beautiful and complex, epic and ambitious. Personally, I connected with the adoption ...more
Dec 12, 2011
Dec 13, 2011
Saga, Volume 2
Ok, I'm officially won over.

And heart-broken that I read this NOW, instead of after it's complete. How long, exactly, do we need to wait for the next
Oct 27, 2013
Oct 24, 2013
A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
It took me a minute to warm up to this book. It seemed a little TOO custom-written for me.
But I read the last half in less than 24 hours.

The story f
Feb 04, 2014
Jan 31, 2014
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
Sweet realistic story about friends and neighbors who find themselves in different cliques in high school. This becomes a problem when the administrat ...more
Mar 21, 2014
Mar 25, 2014
A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat
What a cool way to talk about history with kids. The same dessert is prepared four times, in four different centuries, in four different places. Rough ...more
May 04, 2015
May 04, 2015
Womanthology: Heroic
I'm freaking heart-broken about this. I was SO excited to see it when it came. The cover is knockout, and I love love love the i
Mar 07, 2013
Mar 13, 2012
The Gargoyle
I appreciate the fact that it's secretly historical fiction and see parallels between the layering of different culture stories with Neil Gaiman's Ame ...more
Oct 2008
Oct 21, 2008
Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick (Sex Criminals, #1-5)
Intriguing, escapist and voyeuristic.
Enjoyed the romantic/lifestory elements, but ultimately found it relatively forgettable. Full color, much of the
Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015
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