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Alif the Unseen
One of the most interesting and rewarding books I've read in 2012, G. Willow Wilson's debut novel Alif the Unseen is ostensibly a contemporary young a...more
Aug 17, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
I have read all of Neil Gaiman's novel and this is his most personal, most complete and most accomplished novel yet.
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 27, 2013
River of Stars
River of Stars is a follow-on of sorts to Under Heaven, though it's a better book in almost every way. A deeply moving historical fantasy, it recasts...more
Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013
Karl Schroeder's Lockstep is an enjoyable and entertaining young adult SF thriller set in a world where suspended animation technology has been used t...more
Jan 29, 2014
Jan 29, 2014
Fables, Vol. 15: Rose Red (Fables, #15)
Read this fifteenth instalment in the Fables set of graphic novels as part of my learning about comics/reading for the Hugos process. It collects the...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
Neptune's Brood (Freyaverse #2)
I'm currently over half way through Charlie Stross's second "Freyaverse" novel, and loving it.
Feb 07, 2013
Jan 27, 2013
Pacific Edge (Three Californias Triptych, #3)
I love love love this book. Smart, perceptive and easily the best novel about utopias I've ever read, I recommend it without hesitation.
not set
Feb 14, 2010
Four new previously unpublished stories of typical, unsurprising wondrousness from Lanagan in a delightful package from 12PP. Cracklescape includes "T...more
May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012
1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die
I bought this book on a whim when I was searching the shelves at my favorite bookshop, Planet Books in Mt Lawley. It's one informed listener's list of...more
not set
Apr 25, 2010
The Deep: Here Be Dragons
Enjoyed this YA science fiction graphic novel quite a bit. The art is a bit too CGI for my tastes, but the story is quite cool. Would happily read mor...more
Jan 23, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
Throne of the Crescent Moon (The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, #1)
Rather than re-iterate the backcover copy, I'll just that this is simply wonderful Arabic sword-and-sorcery novel and fully deserves to be in consider...more
Feb 02, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
Full Moon City
Frankly, FULL MOON CITY is a mediocre book rescued by a two or three excellent stories. Holly Black's tale is worth the price of admisssion, and Gene...more
Mar 18, 2010
Mar 18, 2010
I am in a seeming minority that loves Antarctica. It's more tightly written and compelling than the Mars trilogy, but covers exactly the same ground.
Dec 1997
Feb 14, 2010
DMZ, Vol. 1: On the Ground
I liked pretyt much everything about this smart, gritty SF graphic story. I'll be eagerly seeking out more.
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
A Confusion of Princes
I read this wonderful YA space opera in manuscript and loved it. Can't wait to read the final version.
Dec 2011
Feb 02, 2012
Citizen of the Galaxy
Read this year's ago. Loved it as small boy, and every time I've re-read it since.
not set
Feb 10, 2010
Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom
Solid anthology of Mars tales, perhaps limited by the palette of its source material.
Nov 11, 2011
Dec 01, 2011
Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
A good solid anthology, almost of all of which are cyberpunk.
Jan 1986
Feb 10, 2010
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga, #15)
A solid entertaining instalment in the Vorkosigan Saga from Bujold.
Jul 03, 2012
Jul 01, 2012
The 10 Rules Of Rock And Roll
An awesome book. Forster makes a great rock critic!
Jan 25, 2010
Jan 26, 2010
Absolutely top notch YA SF. One of the best books of 2011 without a doubt.
not set
Dec 01, 2011
Pump Six and Other Stories
A truly brilliant first collection.
not set
Feb 11, 2010
Thirteen Tonne Theory: Life Inside Hunters and Collectors
This is one of the best rock biographies/histories that I've read.
Feb 10, 2010
Jan 26, 2010
The Dragon's Path (The Dagger and the Coin, #1)
A solid entry in this multi-viewpoint secondary world fantasy. Abraham quickly and entertainingly tells a fairly straightforward epic fantasy tale tha...more
Apr 30, 2011
Apr 26, 2011
I just finished reading China Mieville's sprawling weird fantasy about London, religious cults, squid and stuff. I don't want to spoil any of it, but...more
Mar 31, 2010
Feb 11, 2010
The Fuller Memorandum (Laundry Files, #3)
The third Laundry novel is every bit as engaging as its two predecessors, taking Bob Howard into dark and parlous adventures where only his wits can s...more
Jun 2010
Feb 11, 2010
Under Heaven
I took a copy of Guy Gavriel Kay's latest novel with me on a family holiday and loved it totally and completely. It's a history once-removed on 8th Ce...more
Apr 12, 2010
Feb 11, 2010
Leviathan Wakes (Expanse, #1)
A very enjoyable old-style space opera that made great comfort reading for an old SF reader like me. I would actually give this 3.5 stars, if I could.
May 22, 2011
May 12, 2011
Galactic Empires
Easily one of the very best SF anthologies of 2008. The spectacular Ian McDonald's novella "The Tear" is worth the price of admission by itself.
not set
Oct 21, 2008
The Best of Gene Wolfe: A Definitive Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction
Just started, and it's already essential. I was struck, btw, that there are no stories from the 2000s.
Jan 07, 2009
Oct 20, 2008
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